“I go back and forth between music and clothes. Songs and shoes, accessories and harmonies. And it’s one fluid thing.”

- Pharrell Williams,
Menswear Creative Director Louis Vuitton 2023

issue no. #617

Drake - First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter by Drake proffers a veritable fashion feast for the senses. Sizzling with sartorial individuality, it weaves a tapestry of textures, cuts, and colours that shapes the music's narrative. Showcasing bold and unabashed style choices, the video entertains an atmosphere that flaunts the phantasmagorical elements of the music scene while harking back to the fundamentals of street identity. It begins with a blue collar detail rouched singlet playing into the urban vibe and then crescendos into a granulated display of fashion awareness. Insouciant hooded puffer jackets in earthy hues provide a stunning contrast to the more tailored elements such as wide-leg trousers frosting in cobalt blue and slim fit suit trousers in regal purple. Strains of Emporio Armani are seen with the introduction of their resplendent washed denim, exhibiting a fine understanding of claustrophobic detailing in clothing. The footwear journey is a compelling one too, treading the edgy lane with side zipper chunky heel peep toes. Jewellery finds its perfect daub with multi-design rhinestone rings and love-you-in-a-100-languages sunflower heart necklaces - the very heartbeat of sentimental chic. The silk bow tie for men in champagne tone, shimmers, and breaks the dominance of stronger hues, while satiny pyjamas remind us of the dreamy escapade that music, and fashion are. The video manages to incorporate the rueful gaiety of a glittery knitted maxi skirt and even brings in a touch of casual ethos with a variety of T-shirts. There is even the aesthetic gratification of black plaid letter dolls and big E pocket-style essentials kids wear.

Styles and outfits inspired by your favorite songs and artists.

issue no. #613

JAE5 - Dimension (Official Video)

Experience a scintillating fusion of sartorial brilliance with JAE5's mesmerising 'Dimension' video. A visual sonnet to urban precision meets boho nonchalance, this exhibition of style crescendos through cosy, primary-coloured sweaters to a suave polo artfully clad in houndstooth, encapsulating a laid-back decadence. Staples of ebony smart shorts are elevated by the deft pairing with a striking Ruby Zeth Baselayer in stirring red. As dusk settles, anticipate the arrival of an edgy crop top sporting a daring scoop cut-out - the precise kind that speaks to the audacious femininity of today. Adding an eco-conscious flavour is an opulent hoodie, its script logo revealing its Champion roots in organic cotton blend. Juxtapose this with an unexpected delight - a Pink Fairisle Crop Christmas sweater, adding whimsical warmth to the mix. Star-gazing style is unveiled in AllSaints' enigmatic t-shirt flaunting a whimsical back print, completing an ensemble with modern smart shorts. Pay an ode to sustainable fashion with an alluring 'Legacy Burgundy' jacket, a dynamic adidas x Zoe Saldana standout. Luxe tailoring is inspected in the form of a sleek black NA-KD blazer coat, while the bold proceeds to meet retro in a 1990 animalier print flared gown by maestro Gianfranco Ferré. Add a dash of audacity with a pink slogan shirt, and pay tribute to the 90s with demure square pilot sunglasses. As a parting shot, catch a gleam from a pair of orange Poolside cocktail sunglasses - a memento of sun-soaked escapades. 'Dimension' is as much a celebration of style as music, a symphony woven with threads of sartorial genius.

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issue no. #607

JAE5 - Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video)

The Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video) by JAE5 is an intricate fusion of music and fashion, where each outfit tells its own tale. Series of shorts make a pronounced appearance, from Closette's vibrant women's Bermuda variety to the unblemished sophistication of TINYCOTTONS Kids' solid offerings, suggesting a ubiquity and ease of summer feels. Metaphorically, the glow of the sun is also mirrored through shimmering accessories, including faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings and metallic round sunglasses. An audacious clash of palettes is perceptible with the green contrast trouer co-ord alongside the grey one-shoulder raw edge neck sweater, epitomising a captivating exploration into colour therapy. High-waist jeans, enlivened with dye prints, and sheet tulle-striped shirts bring a frisson of the unorthodox into this style symphony. Touches of opulence punctuate the aesthetic journey, like the beading V-neck two-piece prom dress and the Shine Away sequin maxi dress, musing an elevated, celebratory air. Oversized blazers and long velvet gloves speak to the androgyny, offering a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunglasses, maxi dresses, drawstring cami dresses, and heavy oversized blazers puncture the narrative with surety and intention, reminding us of the power entrenched in bold sartorial expressionism. All told, this video is as much a fashion manifesto as it is a testament to JAE5's artistry.

issue no. #601

SPINALL - Loju (Official Music Video)

As SPINALL unveils 'Loju', the landscape of fashion and music intertwine in a bold display of style and ingenuity. A story unfolds through a kaleidoscope of mesmerising hues and nuanced silhouettes. The spectrum of roseate takes center stage as exemplified in a dipped hem crop top and a grandiose silk shirt, adding a sprinkle of youthful dynamism. Black, the eternal companion of pink, adds an element of rebellious elegance in a cropped corset. There is an air of flirtatious charm in woven chain shoulder bag and satin drop shoulder pants set. The flair of the high waist plaid dress intersects with practicality in the lake swim shorts. Their vibrant green counterparts presented through a slim piped suit and Verona tank dress, stand as peculiar attention seekers. A nod to retro styling is made with a leopard print bucket hat, offering a charming contrast. As routes deviate, casual cool is maintained through cotton lined jeans and lettered sweatpants. Then again, there's an exception to everything: the romanticism of the sunflower heart necklace, speaking many languages, albeit silently. 'Loju' amalgamates these pieces to craft its own nomenclature of style.

issue no. #599

Davido - FEEL (Official Video)

A trip into Davido's FEEL uncovers a celebration of individuality and extravagance. The distinctive mix of garments and accessories are reminiscent of a visual feast, parading a mashup of vintage and modern. The audacious charm of the faux fur coat in a tender spruce screams opulence and is delightfully clashed with vivid gem-studded rings, neatly balancing the line between excess and grandiosity. Retro sunglasses imbued with flamboyant temple designs rekindle a passion for the old-school, instilling a punch of charisma into the looks. Eye-catching nail art echoes the spirit of Halloween, giving an adventurous edge to the aesthetics. Richly adorning the hands are an array of Bohemian-inspired rings, adding an element of cultural tessellation. Plunging into the tailored capsule, the Fringe Detailed Suit Pants are hard to ignore. The unique construction flirts with an ephemeral blush setting the stage for sophistication and trend. Meanwhile, splashes of colour from the Blue Eyelash Argyle knitted crop sweater lent an artsy concept to the imagination. A recurring theme of warmth hinges on organic print hoodies and Pink Buckle Grab Bag, invigorating the atmosphere with a touch of casual yet tasteful streetwear. The silk blouse, with its delicate leopard print, passes a whisper of wild exoticism, while the enigmatic charm of the Gold Meta peaks the grand finale with a generously artistic statement. This medley hints at the divergence of style, culture, and attitude, and invites us to push boundaries, all while reminding us that fashion is, above all, a playground.

issue no. #593

Wizkid - Bad To Me (Official Video)

Exuding vibrant charm, Wizkid's 'Bad to Me' is a melodious exploration of style as much as it is of rhythm. This Nigerian sensation artfully exhibits ensembles that are anything but routine - a bold amalgamation of sensational silhouettes and vivid hues, with green reigning supreme. The lean, long lines of skinny suit trousers, Paul Smith’s quintessential two-piece, and the Ayley sequinned dress by Rotate combine in a vesper that's delightfully unexpected. Paul Smith continues to play with the fashion palate, gifting the observant viewer a grasp of tasteful colour coordination. Elevated options such as the slim oxford suit jacket and the neon D Ring wrap blazer cater to an element of dazzle that's both refreshing and captivating. Yet, it's far from all suits and blazers. The slinky satin cold shoulder maxi dress invokes an imagery of understated elegance, while the tassel wrap skirt emanates an enchanting flirty charm. Tying together the entire visual is the off-white MLB NY Yankees baseball cap, a nod, maybe, to a more casual relaxed approach amidst the grandeur. Eye makeup isn't dismissed either - glimpses of the Clinique Women’s lash power mascara in black high shine get a subtle cameo, reinforcing the theme of striking yet sophisticated aesthetics. It's not just an ensemble; it's a compilation of dashing stories wrapped in style.

issue no. #587

Chris Brown - Call Me Every Day

Chris Brown, in 'Call Me Every Day' exhibits a delightful blend of urban street style with a hint of relaxed chic. From oversized pieces to slim lines and unanticipated colours, the wardrobe undeniably resonates with the rhythm of the song. A balance between the casual and extraordinary, the style marks between jogger trousers and jeans infused with colours ranging from the subdued notes of neutral to the warm tones of burnt orange and mustard yellow. The collection is adorned with fine wool and suede, indulging in enticing tactile satisfaction. The spectrum ranges from casual sweatpants and t-shirts showcasing a blend of street and contemporary to upscale tuxedo blazers, adding a dash of gaining luxury. The twist of the ribbed shorts and trousers is an excellent nod to the changing urban style landscape. Accessories play a pivotal role too, with corey 80s sunglasses adding an inevitable retro touch while the faux fur checkerboard bag proves that fashion is playful and not to be confined. Pump shoes for that elegant stride and broeken for casual comfort; the balance is well maintained. Overall, each piece forms a coherent stylistic narrative that energises the vibe of the video whilst hinting at an accessible style, relishing the casual elegance and smart-casual consistency.

issue no. #577

Wizkid - 2 Sugar

In the flavorful symphony 2 Sugar by Wizkid, clothes dance to the rhythm dialing up the pizazz to a fever pitch. Bursting onto the scene, it’s evident that the artist’s wardrobe channels an utterly electrifying spirit. A vivid kaleidoscope of colors imbued ensembles take the center stage, underscoring the video's vibrant energy. The luscious shades of orange skirts playfully compete with vivifying red racer neck tops. The contrast is stunning yet effortless, evoking an aurora of vivacity and exuberance. A minimalistic but effective use of tank tops, a palette of sunshine yellow to the daring black, creates a captivating visual experience. That's not it! A bias for asymmetry comes to the fore, serving a tantalizing treat to the eyes. Bodysuits in charcoal and pink speak to an uninhibited style narrative that revels in pushing the boundaries. In terms of accessories, a simple beaded medallion necklace does its subtle work complementing the outfits, never venturing to overshadow. The video finishes strong with a casual but powerful note; loose sweaters and blazers, muscular bodysuits stealthily arrange themselves into the spotlight. This fashion-forward journey is not a blaze of glory but a simmering pot, slowly revealing one fashion gem after another.

issue no. #571

Stormzy - Angel In The Marble

In Angel In The Marble by Stormzy, a spectrum of sartorial choices take centre stage. The opening scene pays homage to classic menswear with a bold blue jacket that commands attention. A sense of true gentleman elegance is effortlessly encapsulated in the double-breasted suit, a fixture of sartorial excellence. Accessories play a stellar role in the video's style narrative, such as the black shoulder bags featured, which hinted at an effortless, go-anywhere aesthetic. Meanwhile, wide tuxedo suit trousers in midnight hues hark back to the golden era of jazz clubs where saavy style held sway. Glimmering beneath the urban veneer, a majestic bridesmaid gown may be glimpsed, boasting a beaded, high-low silhouette that ventures into eveningwear. Strategic placements of slim fit jacket and the chicness of a well-tailored poly-blend suit constructs an image of modern masculinity. As a hint to the reverence for classic designs, suave sunglasses styles make a cameo, lending a rebellious edge to the ensemble. Beautifully designed long dresses, slim-fitted blazers, captivating shorts sets, and classic hat play with feminine and masculine lines, whilst a subtle hint to expectant mothers was reflected in the inclusion of tasteful maternity ware, intertwining the narrative of life, love, and fashion. The plaid-patterned trench coat subtly nods at Britain's sartorial legacy, while a paisley printed suit jacket beautifully juxtaposed the muted backdrop with drama and flair.

issue no. #569

Ari Lennox - Get Close (Official Music Video)

A quintessential nod to the urban and eclectic, Ari Lennox's Get Close music video is a symphony of fashion-forward choices. The video echoes the pulsating beat of the song with animated fashion statements that blend an understated cool with an unabashed vibrancy. Texture takes centre stage, summoning a spirit of youthful rebellion and easy-going charm. One cannot overlook a particular rush of sporty flair driven by a notorious triple-striped sportswear brand. The caramel tones of an oversized crochet t-shirt, interweaving with the fervour of the music, whispers of festival-infused fashion. The sharp orange optimism of a signature Polo highlights a bold, vibrant colour palette. The setting makes room for playful elements, with the checkerboard patterns of a knit shirt dress conspiring with the ivory allure of a Cuban shirt. High-top sneakers display a grounded hint of practicality without forsaking style. Patent leather mules enter the scene on a sophisticated note; while glitter trims, ruffle details and a daring vinyl bodysuit twist the narrative towards temerity. Exquisite satin midaxi slips introduce an air of European elegance with a nod to a more casual occasion with hoodies, padded tees, and a plush teddy coat. Pairing effortless street style with an unabashedly outgoing guest, this video is a harmonious mélange of eclectic trends making a dash down the audio-runway.

issue no. #563

Libianca - I Wish (Official Video)

The ambiance of Libianca's 'I Wish' is shaped not just by her captivating vocals but also the array of sartorial wonders worn by her. The undercurrent of effortless cool is conveyed through the carefully chosen apparel. The enthralling rhythm of the video meets the spontaneity of fashion in a prAna sweatshirt of Dark Iron hue – an iconic representation of the casual yet chic inclination. In the same vein, touches of the statement cashmere cropped peacoat give an inkling of warmth and high fashion. Cuts of distressed black denim coupled with structured black suede, adorned with delectable details of rhinestones, lend an edge to the entire visual. The inclusion of oversized hoodie and roll-neck sweatshirt in greens and greys speaks volumes about the comfort in style and speaks to the connoisseurs of contemporary sporty chic. A mix of high-low fashion is present with surprisingly bold ivory white cotton trousers for the kids and aqua green lightweight sweatshirt for men by MANGO. The mesh printed midi pencil skirt brings out a refined aesthetic. A playful detail comes with gold heart-shaped twisted knot earrings, complementing the entire casual-chic aesthetic. The high-neck fine knit, pullover dress from NA-KD reinterprets grace and simplicity. Finally, the influence of statement headwear, from the Intrecciato Bucket Hat to the Yellow Tyronh Cap, truly punctuates the entire ensemble. It's like a symphony of texture, colour, and form; the video walks us through a carefully curated, tangible mood board of fashion.

issue no. #557

Lojay - MOTO

In MOTO by Lojay, there's a vibrant display of versatile styles that feels like a whirlwind tour of plush aesthetics. Each frame is a testament to risqué yet sophisticated fashion choices, perfectly embodying the up-and-coming voice of this artist. Starting with a hint of street flair, through the presence of a high waist skirt with playful tassels, we are immediately drawn into a blend of casual and chic. Dashes of 90s nostalgia feature quite prominently, as seen in certain light blue lensed sunnies, leaning towards the trend of bringing back forgotten years. Accompanying this is an array of denim pieces, oversized and tailored, with unique acid washes and loose fits that speak to the modern youth's penchant for retro revival and comfortable fashion. The artist does not shy away from bolder statements, either. Wool mix western jackets in refreshing icy tones and bucket hats adorned with print patterns bring a mix of edge and ebullient charm onto the scene. Amidst the more outgoing pieces, there's a charming display of shirts for every fashion taste. From luxe linen shirts in soothing hues to formal yet trendy offerings—the kind you'd want to wear to a sophisticated soiree. For the finale, we are graced with unique pieces, like a romper with lively striped patterns and a black maxi dress that struts a faux two-in-one design. A display of artistic ingenuity, this video graces the viewer with an eclectic mix of boldness and subtlety that is truly inspiring.

issue no. #547

Phyno - Do I (Official Video)

In the grand cinematic display of Phyno's 'Do I', we find ourselves immersed in an intricate harmony of motion and style. The video is a rich moodboard of stylistic choices flaunting the elegance of paisley bandanas and bold black trousers, invoking a rebel spirit, beautifully captured. The drama is further elevated with an ensemble of vivid tracksuits, sneaking in a splash of vibrant colours - an ode to a retro resurgence done with a contemporary twist. A subtle interplay of sports and chic shines through cleverly interspersed sportswear from Under Armour and adidas Originals. This is fashion-forward rebellion, a definite visual treat for those who revel in a balance between defiance and subtlety. As the eye traverses further we witness a sleek spectacle of statement accessories - shoulder bags with distinct chain and animal prints, adding dimension and depth. From the gorgeous array of glorious silk ties to the understated charm of round sunglasses, every detail creates an amalgamation of shift and sensibility. Both men's and women's fashion find their representation, there's an undeniable allure in the casual pants and the daring flare pants, creating an interesting narrative. The quilted short padded jacket and the breaker hoodie offer an invitation into the cosy yet stylish winter fashion. An exceptional detail takes form in the black knit cap adding a wonderful final touch. A marvellous feast of fashion fusion taking us into an enthralling world where music and fashion collide to create something truly spectacular.

issue no. #541

With a playful yet poignant amalgamation of colour and texture, the video for 'Ngozi' by Crayon & Ayra Starr offers a fashion feast for the eyes. The video is a vibrant carnival of emotion, imbued with a sense of both celebration and longing, each outfit reflecting the nuanced layers of melody. A curious blend of contemporary chic and cultural heritage shapes the narrative, seen in pieces ranging from a sophisticated midi skirt with graphic-print plissé, to a strapping mermaid-styled dress - an ode to the charm of the mother of the bride. Each scene is also adorned with enticing accessories like a power wrap bracelet, layered necklaces, quirky anklets, and elements that play with the spectrum of colours, right from the emerald greens to the fleeting chroma of multi-textured apparel. The outfits ache with a pageantry of green accentuated with floral prints and metallic sparkle. The extravagance is balanced by casual elements like the graphic tees and the muted tones of the button-up shirts and anklets. The narrative also boasts of premium satin blouses and waxed, high-rise skinny jeans that reveal the hidden notes of elegance in everyday street style. The individualistic sense of fashion never gets lost among the collective aesthetic. 'Ngozi' manages to capture the magic and the art of the mundane, blending high fashion with the everyday, resulting in an irresistible mosaic of style.

issue no. #523

Rema - Trouble Maker

In 'Trouble Maker' by Rema, we celebrate a sartorial narrative that is nothing short of vibrant, daring, and impeccably stylish. The fusion of street-style aesthetics with high-fashion sensibilities sets a dynamic stage for this visually captivating performance. Bodies are adorned in striking hues, playing with the contrast of vibrant reds against neutral tones to accentuate the empowering energy of the piece. Tracksuits boast unpredictable camo print designs and kangaroo pockets, exuding a utilitarian appeal that could easily roam the urban jungle. Our eyes are led to details – stitching work reminiscent of classic denim jackets, tastefully reimagined in a daring red. The Western-influenced Harrington tracksuits with tape detailing grace the scene with a hint of untamed spirit. We find the artist breaking sartorial boundaries in straight suit trousers that challenge the traditional colors of power. Tying the individual pieces together are nuanced additions of faux-fur gilets – an ode to luxury in a sea of streetwear. The personal touch of a wirework hair clip adds a dash of femininity to an otherwise androgynous, avant-garde presentation. The performers are seen modelling PU plisse trousers that add texture and an element of raw, unrefined elegance. Completing the sartorial symphony is a cream coloured revere shirt, adding a quaint charm to the mix. This kaleidoscope of fashion seen in 'Trouble Maker' begins to blur the lines between music, performance, and the spectacle of high fashion.

issue no. #521

Shallipopi - Evil Receive (Official Video)

The 'Evil Receive' by Shallipopi shifts between intimations of loungewear chic to outright street stylings, exhibiting an intriguing mosaic of sartorial choices. Among the fluttering mass of artful attire, one cannot ignore the athletic undertones echoing through the Champion tee and the Nike Tech hoodie, counting the snood hoodie for that matter. The humble jogger reaches new heights of stylish innovation in the MK-1 Warm-Up Trouser, perfect when facing down colder climes or chilling out in style. Not to forget the charm of the Coolamon trouser by COR clothes. The Super Duper Fly Puffer Jacket encapsulates a certain casual elegance that one can't help but linger upon. The touch of high-street with Versace oversized sunglasses, humming a distinctly posh note, contrasts beautifully with the other items in the mix. The Water-repellent down anorak from Mango perfectly toes the line between functional yet deliciously on trend. The majority of the wardrobe is casual and outdoorsy, tempered with the touch of the seductive satin nightwear shirt and striped hooded zip jacket that exude an understated allure. The coalescence of the Alexander McQueen denim jacket and Beige Oversized hoodie oscillate between casual and high fashion. It's an arresting showcase that blurs the boundaries between lounge wear, street wear and high street fashion, creating an enigmatic vision of style that draws the eye and captures the imagination.

issue no. #509

Asake - Amapiano

Emerging from the vibrant scene of Asake's 'Amapiano' video is a smorgasbord of fashion aesthetic that not simply dazzles, but indeed tells a sartorial tale. The visual narrative stages a riveting blend of everyday getups and avant-garde apparel. Where the casual is anchored by robust graphic tees and a flirtation with denim, the extraordinary surfaces in floor-sweeping gowns and bedazzled numbers that invoke an almost inter-galactic sentiment. The collection emerges unencumbered by colour restraints, dashing from endearing pastel tones to saturated burgundy and back to tame, earthy hues. It indeed delves into an enticing palette of expression. A harmonious shift between the edgy and the elegant is executed with an air of expertise. Micro mini skirts, fringe oblong scarves and vibrant bandeau bodycon dress set pulses racing, while a subdued satin pyjama set introduces a sigh of relaxation. For the adventurous, an asymmetrical mesh top or a smoke print piece offer a wild ride to the realms of edgy chic. The tame end of the spectrum is sated by simple roll neck knit tops. Eye-catching sunglasses and a faux fur trapper hat serve as the ever-necessary accessories, adding the perfect cherry to this sartorial sundae. Asake’s ‘Amapiano’ video is a fashion exhibition that straddles the boundary between the majestic and the mainstream, offering a unique experience of style and aesthetic celebration.

issue no. #503


In the mesmerising melody of 'UNAVAILABLE', Davido turns the world into his catwalk, enlivening the screen with an ultra-chic assemblage of outfits. The luminosity of the leopard print silk sheath dress evokes an extravagant, yet subtly nostalgic allure. Perfect black leather jackets, with their undulating balloon sleeves, meet soft beige tops, suggesting a seamless dialogue between freedom and structure. Effortlessly cool vests in rich brown, interspersed with striking blue swimsuits, assert the power of subtle contrasts shaping the unconventional fashion narrative. Pale grey cargo trousers and delicate sage ankle grazers speak of the beauty found in understated elegance. Stark white tees coupled with puffer jackets in dark ecru cultivate an inviting, yet mysterious guise, punctuating moments of youthful flamboyance with grown-up panache. Star sequin skirts with faux-feather detail hold court amidst lush satin shirts, while a rose tinted midi dress with ruffle details hypnotises with its daring plunge. The intriguing addition of a nude handbag seems to whisper 'Tell It Like It Is', while western-style wide leg jeans and floral shorts playfully echo black and blue hues. The fashion tableau that Davido creates boldly redefines standards, positioning children's ecru jeans and printed pyjamas alongside traditional pieces, capturing a universally inclusive spirit of style.

issue no. #499

Asake - Remember

Remember by Asake is a mesmerising sartorial medley that celebrates the immersive spectrum of style. From effortlessly chic relaxed blazers in a charming neutral, artfully distressed to portray the beauty of the imperfect, to nostalgic ruched satin shirts, the video is a smorgasbord of fashionable delight. T-shirts, oversized yet unrepentantly assertive, create a dichotomy with their weighty graphic while simultaneously embracing a crisp, clean palette. There's a reveal of yellow wrap visor sunglasses that lend a sporty twist, a vibrantly unique accessory that dares to be different. With a subtle nod to nautical style, heart alloy anklets sparkle beneath the sophisticated silhouette of slinky straight-leg pants. Utility vests, devoid of sleeve yet brimming with attitude, and a half-zip polar fleece sweatshirt, oversized for comfort and cool, enter a meandering dance of style and practicality. The video isn't shy of colour; a linen-look ruched beach skirt in a vibrant, attention-grabbing orange makes an unforgettable splash. The black ribbed maxi skirt whispers a petite secret, for those petite in size but not in style. Covering up is a captivatingly mirrored marble print maxi cape-back dress, an item that's sure to turn heads. Classics are embraced with a modern twist, as is evidenced in the fitted ribbed tops, their necklines slashed to allow for an enticing peek of what lies beneath. There's also an animal print smock top, the epitome of laid-back luxe. High-waist ruffled slim pants are the epitome of casual elegance. A floral mini dress peeks out from underneath, its elastic cuffs giving it a charmingly vintage appeal. Knitted textured vest and short set, an eclectic mix of comfort and elegance. Asake's video thrills with its unexpected twists and turns; a wool beret here, a noir beanie there and a faux wrap pencil skirt that promises to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. Remember is indeed a veritable feast for the sartorially inclined and a must-see for all fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #491

In Need You by tendai, Ayra Starr, & Stormzy, the fashion stakes are high. Every frame buzzes with textures, each catching the eye and the imagination, showcasing what it means to push boundaries and explore new style grounds. The video is dominated by a rich, striking palette highlighted by structured, ribbed detailing and snake prints on the blouses. There's a flirtation with subtlety via wide-leg trousers in a muted ecru. As the beat pulses, the drama intensifies with impressively ruched jumpsuits and blazers with removable ties that scream modernity. A star player is the three-piece suit, its neutral tones offering a tactile richness that echoes the entirety of this sartorial symphony. An unexpected layer of vibrancy arrives in the form of a silk butterfly bow tie in a tantalising shade of red. The video is a parade of diverse fabrics – from sheer chiffon, soft knits, to the warmth of a fine sweatshirt. It is a display of contrasting styles, like a soft mesh puff sleeve bodysuit and the oversized, flower-print t-shirt, the synthesis of which creates an enchanting spectacle. Let's not forget the intricate blend of a v-neck stripe jumper, a shimmering bralette and a worker jacket that paints a picture of the exciting diversity in fashion. Finishing off the ensemble, slippers studded with rhinestones and a pearl decor pants set makes a bold statement. The shots of a delicately crafted cami and trouser set dipped in sequinned Rose Gold leaves viewers longing for the video's free-spirited and energetic style

issue no. #487

YAWA by Fireboy DML unquestionably makes for an alluring vista of fashion dialogue. Throughout the video, we see a fantasia of distinctive looks, embodying both adventurous, streetwise aesthetics and a brisk exploration of classic elegance. The ensembles imbue the narrative with various shades of sartorial verve, from bodycontoured, two-piece formal wear to the rugged allure found amidst the camouflage tracksuits. The decidedly autumnal palette is striking with rich bordeaux and berry hues setting a backdrop for breath-taking dance sequences. One can't help but notice the clever interplay of the fiery leather trousers and faux leather belted shirt. Hats off to the elegant chapeau which adds a whimsical note to the overall scenario. Sunglasses evolving through the video notably enhance the artistic direction, starting with a softer beige and moving to a bolder white acetate transfer. As far as accessories go, the dainty gold triple necklace and the bold, square polarised sunglasses do more than just complement the attire. They indeed deepen the narrative by offering a characterization of the wearer. The mixture of prints from floral to check gives the video a trans-seasonal feel, making it a continually appealing spectacle. Certainly, the video isn't just a spectacle of music and dance. It is a delicious feast of fashion that explores a dynamic range of style realms.

issue no. #479

Olamide - Jinja (Official Video)

Here we have a captivating narrative painted by Olamide in his music video 'Jinja'. It's a fusion of street culture and high-end chic that leaves us in awe of his keen sense for fashion. From the lavish gala to the lively drum circle, the ensembles serve as paintings that work to extend the illustrative essence of the melody and lyrics. Each piece of clothing, with their intricate designs, tells an unexpected story. Casual t-shirts descend into richly pleated skirts in vivid hues, a nod to spontaneous style pairings. The men are clad in shiny, oversized puffer jackets that mirror the strength and vibrancy of their rhythm. The platform flats are minimalistic, yet statement-worthy. They complement the shimmering silver chains and rings that dance in the spotlight. The black leather buckle pouches and cloud clutch bags offer a perfect foil to the intricate clothing. These accessories, although subtle, carry a potent charm with their understated elegance. A moment to appreciate the femme fatales in their tie-dye prints and ruched bralettes. These pieces, though distinct, are unified in their display of creativity and boldness. It's this balance of subtlety and extravagance in the outfits that truly make a profound impact, reminding us of Olamide's versatility. A dazzling array of outfits and accessories that are a testament of Olamide's ability to transcend conventional fashion norms and inspire creative self-expression.

issue no. #467

CKay - CKay - Hallelujah feat. Blaqbonez [Official Music Video]

In the CKay's 'Hallelujah' featuring Blaqbonez music video, a symphony of fashion styles is in play. Tender vibes are transmitted through soft knit hues such as the gentle green number - a delight to the senses as it oscillates between cold shoulder styles and harmonious aesthetics of jersey tie strap tiered frocks. The men aren't left out of this sartorial parade either: a carefully curated mix of twill coach jackets and multi-pocket trousers revel in earth tones, alluding to the mellow canvas the video portrays. Pops of colour surface in the surprising form of pink; the faux fur rug is not the only piece making a bold, fluffy statement as matching faux fur overcoats are spotted, adding a layer of playfully decadent warmth to the artists’ getup. In a delightful juxtaposition, a hint of rugged appeal is showcased in an array of cargos, tracksuits, and straight-leg trousers. The fashion narrative continues to unfold by nodding to minimalism as it embraces simple, sleek designs such as wide-leg linen trousers and waffle tees. Of course, the eye formulates a sweet connection with compelling accessories: endearing sunglasses, a dash of orange, a sprinkle of red, and a statement-making cotton headscarf. Overall, this tableau of style is indeed an indulgent feast for the fashion forward. Each piece strategically stitches together a mosaic of understated elegance, urban chic, bold pops of colour, and soft, cosy instances that vibrates resonance in harmony with the melodies.

issue no. #463

Sashaying through the world of hyper-stylised couture, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice don't mince their words or their clothes in the vibrant and playful video, 'Barbie World'. The artists bring their unique personas to life, perfectly synchronising an infusion of assertive and high-energy fashion choices that embodies the spirit of the song. Palettes range from bold to romantic, effortlessly tied together with an undeniable dash of fabulousness. Any style maven would flip for the dynamic mixing of finishes, from shiny vinyl to textured rib. The artists make a statement whether they're twirling in flouncy one-shoulder bikini tops or strutting in sky-high thigh boots. The hues of pinks and pops of yellows, greens, and purples add a certain playful exuberance. Basking in a reinvented classic vibe, the artists inspire with styles featuring skinny jeans, rib vests, and oversized sunglasses. It's hard not overlook the rich details – sparkling hoop earrings, diamante rings, and angelic pendant necklaces becoming integral accents to the ensemble. The artists are unapologetically over-the-top with their athletic ombre capri leggings and sequinned crop top. Yet, they do not shy from being sophisticated as evident with tailored blazers and caped gowns. The result is a fashion showcase that's part cheerleader chic, part 90’s diva, but entirely haute couture-worthy. 'Barbie World' is not just a music video; it’s a high-voltage fashion extravaganza that empowers you to unleash your own sartorial creativity.