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issue no. #571

Stormzy - Angel In The Marble

In Angel In The Marble by Stormzy, a spectrum of sartorial choices take centre stage. The opening scene pays homage to classic menswear with a bold blue jacket that commands attention. A sense of true gentleman elegance is effortlessly encapsulated in the double-breasted suit, a fixture of sartorial excellence. Accessories play a stellar role in the video's style narrative, such as the black shoulder bags featured, which hinted at an effortless, go-anywhere aesthetic. Meanwhile, wide tuxedo suit trousers in midnight hues hark back to the golden era of jazz clubs where saavy style held sway. Glimmering beneath the urban veneer, a majestic bridesmaid gown may be glimpsed, boasting a beaded, high-low silhouette that ventures into eveningwear. Strategic placements of slim fit jacket and the chicness of a well-tailored poly-blend suit constructs an image of modern masculinity. As a hint to the reverence for classic designs, suave sunglasses styles make a cameo, lending a rebellious edge to the ensemble. Beautifully designed long dresses, slim-fitted blazers, captivating shorts sets, and classic hat play with feminine and masculine lines, whilst a subtle hint to expectant mothers was reflected in the inclusion of tasteful maternity ware, intertwining the narrative of life, love, and fashion. The plaid-patterned trench coat subtly nods at Britain's sartorial legacy, while a paisley printed suit jacket beautifully juxtaposed the muted backdrop with drama and flair.

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issue no. #379

SZA - Shirt

In the musical narrative, Shirt by SZA, a myriad of fashion expressions converge to birth the runway-meets-music sensation. Chic silhouettes are punctuated by a charismatic blend of contemporary and classic. The visual poetry begins with a powerful play between sweet dresses and casual male outfits, presenting a mix of gender-neutral styling. A stand-out square neck dress in khaki is seen, invoking minimalistic charm, while the intriguing allure of Patchwork is not left unexplored. The outerwear choices are punctuated with varsity jackets and elegant A-line dresses, that make for a stellar display of contrasting aesthetics. Accessories draw their power from rectangular contours and vibrant palettes. Yellow oversized sunglasses, a rectangular reporter bag, and the tripper baseball cap create an alluring trifecta of style. The stunning choker and butterfly star necklace twinkle, symbolising a dreamy nocturnal sentiment. A variety of printed pants sets bring a unique rhythm to the fashion journey, adding flamboyance to the mix. Not to be neglected, a pair of high-top trainers is spotted, introducing street style to this eclectic fashion show. The video concludes with the juxtaposition of modernity and vintage - the mesh body detail piece being a bold statement. All in all, a remarkable testament to the transformative power of fashion and the subtle artistry it can introduce to the world of music.

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issue no. #283

Burna Boy - Big 7

In Burna Boy's 'Big 7' video, the message is made loud and clear. The clash of cultures within the fashion narrative is vividly depicted, with nothing being held back. Starting with the quaint yet impactful Jacquemus rose print t-shirt, a Parisian sophistication is unmistakably conveyed. This casual chicness is continued with the daringly ripped straight-leg jeans, a raw edge nod to the rebellious spirit in each of us. However, a sense of playfulness is never far away, as demonstrated by the Wu-tang Clan t-shirt, a nostalgic beat of the past that hits all the right notes. Athletic influences also hold a prominent place in the lineup, seen in the smart patchwork colour block men’s outfit. The women's petite puff sleeve top and the sensuous corset lingerie set add a dose of feminine allure, balancing the scales of this gender-fluid styling narrative. The accessories range from the classic, like the Tommy Hilfiger cotton t-shirt to the modern and unique, like the black faux leather padded calf boots and the silver cross-body bag. Some elements of the outfits, like the gold faux leather stiletto heel mules, are pure escapism, whereas staples like the dark denim jeans and the beret bring us back to earth. Standout moments include the brilliant incorporation of the African print A-line shirt and skirt sets, reminding us of Burna Boy's rich African heritage, and Ashley Williams' rhinestone-embellished hairpin serves as the perfect finishing touch. 'Big 7' is a fashion show in motion, a cornucopia of style and culture.

issue no. #269

Coi Leray - TWINNEM (Official Music Video)

In the pulsating rhythm of Coi Leray's TWINNEM, we are given a fashion spectacle that resonates with a dynamic blend of chic, urban, and daringly delightful visuals. From the verdant splash of abstract chiffon dresses that oscillate between mystery and allure, to the neutral calm of rounded frames that whisper intellectual aesthetics, the video serves a cornucopia of style inspirations. A power take on femininity is keenly felt with tailored high-waisted trousers in a blush pink statement. It's the bold meeting the beautiful, the unconventional merging with the classic. Logo tees echo a fondness for iconic imagery, while the charm of freshwater pearl necklaces adds a touch of grace amidst the sartorial intensity. High-top trainers, reminiscent of legacy wrapped in leather, set the rhythm of movement - a testament to the energetic expressions seen in every scene. Graphic hoodies, yoga headbands, and faux suede caps converge, offering a nod to urban street style. The sheen of the single-breasted dinner jacket and metallic-threaded cardigans transform the atmosphere into a luxurious vista. From sleek black belts to Disney print tees and elegant tuxedo jackets, the fashion narrative is as multi-layered as the beats that fuel the video. It is this stunning fusion of trends and timeless pieces that makes TWINNEM a must-watch experience for fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #239

Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video)

In the compelling visual narrative of Upgrade U by Beyoncé, a fashion tableau of avant-garde trends and classic allure unravels. The grand opening sets the pace with Porsche-esque sunglasses that lend a commanding poise. This is quickly followed by the charm of strapless rompers, smartly juxtaposed with the sleek sophistication of a short bob cut wig. The magic lies in subtleties, as seen with the allure of the long-wearing mascara that magnifies the eyes, channeling pure glamour. The grid print faux two-piece sheath midi dress signifies a transition, merging street style and elegance effortlessly. Halloween-inspired face gems and tiger print shoulder pads add an unexpected edge while mom jeans ground the look. High leg hipster bikini bottoms playfully mingle with summer vibes, setting a refreshing contrast. Suspender casual dresses and graphic t-shirt dresses shine a light on individualistic style narratives, while oversized knitted sweatshirts cozy up the storyline. The Cazal sunglasses and the double-bridge pilot frames add a layer of enigma, leading us into a world of faux fur coats that exude a grandeur that's unmissable. The finale is a crescendo of flawless style with oversized gradient sunglasses encapsulating the style journey in one final, unforgettable moment.

issue no. #131

Ayra Starr - Sability

Ayra Starr's 'Sability' is an interplay of fashion sensibilities that are as poetic as her lyricism. The range is eccentric yet graceful, mirroring the ebb and flow of her melodies. Intriguing crew neck blouses in satin are paired with vibrant color block blazers, a stylistic choice that conveys a blend of corporate chic and playful audacity. T-shirts grace the screen in diverse hues, some echoing the lushness of the forest, others the cheerfulness of a citrus grove. Unique bracelet sets, reminiscent of ancient mandalas, serve as striking contrasts to the modern aesthetics of ombre leggings, evoking an intriguing blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Patchwork joggers and animal print clips provide an element of quirk, while a polo shirt in an elegant argyle print adds a touch of classic sophistication. The denim pieces—ripped shorts and flared jeans—are an ode to the timeless appeal of casual wear. An abstract knitted jumper brings a touch of avant-garde, while the faux leather pleated mini skirt and patent belted jacket scream of punk sophistication. Luxurious accents like a Swarovski crystal bangle and a long faux fur jacket are reminders of the song's theme of empowerment and opulence. Each fashion piece is a verse in this symphony, blending harmoniously into a comprehensive fashion narrative that is Ayra Starr's 'Sability'.

issue no. #79

Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Official Video)

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles presents an awe-inspiring fusion of fashion narratives, combining elements of timeless classics and contemporary chic. The video unfurls a remarkable blend of aesthetics, from vintage elegance to contemporary edge. Among the ensembles, one can perceive the comfort and allure of a short sleeve knitted cardigan, effortlessly invoking a mood of relaxed sophistication. A hint of 70s charm is splendidly encapsulated by the muted hues of a Plus-sized organza pussybow blouse, its polka dot pattern enchanting the viewer with its soft femininity and delightful nostalgia. The video doesn't hold back on edgier styles either, with Faux Leather split hem pants boldly punctuating scenes with their striking contours, weaving a modern narrative in their sultry lines and slick texture. The daring spirit of the camo dungarees brings with it a urbansque, carefree vibe that appealingly contrasts with the more refined aesthetic of the satin lace cami top. Another standout is the Glory diamante detailed cut-out gladiator sandals, their glinting beauty exuding an air of opulent extravagance. The video is a feast for the lovers of eclectic fashion, it encompasses a range of styles from cropped harem dress pants to an African fashion floral print two-piece ensemble, making it a panorama of cherished fashion anecdotes.

issue no. #41

Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)

Beyoncé's Formation music video sets the stage for a fashion spectacle, with every outfit fashioned with intent. The evident abundance of woolen fashion items are symbolic of poise and warmth. The splendid CORNELIANI MEN'S 8270938810050001 GREY OTHER MATERIALS SUIT, both sophisticated and elegant, stands out amongst the fashion statements made. The Yves Saint Laurent Black Wicker Hats express a steadfast panache, while the Brioni knitted double-breasted cardigan exudes casual sophistication. The Prada WOOL & MOHAIR TUXEDO SUIT and the Ermanno Scervino geometric embroidery jumper highlights the melding of classic and contemporary, showcased alongside impactful additions such as the Dolce and Gabbana Black Rabbit Fur Fedora. The Zimmermann Super Eight Flutter Shirt adds a touch of whimsy, and the TOM FORD Green Wool Scarf underscores the importance of accessorising. The Azure Asymmetric Cracked Shirt Dress by WEN PAN is a surefire eye-catcher. Totême Double Wool Scarf, Eric Javits Wool Gaucho, and Paloma Wool Khaki Lumiere Turtleneck echo the emphasis on texture and layering. The silkiness of the Nensi Dojaka SSENSE Exclusive Burgundy Briefs add a touch of hidden luxury. Ericdress's long sleeve wedding dress and floor-length evening dress capture the spirit of opulence with their intricate details. Finally, the REMAIN Birger Christensen Purple Self-Tie Tank Top and Il Gufo tie-front fleece tracksuit set adds a sporty twist to Beyoncé's fashion narrative.

issue no. #31

2Pac - 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (from album: "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z..."

Welcome to the timeless world of 2Pac in his classic track 'Keep Ya Head Up', from the album 'Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...', a true fashion arena where 90s hip-hop meets suave modern tailoring. From the rugged allure of Leather Skinny Jeans and the military vibe of C2H4 Black Military Work Cargo Pants to the exquisite refinement of Armani Collezioni's Two-Button Virgin Wool Suit, the fashion spectacles run the gamut of high-end sophistication to streetwear coolness. Witness the avant-garde styling of Anna Sui SSENSE Exclusive Black Cargo Pants alongside the startling versatility of Moncler’s Contrast Stripe Track Pants and Snow Peak Black Mountain of Moods Edition Trousers. Classically inspired pieces like the Wool Dinner Jackets and Sterling Check Wool Suit Jackets are prominent, showcasing the artist's knack for blending traditional and modern facets in a seamless manner. Unique standouts like the Marni - Striped Wool-blend Roll-neck Top, HODAKOVA Black M Trousers, and King & Tuckfield Green Grant Trousers are a testament to the rapper's keen eye for detail and individualistic style. The suits and jackets are a crisp testament to the artist’s versatility from Slim-Fit Wool Tonal Herringbone Suit to Pashion Wool Dinner Suit Jacket, enveloping the artist's persona in a mist of classy allure. The juxtaposition of these diversified styles, shapes, and patterns stimulates a mesmerizing fashion spectacle, making this music video a veritable playground for fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #7

Wizkid - Money & Love (Official Music Video)

The visual symphony, 'Money & Love' by Wizkid, takes us through an array of sartorial poetry. From the opening scene, a blast of color is apparent with pieces like the Philosophy Women's Dress in multicolour, a lush tapestry of hues mirroring the energetic rhythm of the music. The Ralph Lauren Kids striped knit jumper and Stella McCartney Kids stripe-detail knitted cardigan, add a youthful vibe to the ensemble. Wizkid's artists bring a robust mix of classic and contemporary threads. The Puma Classics long sleeve tee dress in black is a timeless silhouette, the emblem of effortless comfort and cool - a testament to the enduring allure of black. The Womens Puff Sleeve Faux Leather Biker in black juxtaposes the relaxed mood with a distinct edge. Yet, the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden and the Superdry Women's Cord Carpenter Trousers temper the ensemble's intensity, offering a relaxed yet chic aesthetic. In contrast, the ostentatious luxury of the Patek Philippe 2019 unworn Aquanaut 40mm - Brown stands out, an emblem of opulence. Layering is a key style in this visual treat, with pieces like the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden, Margot Cashmere Jumper Ivory Women Boden, and the Polo Ralph Lauren sweter bawełniany 211856727001 damski. The video ends with a whimsical note with the LW Rainbow Striped Tracksuit Set and the Acne Studios Beige Rainbow Vest. Wizkid delivers a glorious interplay of color, texture, and style in 'Money & Love', a testament to the transformative power of music and fashion.