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issue no. #347

Reekado Banks - Feel Different

Feel Different by Reekado Banks presents a veritable visual feast of fashion. The eclectic array of styles sway from stealth-luxe minimalism to eclectic maximalism, embodied in a stunning lineup of outfits. A tantalising touch of allure is brought by translucent textiles, a sublime play with sheerness, as if hinting at secrets. This alongside the shimmer of rhinestones, that tastefully elicit the allure of a star-studded night sky. The power-dressing trend asserts its presence with a chic black blazer, the epitome of suave sophistication. Sweater and aviator jacket lend a casual, laid back vibe, making the ensemble a mix of high-end fashion and streetwear. The colour palette is a remarkable mix of the vibrant and the understated. The daring brightness of orange clashes beautifully with the classic simplicity of black and white. Delicate coral red offsets the audacity of electric blue. The prints range from endearing heart motifs to bold dollar signs, echoing the rhythms of the soundtrack. The ensembles are accessorized with statement bags and sunglasses that lend an air of nonchalant elegance. A tribute to the style-savvy, the video offers a masterful blend of high street and high fashion, delivering a fabulous array of looks that inspire and astound in equal measure.

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issue no. #293

Odumodublvck - FIREGUN

FIREGUN by Odumodublvck is a kaleidoscope of fashion, bursting with rich and vibrant hues. This visual extravagance is illuminated by an eclectic mix that perfectly balances streetwear and high-end fashion. Imagine a splash of audacious gold-plated elegance, offset by the understated charm of an oversized black sweatshirt that carries an air of Brooklyn street culture. The video showcases a breathtaking array of colours in a tie-dye t-shirt that harkens back to days of youthful rebellion. Amidst this riot of colours, a tracksuit perfect for infants steals the show with its playful yet stylish demeanour. Certain scenes offer a nostalgic nod to the past, with the unmistakable silhouette of a crochet striped bucket hat standing out. Each frame reveals a new sartorial adventure, from a multicolor gradient minidress that encapsulates the relentless innovation of modern fashion to a strikingly asymmetrical floral midi dress tinged with a hint of romanticism. GANNI's striped beret echoes French chic, while the Golden Coast Trucker Hat is a testament to LA's laid-back style. A shimmering chunky chain necklace adds a certain edge, complemented by a high-rise mini skirt in the softest of rose hues. The video even ventures into festive fashion, with a captivating mini Santa hat print making an adorable appearance. As the scene shifts to sultrier styles, viewers are treated to hot pink mesh-pant insert hot pants and a tantalising backless monokini. The video concludes with an exquisite leather cross body bag and a charming pom beret hat in pink and red stripe, a spark of the irrepressible spirit of Monki. In the grand finale, FIREGUN achieves a striking juxtaposition of grunge and elegance in the form of a baseball cap paired with polarized eyewear in Carey Green.

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issue no. #173

Adekunle Gold - Ogaranya

A whirlwind of color and style, 'Ogaranya' by Adekunle Gold bursts onto the scene not only with high-energy beats, but also with a distinct visual flair. Every frame is rife with the fashion echo of an eclectic style. The leading lady dons a Gradient Geometric Camisole that draws the eyes with its light blue hue, reminding one of the sky on a perfect summer day. The geometric patterns add depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a strong statement. Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold appears in a variety of ensembles that merge traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. An exceptional vision in white steals the limelight, the deep V-neck gown by Christian Siriano. The gown's simplicity contrasts with the complex rhythms of the music yet complements the ambiance of the narrative. White, pure and profound, it brings a certain elegance to the ensemble. This music video serves as a fashion palette, from casual to high-end, each piece contributing to a harmonious symphony of style.

issue no. #67

THE CARTERS - APESHIT (Official Video)

Dive into a fashion musical trip with THE CARTERS in their APESHIT video. Echoes of high-end labels blended with street couture sensibilities cascade across the mesmerizing frames. The utilitarian appeal of loose fit dungarees and the fluid grace of satin suit pants whisper snippets of a sartorial tale that's as wide in scope as it is refined in its telling. The cool nonchalance of tie dye beanies meet the classic aesthetic of double-breasted blazers, a nod to the eclectic nature of the fashion scene. Touches of the opulent are woven seamlessly with everyday items, evident in chain pendant earrings complementing drawstring sweatpants. Pulsating beneath the impactful visuals is an undercurrent of the timeless - the elegance of evening dresses, the sophistication of blazers, and the charm of striped jumpers. The video embraces the fearless spirit of fashion, with bold elements like faux leather waist bags and plush cardigans designed in a kaleidoscope of colors. Contrasts rule the roost, from the casual allure of hooded tracksuit sets playing off against the grandeur of midi coats. The fashion narrative culminates in resplendent images of Breton striped jumpers and checkered long cardigans, a testament to the undying allure of patterns in the fashion world. The video is a true fashion tableau, painting a vivid portrait of the sartorial zeitgeist in a rhythm of motion and color.

issue no. #31

2Pac - 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (from album: "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z..."

Welcome to the timeless world of 2Pac in his classic track 'Keep Ya Head Up', from the album 'Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...', a true fashion arena where 90s hip-hop meets suave modern tailoring. From the rugged allure of Leather Skinny Jeans and the military vibe of C2H4 Black Military Work Cargo Pants to the exquisite refinement of Armani Collezioni's Two-Button Virgin Wool Suit, the fashion spectacles run the gamut of high-end sophistication to streetwear coolness. Witness the avant-garde styling of Anna Sui SSENSE Exclusive Black Cargo Pants alongside the startling versatility of Moncler’s Contrast Stripe Track Pants and Snow Peak Black Mountain of Moods Edition Trousers. Classically inspired pieces like the Wool Dinner Jackets and Sterling Check Wool Suit Jackets are prominent, showcasing the artist's knack for blending traditional and modern facets in a seamless manner. Unique standouts like the Marni - Striped Wool-blend Roll-neck Top, HODAKOVA Black M Trousers, and King & Tuckfield Green Grant Trousers are a testament to the rapper's keen eye for detail and individualistic style. The suits and jackets are a crisp testament to the artist’s versatility from Slim-Fit Wool Tonal Herringbone Suit to Pashion Wool Dinner Suit Jacket, enveloping the artist's persona in a mist of classy allure. The juxtaposition of these diversified styles, shapes, and patterns stimulates a mesmerizing fashion spectacle, making this music video a veritable playground for fashion enthusiasts.