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issue no. #569

Ari Lennox - Get Close (Official Music Video)

A quintessential nod to the urban and eclectic, Ari Lennox's Get Close music video is a symphony of fashion-forward choices. The video echoes the pulsating beat of the song with animated fashion statements that blend an understated cool with an unabashed vibrancy. Texture takes centre stage, summoning a spirit of youthful rebellion and easy-going charm. One cannot overlook a particular rush of sporty flair driven by a notorious triple-striped sportswear brand. The caramel tones of an oversized crochet t-shirt, interweaving with the fervour of the music, whispers of festival-infused fashion. The sharp orange optimism of a signature Polo highlights a bold, vibrant colour palette. The setting makes room for playful elements, with the checkerboard patterns of a knit shirt dress conspiring with the ivory allure of a Cuban shirt. High-top sneakers display a grounded hint of practicality without forsaking style. Patent leather mules enter the scene on a sophisticated note; while glitter trims, ruffle details and a daring vinyl bodysuit twist the narrative towards temerity. Exquisite satin midaxi slips introduce an air of European elegance with a nod to a more casual occasion with hoodies, padded tees, and a plush teddy coat. Pairing effortless street style with an unabashedly outgoing guest, this video is a harmonious mélange of eclectic trends making a dash down the audio-runway.

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issue no. #419

Tyler, The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY

SORRY NOT SORRY, an unexpected journey into the audacious world of Tyler, The Creator. The style narrative interweaves a bold palette of navy and khaki, punctuated by rich green tones. Our gaze is initially caught by a rib knit turtleneck, a statement piece that exudes an uncompromising urban sophistication. Quickly our attention is drawn to the glimmer of pearl encrusted earrings. A short, green crew neck tee joins the pantheon of key players, adding a casual yet chic dynamic to the unfolding mélange. The harmony between the pleated off-white trousers and the puff-sleeve floral print dress is undeniable, a testament to elegance crafted from chaos. Unexpectedly, we find ourselves captivated by an ensemble featuring a corduroy belted skirt and a sleek super slim jean pairing. Of course, no such eclectic fashion review would be complete without a mention of the cardigan in a striking colour of carmen green. The classic shirt and distressed sweater from distinguished labels beautifully intertwine, while the leopard pumpkin Aztec T-shirt introduces an element of quirk. Throughout the video, accessories play a crucial role; from the fur hat, silk dress and suede headband in hues of blue to a bucket hat, square sunglasses and Wayne beanie veering onto green. The narrative concludes with a Cadi jacket, a beige puffer with a faux fur collar and a relaxed strap suit jacket, serving as the final pieces in this daringly diverse style puzzle.

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issue no. #373

Smino feat. NOS - I Deserve (Official Video)

In Smino and NOS's 'I Deserve', fashion takes centre stage, with streetwear meeting luxury in a harmonious celebration of personal expression. The urban surroundings offer an exhilarating backdrop for the sartorial parade, where notes of vibrancy and individuality resonate throughout. Signature pieces like pocketed swim shorts and statement sweatshirts feature prominently, embracing a casual, yet sophisticated flair. We see contrasting colour palettes, from earthy browns and olive-greens to electrifying blues and oranges, carefully interspersed to create a visual feast. The omnipresent sense of comfort is undeniable, seen in the loose-fit trousers and relaxed-fit knit sweaters. Yet, there is a daring twist, spotlighted in the edgy lettering on baseball jackets and faux leather trousers, echoing elements of rebellious spirit. A bejewelled necklace and a beanie cap, placed seemingly nonchalantly, hint at a marriage of elegance and functionality. The crossbody and chest bags make a striking impression, reflecting a practicality that's equally fashionable. The ladies are adorned in ruched mini dresses alongside utility pocket shackets, claiming their power with style and assertion. The menswear gravitates towards skinny jeans and reflective chest bags, a nod to the ever-present influence of street culture. Lastly, the unexpected entrance of tweed shorts and a plaid playsuit invites a playful twist, underscoring the video's inherent embrace of eclectic style.

issue no. #347

Reekado Banks - Feel Different

Feel Different by Reekado Banks presents a veritable visual feast of fashion. The eclectic array of styles sway from stealth-luxe minimalism to eclectic maximalism, embodied in a stunning lineup of outfits. A tantalising touch of allure is brought by translucent textiles, a sublime play with sheerness, as if hinting at secrets. This alongside the shimmer of rhinestones, that tastefully elicit the allure of a star-studded night sky. The power-dressing trend asserts its presence with a chic black blazer, the epitome of suave sophistication. Sweater and aviator jacket lend a casual, laid back vibe, making the ensemble a mix of high-end fashion and streetwear. The colour palette is a remarkable mix of the vibrant and the understated. The daring brightness of orange clashes beautifully with the classic simplicity of black and white. Delicate coral red offsets the audacity of electric blue. The prints range from endearing heart motifs to bold dollar signs, echoing the rhythms of the soundtrack. The ensembles are accessorized with statement bags and sunglasses that lend an air of nonchalant elegance. A tribute to the style-savvy, the video offers a masterful blend of high street and high fashion, delivering a fabulous array of looks that inspire and astound in equal measure.

issue no. #337

Burna Boy - Big 7

The music video Big 7 by Burna Boy creates a symphony of style, a crescendo of colour and bold prints, an eye-catching composition that captures the spirit of modern fashion. It presents a parade of outfits that create an intriguing narrative of style, each piece meticulously chosen to resonate with the bold and confident beats of the song. The narrative flows effortlessly, from stark white t-shirts that mirror the raw honesty of the lyrics, to the splash of vibrant floral prints that echo the energy of the rhythm. This video showcases the blend of street style and high fashion, with jeans ripped at the knee juxtaposing elegantly with the soft touch of lace frills. A dash of sporty appeal is added with patchwork colour block outfits, echoing the dynamic vibe of the music. The outfits come alive with accessories, from faux leather boots that command attention, to chic berets and baseball caps that add a touch of understated cool. The eye-catching statement pieces like the rhinestone-embellished hair pin complete the look, adding that final touch of glamour. The fashion in Big 7 is a celebration of individuality and fearless self-expression, a visual representation of the eclectic beats and powerful lyrics. Each look is a style statement, a reflection of the spirit of the music, making this video a must-see runway of fashion.

issue no. #307

Blaqbonez - Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey)

In Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey) by Blaqbonez, the artist takes us on a sartorially charged adventure. The video ingeniously weaves a narrative that plays out on the foreground of a fashion tableau. It's an exhibition of eclectic styles - a melting pot of high-brow fashion and street style aesthetics. Captivating accessories add a certain charm, hinting at defiant boldness with a dash of gothic mystery. Here you see an enchanting blend of laidback street style with a touch of the supernatural, beckoning you into a world of curious charm. The video plays with texture too, exploring borg beanies, velvet badges, and satin dresses. An edgy green nod to Mother Nature is seen with whisperings of camouflage print sprinkled in between. The stage isn't devoid of sparkle with jewelry making its presence felt. Turquoise and emerald earrings drop into the scene, creating a splash, while geometric rhinestone rings add a touch of sophistication. The colour spectrum darts ahead with reds, blues, and neutrals punctuating the ambience. There's something for everyone - whether you are drawn to the allure of a mini dress or the edginess of a newsboy cap. Tasseled Jewelry cases and hollow out earrings lend the ensemble an element of surprise. From the elegance of half-sleeved dresses and the blithe spirit of basic casual shirts and shorts to the allure of satin and lace, the video transforms fashion into a mesmerising visual allegory.

issue no. #293

Odumodublvck - FIREGUN

FIREGUN by Odumodublvck is a kaleidoscope of fashion, bursting with rich and vibrant hues. This visual extravagance is illuminated by an eclectic mix that perfectly balances streetwear and high-end fashion. Imagine a splash of audacious gold-plated elegance, offset by the understated charm of an oversized black sweatshirt that carries an air of Brooklyn street culture. The video showcases a breathtaking array of colours in a tie-dye t-shirt that harkens back to days of youthful rebellion. Amidst this riot of colours, a tracksuit perfect for infants steals the show with its playful yet stylish demeanour. Certain scenes offer a nostalgic nod to the past, with the unmistakable silhouette of a crochet striped bucket hat standing out. Each frame reveals a new sartorial adventure, from a multicolor gradient minidress that encapsulates the relentless innovation of modern fashion to a strikingly asymmetrical floral midi dress tinged with a hint of romanticism. GANNI's striped beret echoes French chic, while the Golden Coast Trucker Hat is a testament to LA's laid-back style. A shimmering chunky chain necklace adds a certain edge, complemented by a high-rise mini skirt in the softest of rose hues. The video even ventures into festive fashion, with a captivating mini Santa hat print making an adorable appearance. As the scene shifts to sultrier styles, viewers are treated to hot pink mesh-pant insert hot pants and a tantalising backless monokini. The video concludes with an exquisite leather cross body bag and a charming pom beret hat in pink and red stripe, a spark of the irrepressible spirit of Monki. In the grand finale, FIREGUN achieves a striking juxtaposition of grunge and elegance in the form of a baseball cap paired with polarized eyewear in Carey Green.

issue no. #227

Asake - Amapiano

Amapiano by Asake is a tribute to the timeless art of style, a symphony of fashion that diverges from the mainstream and pays homage to the gloriously diverse and untamed world of fashion. The mastermind WORLD beige multi-pocket vest is an instantaneous exclamation of unapologetic audacity, setting the tone for the entirety of the spectacle. The following act sees the performers adorned in a bold and exciting fusion of traditional African aesthetics and audacious modern design elements. This theme pervades throughout the video, with the red backless vinyl long sleeve jumpsuit and ASOS DESIGN cat eye sunglasses serving as striking examples of this fusion. The fashion narrative continues to unfold with an unexpected but pleasantly surprising ensemble of a pink single-breasted tailored blazer, black lace strapping cut-out lingerie, and recycled satin pyjamas—a daring amalgamation that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. As the story progresses, it makes a pit stop at the base of a mountain dressed in the PrettyLittleThingSKI blue faux fur belted scuba suit before it culminates in a grand finale featuring a mermaid V-neck wedding dress. If Amapiano is any indication of the future of fashion, expect to see a world where eclectic aesthetics, daring combinations, and a genuine love for self-expression rule supreme.

issue no. #199

Feast your eyes on the visual aesthetic of 'Okay' by Adekunle Gold, a musical runway of eclectic style and cultural symbolism. The video is a rich tapestry of wearable art, effortlessly blending urban luxe with traditional style. It's a rhythmic parade of carefully selected pieces, each setting the tone for an assertive, contemporary yet nostalgically infused style. Notice the textured layers, the chunky knit cardigan meeting the striking hues of a lightweight dress. The assertiveness of black sunglasses and the bold statement of wool and silk unite in a fusion of colour and texture. Oversized T-shirts contrast sharply with belted trousers, whilst lime-coloured dresses add a shockwave of colour that refuses to blend into the crowd. The iridescent sheen of the nylon anorak teases the eyes, catching the light in its stormy brown expanse. Notice the silver mini bag with knot handle, a gem nestled amongst the weave, while resin printed claw clips embellish with a subtle charm. The rust-toned shacket, the team pants, the zip neck stretch pique polo, these are all pieces that have been strategically chosen to tell a story, a narrative of fashion and identity. The denim shirt, the red sunglasses, the golden accessory of Maison Margiela sunglasses, each command attention while balancing the overall outlay. Notice how the diamond quilted jacket sits comfortably with the edginess of a black nylon strap bumbag, and the elegance of pencil pants. The final touch, a delicate swing earring, twinkling with faux pearl and rhinestone leaves, epitomises the spirit of rebellious fashion.

issue no. #173

Adekunle Gold - Ogaranya

A whirlwind of color and style, 'Ogaranya' by Adekunle Gold bursts onto the scene not only with high-energy beats, but also with a distinct visual flair. Every frame is rife with the fashion echo of an eclectic style. The leading lady dons a Gradient Geometric Camisole that draws the eyes with its light blue hue, reminding one of the sky on a perfect summer day. The geometric patterns add depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a strong statement. Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold appears in a variety of ensembles that merge traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. An exceptional vision in white steals the limelight, the deep V-neck gown by Christian Siriano. The gown's simplicity contrasts with the complex rhythms of the music yet complements the ambiance of the narrative. White, pure and profound, it brings a certain elegance to the ensemble. This music video serves as a fashion palette, from casual to high-end, each piece contributing to a harmonious symphony of style.

issue no. #163

Harry Styles - Daylight

In the stunning music video 'Daylight' by Harry Styles, the allure of fashion takes center stage. Viewers are treated to an array of exciting looks that push the boundaries of style and self-expression. We journey through everything from the smart sophistication of black and white tailored pieces to the radiant allure of satin mini dresses that pop in vibrant hues. The conscious blend of various textures - the gleam of sequins, the regality of satin, the comfort of wool - creates a rich feast for the eyes while the color palette dances with a range of emotions. Shades of serene greens to audacious reds and sultry blacks contribute to the uniquely captivating wardrobe. The ensembles challenge conventional rules, presenting oversized pieces that exude a relaxed elegance and fitted garments that celebrate the body's form. Unique embellishments such as bows, feathers, and faux shearling add intricate details that enhance the overall aesthetic. The culmination of these styles create an ambiance of moody elegance, cool confidence, and charismatic charm which reverberates with the soulful melodies of the song. As Daylight unfolds, fashion isn’t just an accessory in the video, it’s a key character that tells a part of the story, sparking inspiration and a deep appreciation for artistic expressions in clothing.

issue no. #149

DOGTOOTH by Tyler, The Creator, is an intriguing collage of eclectic high street and high fashion elements. We start our journey with a striking jade-cabochon damesring, adding a touch of quiet elegance to the overall look. The stage then moves onto the classic beret, brought to life in striking shades of dark green and black, whispering subtle nods to the timeless Parisian style. Hair accessories are not overlooked, as cream pearl hair slides make a chic appearance. Transcending the weather, the leather and shearling coat duo adds a tough, utilitarian edge to the ensemble. A divergence from the muted tones appears as a checkered jacket, serving as a fashionable nod towards collegiate, preppy fashion. Amid this whirl of fashion frenzy, an off-shoulder floral dress and a denim mini skirt with an unmistakeable monogram capture the eye, making a strong case for casual, easy-going style. House of Kitsuné’s headwear - a casual cap and a playful bucket hat - make an irresistible pair, while Versace's Greek Key Pilot Sunglasses add a layer of mystery. Sportswear interplays with the laid-back vibe through Nike’s towel and yellow printed joggers. The bag, a contrast-branded reporter’s piece from Lacoste, shows that practicality can wear the cape of style. A poncho, wide-leg shorts, and an ochre maternity ankle grazer round out the eclectic mix, each with their unique stylistic contribution. Finally, a star-print knitted jumper gives a celestial touch to the ensemble, serving as the perfect metaphor for the star power of the music video.

issue no. #89

A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video)

The eclectic ensemble in A$AP Rocky's Praise The Lord (Da Shine) serenades with the bold and the classic. An audacious blend of bright and soothing color palette conjures up an immersive symphony of style. The comfort of a cozy white vintage sweater brings a touch of nostalgia, harmoniously balancing the contemporary edgy look of grey checked trousers. Unexpected highlights narrate through vibrant pops of color in an oversized yellow sweatshirt and a faux fur orange coat, a visual representation of the artist's diverse and effervescent spirit. Then there comes the jerseys, exploring an intriguing dialogue between functionality and high fashion with a two-colored beige top. An idiosyncratic sense of style trails the atmosphere through pieces such as a seatbelt belt with the iconic American flag motif. The narrative transitions to a more sophisticated tone with the introduction of a blue nylon bomber jacket, a timeless tailored wool blend trouser, and a fine knit cardigan with a dapper button fastening. A minimalistic black turtleneck top and a moonless night beanie serve as sophisticated pieces that provide a touching ode to the simpler times. Finally, a slim zipper jacket weaves a thrilling climax, a perfect confluence of warmth and fashion-forward styling.

issue no. #79

Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Official Video)

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles presents an awe-inspiring fusion of fashion narratives, combining elements of timeless classics and contemporary chic. The video unfurls a remarkable blend of aesthetics, from vintage elegance to contemporary edge. Among the ensembles, one can perceive the comfort and allure of a short sleeve knitted cardigan, effortlessly invoking a mood of relaxed sophistication. A hint of 70s charm is splendidly encapsulated by the muted hues of a Plus-sized organza pussybow blouse, its polka dot pattern enchanting the viewer with its soft femininity and delightful nostalgia. The video doesn't hold back on edgier styles either, with Faux Leather split hem pants boldly punctuating scenes with their striking contours, weaving a modern narrative in their sultry lines and slick texture. The daring spirit of the camo dungarees brings with it a urbansque, carefree vibe that appealingly contrasts with the more refined aesthetic of the satin lace cami top. Another standout is the Glory diamante detailed cut-out gladiator sandals, their glinting beauty exuding an air of opulent extravagance. The video is a feast for the lovers of eclectic fashion, it encompasses a range of styles from cropped harem dress pants to an African fashion floral print two-piece ensemble, making it a panorama of cherished fashion anecdotes.

issue no. #59

Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) [Clean]

Immerse yourself in the supa-dupa stylish universe of 'The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) [Clean]', a vibrant spectacle by the inimitable Missy Elliot. Throughout the video, the star emanates an edgy and eclectic aesthetic, bold as a powerful poppy in full bloom. The glitz of an Oscar de la Renta tulle gown dances under the spotlight, while the sharp silhouettes of Balenciaga and Kenzo eyewear add an electrifying touch of contemporary chic. Iris Serban's floral-applique gown is a vision of elegant femininity contrasted by the hard-edge style of a quilted down bomber jacket. The eclectic collage of textures continues with the ribbed-knit fitted skirt and a cozy yellow mini R-neck sweater. A Monica Rich Kosann locket necklace and a crochet flower necklace create a mesmerizing mélange of vintage allure and modern taste. Alexander Wang's low mini skirt, Tommy Jeans high-top trainers, and a hint of glimmer from a metallic-hardware sweater blend in harmoniously for a street-style strut. A vibrancy of colors strike through Burberry's orange sunglasses, Versace's rectangle sunglasses with gold details, and a refreshingly mint-green skier headband. The video culminates in a parade of chunky black frame sunglasses and denim trucker, painting a powerful portrait of Missy Elliot's indomitable persona.

issue no. #37

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Welcome to the vibrant, sun-kissed world of Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar'. The array of fashion is as colorful and rich as the video itself. From the neck-hugging David Yurman DY Bel Aire Chain Necklace to the architectural Dion Lee crochet corset-bodice layered top, the fashion choices evoke a playful, retro-inspired aesthetic. Mara Hoffman's Sia Textured Bikini Swim Top and TOM FORD’s lush Green Wool Scarf are significant highlights, bringing both warmth and oceanic freshness. Paloma Wool’s versatile Khaki Lumiere Turtleneck is a standout for its subtle sophistication. Belize’s sensual HIVA TIE-BACK LINEN DRESS embodies a relaxed flair, while the Ruffle Detail Strappy Cami paints a photo of feminine elegance. The Merenda Palmrose Bikini Bottoms are a testament to floral romance. The ROTITA Wine Red Sleeveless Asymmetry Round Neck Jumpsuit and ZAFUL Ribbed Flower Cross String Bikini Swimwear introduce a sense of asymmetrical intrigue. Finally, the Grey Recycled Metal Hexagon Sunglasses and Blue Shaggy Fur Flap Over Baguette seal the looks with their understated cool. Join us on this fashion journey through Harry's eclectic wardrobe, where each piece tells a story.