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issue no. #463

Sashaying through the world of hyper-stylised couture, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice don't mince their words or their clothes in the vibrant and playful video, 'Barbie World'. The artists bring their unique personas to life, perfectly synchronising an infusion of assertive and high-energy fashion choices that embodies the spirit of the song. Palettes range from bold to romantic, effortlessly tied together with an undeniable dash of fabulousness. Any style maven would flip for the dynamic mixing of finishes, from shiny vinyl to textured rib. The artists make a statement whether they're twirling in flouncy one-shoulder bikini tops or strutting in sky-high thigh boots. The hues of pinks and pops of yellows, greens, and purples add a certain playful exuberance. Basking in a reinvented classic vibe, the artists inspire with styles featuring skinny jeans, rib vests, and oversized sunglasses. It's hard not overlook the rich details – sparkling hoop earrings, diamante rings, and angelic pendant necklaces becoming integral accents to the ensemble. The artists are unapologetically over-the-top with their athletic ombre capri leggings and sequinned crop top. Yet, they do not shy from being sophisticated as evident with tailored blazers and caped gowns. The result is a fashion showcase that's part cheerleader chic, part 90’s diva, but entirely haute couture-worthy. 'Barbie World' is not just a music video; it’s a high-voltage fashion extravaganza that empowers you to unleash your own sartorial creativity.

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issue no. #373

Smino feat. NOS - I Deserve (Official Video)

In Smino and NOS's 'I Deserve', fashion takes centre stage, with streetwear meeting luxury in a harmonious celebration of personal expression. The urban surroundings offer an exhilarating backdrop for the sartorial parade, where notes of vibrancy and individuality resonate throughout. Signature pieces like pocketed swim shorts and statement sweatshirts feature prominently, embracing a casual, yet sophisticated flair. We see contrasting colour palettes, from earthy browns and olive-greens to electrifying blues and oranges, carefully interspersed to create a visual feast. The omnipresent sense of comfort is undeniable, seen in the loose-fit trousers and relaxed-fit knit sweaters. Yet, there is a daring twist, spotlighted in the edgy lettering on baseball jackets and faux leather trousers, echoing elements of rebellious spirit. A bejewelled necklace and a beanie cap, placed seemingly nonchalantly, hint at a marriage of elegance and functionality. The crossbody and chest bags make a striking impression, reflecting a practicality that's equally fashionable. The ladies are adorned in ruched mini dresses alongside utility pocket shackets, claiming their power with style and assertion. The menswear gravitates towards skinny jeans and reflective chest bags, a nod to the ever-present influence of street culture. Lastly, the unexpected entrance of tweed shorts and a plaid playsuit invites a playful twist, underscoring the video's inherent embrace of eclectic style.

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issue no. #193

BANKS - BANKS - Gemini Feed

BANKS' Gemini Feed music video is a mesmerising exhibition of visual and style artistry. Through the lens of fashion, BANKS narrates a tale as old as time, yet uniquely her own. The video begins with the artist in a playful yet edgy ensemble, an adorable homage to childhood innocence with a Sanrio mascot hair tie, contrasted with a utilitarian crossbody bag, hinting at the complexity of adult life. She soon transitions to a sophisticated yet daring D&G black stretch dress that pays tribute to the strength and resilience of feminine beauty. The scene featuring a rich emerald green lingerie set is provocative yet empowering, symbolising the bold, unapologetic spirit of contemporary women. Her outfits, ranging from Mango Kids' bluza to ASOS's bardot pencil dress with sash, reflect the dynamism of the female experience. The lace contrast cut-out Brazilian in pink and the captivating stirrup stretch leggings by Paco Rabanne, add a note of whimsy and boldness. The grand finale presents the artist in an exquisite off-the-shoulder velvet gown with a layered ruffle mesh skirt by Mac Duggal, a perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern flair. The video is an open invitation to take a walk in BANKS’ wardrobe, a mix of colourful variety that is distinctively her.

issue no. #37

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Welcome to the vibrant, sun-kissed world of Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar'. The array of fashion is as colorful and rich as the video itself. From the neck-hugging David Yurman DY Bel Aire Chain Necklace to the architectural Dion Lee crochet corset-bodice layered top, the fashion choices evoke a playful, retro-inspired aesthetic. Mara Hoffman's Sia Textured Bikini Swim Top and TOM FORD’s lush Green Wool Scarf are significant highlights, bringing both warmth and oceanic freshness. Paloma Wool’s versatile Khaki Lumiere Turtleneck is a standout for its subtle sophistication. Belize’s sensual HIVA TIE-BACK LINEN DRESS embodies a relaxed flair, while the Ruffle Detail Strappy Cami paints a photo of feminine elegance. The Merenda Palmrose Bikini Bottoms are a testament to floral romance. The ROTITA Wine Red Sleeveless Asymmetry Round Neck Jumpsuit and ZAFUL Ribbed Flower Cross String Bikini Swimwear introduce a sense of asymmetrical intrigue. Finally, the Grey Recycled Metal Hexagon Sunglasses and Blue Shaggy Fur Flap Over Baguette seal the looks with their understated cool. Join us on this fashion journey through Harry's eclectic wardrobe, where each piece tells a story.