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issue no. #373

Smino feat. NOS - I Deserve (Official Video)

In Smino and NOS's 'I Deserve', fashion takes centre stage, with streetwear meeting luxury in a harmonious celebration of personal expression. The urban surroundings offer an exhilarating backdrop for the sartorial parade, where notes of vibrancy and individuality resonate throughout. Signature pieces like pocketed swim shorts and statement sweatshirts feature prominently, embracing a casual, yet sophisticated flair. We see contrasting colour palettes, from earthy browns and olive-greens to electrifying blues and oranges, carefully interspersed to create a visual feast. The omnipresent sense of comfort is undeniable, seen in the loose-fit trousers and relaxed-fit knit sweaters. Yet, there is a daring twist, spotlighted in the edgy lettering on baseball jackets and faux leather trousers, echoing elements of rebellious spirit. A bejewelled necklace and a beanie cap, placed seemingly nonchalantly, hint at a marriage of elegance and functionality. The crossbody and chest bags make a striking impression, reflecting a practicality that's equally fashionable. The ladies are adorned in ruched mini dresses alongside utility pocket shackets, claiming their power with style and assertion. The menswear gravitates towards skinny jeans and reflective chest bags, a nod to the ever-present influence of street culture. Lastly, the unexpected entrance of tweed shorts and a plaid playsuit invites a playful twist, underscoring the video's inherent embrace of eclectic style.

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issue no. #293

Odumodublvck - FIREGUN

FIREGUN by Odumodublvck is a kaleidoscope of fashion, bursting with rich and vibrant hues. This visual extravagance is illuminated by an eclectic mix that perfectly balances streetwear and high-end fashion. Imagine a splash of audacious gold-plated elegance, offset by the understated charm of an oversized black sweatshirt that carries an air of Brooklyn street culture. The video showcases a breathtaking array of colours in a tie-dye t-shirt that harkens back to days of youthful rebellion. Amidst this riot of colours, a tracksuit perfect for infants steals the show with its playful yet stylish demeanour. Certain scenes offer a nostalgic nod to the past, with the unmistakable silhouette of a crochet striped bucket hat standing out. Each frame reveals a new sartorial adventure, from a multicolor gradient minidress that encapsulates the relentless innovation of modern fashion to a strikingly asymmetrical floral midi dress tinged with a hint of romanticism. GANNI's striped beret echoes French chic, while the Golden Coast Trucker Hat is a testament to LA's laid-back style. A shimmering chunky chain necklace adds a certain edge, complemented by a high-rise mini skirt in the softest of rose hues. The video even ventures into festive fashion, with a captivating mini Santa hat print making an adorable appearance. As the scene shifts to sultrier styles, viewers are treated to hot pink mesh-pant insert hot pants and a tantalising backless monokini. The video concludes with an exquisite leather cross body bag and a charming pom beret hat in pink and red stripe, a spark of the irrepressible spirit of Monki. In the grand finale, FIREGUN achieves a striking juxtaposition of grunge and elegance in the form of a baseball cap paired with polarized eyewear in Carey Green.

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issue no. #257

Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For? (Official Music Video)

Imagined in the fluorescent hues of a sunrise, Billie Eilish's 'What Was I Made For?' showcases an artful blend of summery brightness and edgy silhouettes. The video proves a veritable playground for the fashion-savvy eye, with pieces that seem to oscillate between the timeless allure of the pencil skirt and the playfulness of the fit-and-flare dress. The motif of the video, golden yellow, is a tribute to the joy of summer days, lending a playful flair to the fits. Eilish herself dons several striking pieces - an elegant shirt dress, a daring crop top, and a ribbed pullover, to name a few. The warm yellow hues extend to dresses both modest and elaborate, with aesthetics that range from the comfort of a basic t-shirt dress to the elegance of a belted shirt-collar dress. Each piece brings out a different aspect of the singer's multifaceted style ethos. Interspersed between the sun-kissed yellows were moments of contrasting black - a leather panelled midi skirt, a striking high neck tie detail midi dress - a reminder of the star's penchant for edgier, unexpected elements. Every outfit, a blend of comfort, style, and individuality, serves as an extension of the artist's persona. Each frame of 'What Was I Made For?' is a testament to fashion's transformative power, with every sartorial choice a piece of the narrative Eilish unfolds in this enchanting visual symphony.

issue no. #251

Jung Kook - Seven

Immerse yourself in the melodic spectacle of 'Seven', where Jung Kook uses fashion to express his diverse personality. Notice the casuality of a knitted cardigan, flirting playfully with off-white innocence and the rawness of ribbed tops echoing the fervor of the beat. One cannot overlook the rebellious allure of the side panel leather leggings, pushing boundaries while the graphic T-shirt dress adds a punch of audacious color. The nod to the dark with the black Halloween themed T-shirt juxtaposes beautifully with the unexpected pop of teal in the wide-leg cargo trousers. Rooted in tradition yet ostentatiously modern, the blue velvet suit demonstrates the power of sartorial choices. Cargo pants with intricate zip detailing further enhance the edgy appeal of the video. The understated black cap grounds the extravagance, leading us smoothly to the suave skinny black pinstripe suit jacket. The trucker jacket with belt silently screams of unapologetic individuality. As the video plays, take a minute to absorb the inviting allure of the burgundy tartan check jacket, an intervention of classic masculinity. A splendid puffer coat is added to the mix making a bold fashion statement against the backdrop of the cold. The pleated bib cotton shirt presents an evolution of elegance before the straight long overcoat commands respect. Last but definitely not the least, a paneled leather jacket in black & white steals the show, making a resounding statement, mirrored by the strong vocal performance. All this, while a simple slogan crew-neck sweatshirt reminds us of a sense of unity and togetherness.

issue no. #239

Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video)

In the compelling visual narrative of Upgrade U by Beyoncé, a fashion tableau of avant-garde trends and classic allure unravels. The grand opening sets the pace with Porsche-esque sunglasses that lend a commanding poise. This is quickly followed by the charm of strapless rompers, smartly juxtaposed with the sleek sophistication of a short bob cut wig. The magic lies in subtleties, as seen with the allure of the long-wearing mascara that magnifies the eyes, channeling pure glamour. The grid print faux two-piece sheath midi dress signifies a transition, merging street style and elegance effortlessly. Halloween-inspired face gems and tiger print shoulder pads add an unexpected edge while mom jeans ground the look. High leg hipster bikini bottoms playfully mingle with summer vibes, setting a refreshing contrast. Suspender casual dresses and graphic t-shirt dresses shine a light on individualistic style narratives, while oversized knitted sweatshirts cozy up the storyline. The Cazal sunglasses and the double-bridge pilot frames add a layer of enigma, leading us into a world of faux fur coats that exude a grandeur that's unmissable. The finale is a crescendo of flawless style with oversized gradient sunglasses encapsulating the style journey in one final, unforgettable moment.

issue no. #193

BANKS - BANKS - Gemini Feed

BANKS' Gemini Feed music video is a mesmerising exhibition of visual and style artistry. Through the lens of fashion, BANKS narrates a tale as old as time, yet uniquely her own. The video begins with the artist in a playful yet edgy ensemble, an adorable homage to childhood innocence with a Sanrio mascot hair tie, contrasted with a utilitarian crossbody bag, hinting at the complexity of adult life. She soon transitions to a sophisticated yet daring D&G black stretch dress that pays tribute to the strength and resilience of feminine beauty. The scene featuring a rich emerald green lingerie set is provocative yet empowering, symbolising the bold, unapologetic spirit of contemporary women. Her outfits, ranging from Mango Kids' bluza to ASOS's bardot pencil dress with sash, reflect the dynamism of the female experience. The lace contrast cut-out Brazilian in pink and the captivating stirrup stretch leggings by Paco Rabanne, add a note of whimsy and boldness. The grand finale presents the artist in an exquisite off-the-shoulder velvet gown with a layered ruffle mesh skirt by Mac Duggal, a perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern flair. The video is an open invitation to take a walk in BANKS’ wardrobe, a mix of colourful variety that is distinctively her.

issue no. #167

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Solider by Destiny's Child is a fusion of urban and chic vibes, where bold prints, exquisite detailing, and svelte cuts come alive. From colourful bandanas to chic fedoras, the artists flaunt their unique sense of style which marries edgy streetwear with sophisticated femininity. The outfits lend a strong vibe of nonchalance, as if the artists have just stepped off a rebellious couture runway. Iconic street art is cleverly incorporated into casual t-shirts, signifying a powerful social commentary wrapped in style. The trend is further emphasized with the display of silver ear cuffs, a nod towards the unconventional. The use of sequinned embellishments on long dresses and oversized tops adds a dash of glamour to the music video, reflecting the artists' prowess in embracing glitz and grit. A notable feature of their ensemble is the prominent use of contrasting colours, like slate and dark charcoal curtains, white graphic t-shirts, and rust linen skorts with ruched side, creating a fashion symphony that is both bold and harmonious. Maternity fashion takes center stage, celebrating motherhood with comfortable and stylish t-shirts. The detailing on a buttoned navy blue top adds a pop of color, combined with the casual swag of an embroidered-logo cap that demonstrates their trendsetting approach to fashion. The look is accentuated with an oversized jersey short with cargo pocket, marking a perfect blend of streetwear and high-end fashion in the music video.

issue no. #127

Ayra Starr - Rush (Official Music Video)

Epitomizing the edgy, contemporary vibe, Ayra Starr's 'Rush' is a tour-de-force in music video fashion. The electrifying ensemble takes center stage, ranging from the ethereal in a glistening, off-white, V-neck maxi dress to the wildly avant-garde in a white blazer with metallic checks and frayed hem. The prestigious realm of cashmere is not left unexplored, paraded in a pleated sleeve crewneck, a celestial beacon in a sea of black and white. Tailored pieces, like mid-rise suit pants crafted in an arresting blue and skinny jeans in an intriguing taupe, all coated to perfection, serve to augment the palpable, assertive air. The video celebrates the mesmeric allure of black, captured in a gamut of textures, from faux leather bralets and hot pants to lacquered curvy crops and high shine hooded puffers; each piece, a testament to bold, rebellious fashion. Sporty chic elements are artfully intermingled, witnessed in vibrantly hued sports shorts that pay homage to the unrestricted spirit of youth. The footwear scene is dominated by sleek, white slippers, while a multi chain link anklet adds just the right amount of shine. An alpaca blend hat, in a bold shade of brown, juxtaposes the dominantly monochromatic attire. The finale is a nod to the modern obsession with utility, embodied in a white zip front grab bag. 'Rush' is undoubtedly a sartorial spectacle, a symphony of eclectic fashion.

issue no. #89

A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video)

The eclectic ensemble in A$AP Rocky's Praise The Lord (Da Shine) serenades with the bold and the classic. An audacious blend of bright and soothing color palette conjures up an immersive symphony of style. The comfort of a cozy white vintage sweater brings a touch of nostalgia, harmoniously balancing the contemporary edgy look of grey checked trousers. Unexpected highlights narrate through vibrant pops of color in an oversized yellow sweatshirt and a faux fur orange coat, a visual representation of the artist's diverse and effervescent spirit. Then there comes the jerseys, exploring an intriguing dialogue between functionality and high fashion with a two-colored beige top. An idiosyncratic sense of style trails the atmosphere through pieces such as a seatbelt belt with the iconic American flag motif. The narrative transitions to a more sophisticated tone with the introduction of a blue nylon bomber jacket, a timeless tailored wool blend trouser, and a fine knit cardigan with a dapper button fastening. A minimalistic black turtleneck top and a moonless night beanie serve as sophisticated pieces that provide a touching ode to the simpler times. Finally, a slim zipper jacket weaves a thrilling climax, a perfect confluence of warmth and fashion-forward styling.

issue no. #79

Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Official Video)

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles presents an awe-inspiring fusion of fashion narratives, combining elements of timeless classics and contemporary chic. The video unfurls a remarkable blend of aesthetics, from vintage elegance to contemporary edge. Among the ensembles, one can perceive the comfort and allure of a short sleeve knitted cardigan, effortlessly invoking a mood of relaxed sophistication. A hint of 70s charm is splendidly encapsulated by the muted hues of a Plus-sized organza pussybow blouse, its polka dot pattern enchanting the viewer with its soft femininity and delightful nostalgia. The video doesn't hold back on edgier styles either, with Faux Leather split hem pants boldly punctuating scenes with their striking contours, weaving a modern narrative in their sultry lines and slick texture. The daring spirit of the camo dungarees brings with it a urbansque, carefree vibe that appealingly contrasts with the more refined aesthetic of the satin lace cami top. Another standout is the Glory diamante detailed cut-out gladiator sandals, their glinting beauty exuding an air of opulent extravagance. The video is a feast for the lovers of eclectic fashion, it encompasses a range of styles from cropped harem dress pants to an African fashion floral print two-piece ensemble, making it a panorama of cherished fashion anecdotes.

issue no. #59

Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) [Clean]

Immerse yourself in the supa-dupa stylish universe of 'The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) [Clean]', a vibrant spectacle by the inimitable Missy Elliot. Throughout the video, the star emanates an edgy and eclectic aesthetic, bold as a powerful poppy in full bloom. The glitz of an Oscar de la Renta tulle gown dances under the spotlight, while the sharp silhouettes of Balenciaga and Kenzo eyewear add an electrifying touch of contemporary chic. Iris Serban's floral-applique gown is a vision of elegant femininity contrasted by the hard-edge style of a quilted down bomber jacket. The eclectic collage of textures continues with the ribbed-knit fitted skirt and a cozy yellow mini R-neck sweater. A Monica Rich Kosann locket necklace and a crochet flower necklace create a mesmerizing mélange of vintage allure and modern taste. Alexander Wang's low mini skirt, Tommy Jeans high-top trainers, and a hint of glimmer from a metallic-hardware sweater blend in harmoniously for a street-style strut. A vibrancy of colors strike through Burberry's orange sunglasses, Versace's rectangle sunglasses with gold details, and a refreshingly mint-green skier headband. The video culminates in a parade of chunky black frame sunglasses and denim trucker, painting a powerful portrait of Missy Elliot's indomitable persona.

issue no. #19

Asake - Basquiat

Asake's 'Basquiat' is not just a music video, it's a vibrant fashion runway of streetwear and high-end fashion melting into a canvas of lyrical storytelling. The ensemble kicks off with a bold Nike ACG Storm-FIT 'Rope De Dope' Older Kids' Jacket in a standout Blue that screams Urban Chic. This edgy brilliance is mirrored in the Plus Grey Camo Printed Cargo Jumpsuit, a nod to the gritty undercurrents of urban fashion dynamic. Mirroring the chromatic vigor, the Womens Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser in Green, and its male counterpart, the Mens Green Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser, add an unexpected punch of color, proving that fashion rules are meant to be played with. And who can miss the dazzling Miss Selfridge Premium festival embellished sequin mini skirt with faux feather trim co-ord in pink? It's where the high end meets Coachella, an unstoppable force of style statement. The Eiffel Split Front Detail Pointed Toe Block Heel Knee High Long Boot in Black Faux Leather strides in to ground the look while elevating it, a perfect paradox. Sparkling in the mix is the Mini rhinestone chain bag in lilac from MANGO, a jewel-toned delight, adding the right amount of bling. The simplicity of the Ericdress Plain Floor-Length Expansion Fashion Skirt and LW Letter Print Drawstring Sweatpants contrast the high-octane pieces perfectly. If edgy decadence had a face, it’d be the Black Faux Leather Contrast Fur Midi Coat and Black Faux Leather Shoulder Pad Ruched Sleeve Glove Detail Shirt, rounding off this eclectic fashion voyage.

issue no. #7

Wizkid - Money & Love (Official Music Video)

The visual symphony, 'Money & Love' by Wizkid, takes us through an array of sartorial poetry. From the opening scene, a blast of color is apparent with pieces like the Philosophy Women's Dress in multicolour, a lush tapestry of hues mirroring the energetic rhythm of the music. The Ralph Lauren Kids striped knit jumper and Stella McCartney Kids stripe-detail knitted cardigan, add a youthful vibe to the ensemble. Wizkid's artists bring a robust mix of classic and contemporary threads. The Puma Classics long sleeve tee dress in black is a timeless silhouette, the emblem of effortless comfort and cool - a testament to the enduring allure of black. The Womens Puff Sleeve Faux Leather Biker in black juxtaposes the relaxed mood with a distinct edge. Yet, the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden and the Superdry Women's Cord Carpenter Trousers temper the ensemble's intensity, offering a relaxed yet chic aesthetic. In contrast, the ostentatious luxury of the Patek Philippe 2019 unworn Aquanaut 40mm - Brown stands out, an emblem of opulence. Layering is a key style in this visual treat, with pieces like the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden, Margot Cashmere Jumper Ivory Women Boden, and the Polo Ralph Lauren sweter bawełniany 211856727001 damski. The video ends with a whimsical note with the LW Rainbow Striped Tracksuit Set and the Acne Studios Beige Rainbow Vest. Wizkid delivers a glorious interplay of color, texture, and style in 'Money & Love', a testament to the transformative power of music and fashion.