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issue no. #599

Davido - FEEL (Official Video)

A trip into Davido's FEEL uncovers a celebration of individuality and extravagance. The distinctive mix of garments and accessories are reminiscent of a visual feast, parading a mashup of vintage and modern. The audacious charm of the faux fur coat in a tender spruce screams opulence and is delightfully clashed with vivid gem-studded rings, neatly balancing the line between excess and grandiosity. Retro sunglasses imbued with flamboyant temple designs rekindle a passion for the old-school, instilling a punch of charisma into the looks. Eye-catching nail art echoes the spirit of Halloween, giving an adventurous edge to the aesthetics. Richly adorning the hands are an array of Bohemian-inspired rings, adding an element of cultural tessellation. Plunging into the tailored capsule, the Fringe Detailed Suit Pants are hard to ignore. The unique construction flirts with an ephemeral blush setting the stage for sophistication and trend. Meanwhile, splashes of colour from the Blue Eyelash Argyle knitted crop sweater lent an artsy concept to the imagination. A recurring theme of warmth hinges on organic print hoodies and Pink Buckle Grab Bag, invigorating the atmosphere with a touch of casual yet tasteful streetwear. The silk blouse, with its delicate leopard print, passes a whisper of wild exoticism, while the enigmatic charm of the Gold Meta peaks the grand finale with a generously artistic statement. This medley hints at the divergence of style, culture, and attitude, and invites us to push boundaries, all while reminding us that fashion is, above all, a playground.

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issue no. #487

YAWA by Fireboy DML unquestionably makes for an alluring vista of fashion dialogue. Throughout the video, we see a fantasia of distinctive looks, embodying both adventurous, streetwise aesthetics and a brisk exploration of classic elegance. The ensembles imbue the narrative with various shades of sartorial verve, from bodycontoured, two-piece formal wear to the rugged allure found amidst the camouflage tracksuits. The decidedly autumnal palette is striking with rich bordeaux and berry hues setting a backdrop for breath-taking dance sequences. One can't help but notice the clever interplay of the fiery leather trousers and faux leather belted shirt. Hats off to the elegant chapeau which adds a whimsical note to the overall scenario. Sunglasses evolving through the video notably enhance the artistic direction, starting with a softer beige and moving to a bolder white acetate transfer. As far as accessories go, the dainty gold triple necklace and the bold, square polarised sunglasses do more than just complement the attire. They indeed deepen the narrative by offering a characterization of the wearer. The mixture of prints from floral to check gives the video a trans-seasonal feel, making it a continually appealing spectacle. Certainly, the video isn't just a spectacle of music and dance. It is a delicious feast of fashion that explores a dynamic range of style realms.

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issue no. #379

SZA - Shirt

In the musical narrative, Shirt by SZA, a myriad of fashion expressions converge to birth the runway-meets-music sensation. Chic silhouettes are punctuated by a charismatic blend of contemporary and classic. The visual poetry begins with a powerful play between sweet dresses and casual male outfits, presenting a mix of gender-neutral styling. A stand-out square neck dress in khaki is seen, invoking minimalistic charm, while the intriguing allure of Patchwork is not left unexplored. The outerwear choices are punctuated with varsity jackets and elegant A-line dresses, that make for a stellar display of contrasting aesthetics. Accessories draw their power from rectangular contours and vibrant palettes. Yellow oversized sunglasses, a rectangular reporter bag, and the tripper baseball cap create an alluring trifecta of style. The stunning choker and butterfly star necklace twinkle, symbolising a dreamy nocturnal sentiment. A variety of printed pants sets bring a unique rhythm to the fashion journey, adding flamboyance to the mix. Not to be neglected, a pair of high-top trainers is spotted, introducing street style to this eclectic fashion show. The video concludes with the juxtaposition of modernity and vintage - the mesh body detail piece being a bold statement. All in all, a remarkable testament to the transformative power of fashion and the subtle artistry it can introduce to the world of music.

issue no. #331

Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy

Stepping into Deniece Williams' 'Let's Hear It for the Boy' is quite the glamourous jaunt back in time. An homage to playful street chic and a touch of disco era's sensibilities, the video curates a stately extravaganza of fashion. First to captivate are the trainers, alluding to a passion for the active and grounded lifestyle. Their sleek design seamlessly pairs with the regular jumpsuit, a combination one might call an effortless ode to sporty style. Indeed, the jacket exudes understated glamour, its sequin-spangled allure capturing imaginative whimsy. Blending metropolitan chic and bohemian flair, the artist's hat selection is a fascinating spectacle in itself. Black, with an air of the classic cowboy, or whimsically adorned with a faux fur visor, the choices diverge yet eloquently speak the same language. In a charming shift to formal elegance, the mini dress captures the allure of the night, its crystal and bead embellishments paired with a faux feather hem, conjuring images of a midnight soiree. Adding to this, the high waisted dress pants in delicate mauve present an endearing foray into the terrain of sophisticated styling. The casual women's suit, buttoned and full length, along with the super skinny tuxedo jacket serves up a refreshing take on power dressing. The Bohemian vintage ring collection and a floral deer open ring in sterling silver offer a touch of refined, antique glamour. When layered with an off-white v-neck cardigan, the ensemble provides a comforting old-world charm. The rain jacket, striking in yellow, paired with a heaven button-through skirt, evokes the joy of spring mornings, while the elastic profile boots keep the look grounded yet chic. Finally, the wrap dress with an abstract print marks a whimsical finish to the fashion narrative, evoking the natural vibrancy of life itself.

issue no. #241

Ice Spice - Deli

The palette of Ice Spice's 'Deli' is an eclectic mix of vibrant colors and neutral tones, establishing a distinct aesthetic that catapults the viewer into a surreal, yet intrinsically chic fashion vision. The video showcases a collection of outfits that straddle the divide between contemporary and vintage styles. Ranging from provocative neon lime numbers that call back to the audacity of the 80s, to the retro-infused charm of rust-toned puffer jackets, the range of styles present is truly arresting. Offering an insight into the future of urban couture, the high streets' beloved trainers are reinvented with a knitted upper, bringing softness to the strength of street style. Underpinning the boldness of the primary outfits are subtler pieces, such as linen skirts and unassuming staples like heather grey tops that exude an effortless appeal. The penchant for tasteful exuberance is clear; the tie-dye ribbed shorts and leopard print shirts are evidence of this love for fearless, spirited expression. The video also features pieces that reignite the love for timeless elegance, as demonstrated by the appearance of fuchsia quilted bags and finished edge scarfs. Amid this kaleidoscope of styles, the balance between the casual and the sophisticated is not lost. From the beach bag to the black-tie suitable weste, the 'Deli' music video presents a broad, representative spectrum of fashion.

issue no. #229

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black non title

In the atmospheric realm of 'Back To Black', Amy Winehouse invites us to a world where classic meets modern style. The video takes us through a fashion journey that calls back to the golden 50s while still maintaining a contemporary edge. It is a tantalizing mix of assertively tailored menswear with a hint of a soft, feminine touch of satin and blazers. A subtle nod towards androgynous chic, it courageously pushes boundaries of conventional style norms. Punctuated by prominent bold black tones and varying textures, the wardrobe speaks volumes about the power of understated elegance. The artful play of laid-back hoodies combined with an opulent silken dress, a faux fur gilet, and cutting-edge slim fit suits create a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury. The accessories are no less - a mirrored marble print cape and a fedora hat lending an air of enigma. The shimmering silver of a crystal knot necklace dancing off against the black, the studded shoes gleaming in the dark, add a twinkling touch to the overall ensemble. Not to forget the contrast of the white sweatshirt, popping vividly against the monochrome background. The video is also peppered with playful elements like oversized nylon totes and zip detail joggers. This blend of vintage and current trends make 'Back To Black' a stunning fashion showcase, subtly yet powerfully commanding attention.

issue no. #197

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Official Video)

Lavishing an omnibus of trends, the 'Sign of the Times' by Harry Styles is nothing short of a fashion spectacle. Parading a smart fusion of modern and vintage inspirations, Styles sashays through the video in an array of outfits that gives a nod to both sophisticated elegance and playful casualness. The sporty accents and suit trousers imbue the ensemble with a masculine edge, while the feminine charm is unabashedly celebrated with bodycon dresses, lace up details, and dazzling diamante accents. The cobalt-hued hoodie gives the array a pop of color while the double-breasted sport coat lends a stately appeal, reminiscent of the classic '70s fashion. The leggings and skirt ensembles underscore a sense of relaxed, easy-going fashion that is not afraid to veer towards bolder choices, matched by tops and outerwear in varied lengths and textures. The faux fur coat offers a luxe touch, while the fleece hoodie and teddy jacket offer a comforting yet chic finish. The video culminates in a grand note of a wool coat, bringing a quintessentially Parisian aesthetic to the forefront. From bold logos imprinted on bucket hats to subtle letter prints, each detail seems to harmonize into a symphony of sartorial statements that tell a unique story each time you lay your eyes on them.

issue no. #193

BANKS - BANKS - Gemini Feed

BANKS' Gemini Feed music video is a mesmerising exhibition of visual and style artistry. Through the lens of fashion, BANKS narrates a tale as old as time, yet uniquely her own. The video begins with the artist in a playful yet edgy ensemble, an adorable homage to childhood innocence with a Sanrio mascot hair tie, contrasted with a utilitarian crossbody bag, hinting at the complexity of adult life. She soon transitions to a sophisticated yet daring D&G black stretch dress that pays tribute to the strength and resilience of feminine beauty. The scene featuring a rich emerald green lingerie set is provocative yet empowering, symbolising the bold, unapologetic spirit of contemporary women. Her outfits, ranging from Mango Kids' bluza to ASOS's bardot pencil dress with sash, reflect the dynamism of the female experience. The lace contrast cut-out Brazilian in pink and the captivating stirrup stretch leggings by Paco Rabanne, add a note of whimsy and boldness. The grand finale presents the artist in an exquisite off-the-shoulder velvet gown with a layered ruffle mesh skirt by Mac Duggal, a perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern flair. The video is an open invitation to take a walk in BANKS’ wardrobe, a mix of colourful variety that is distinctively her.

issue no. #157

Solange - Cranes in the Sky (Video)

Almost ethereal in her reverence for fashion, Solange elevates the visual storytelling in 'Cranes in the Sky' through a delightful symphony of hues and silhouettes - a true feast for the eyes. Her wardrobe ranges from soft pink tones, reminiscent of vintage roses, to vibrant lime-green jumpsuits, epitomizing the boldness of the modern era. The narrative is punctuated with asymmetric frills and wide-legged form factors that seem to dance with the rhythm of the music. Elegant satin dresses glide across the screen, while casual lounge sets introduce unexpected comfort to the mix. Hoodies and sweatpants flirt with the grunge aesthetic, grounding the dreamy palette in reality. The ensemble is not short on maternity and petite outfits either, a testament to the inclusivity of contemporary fashion. Dressing also subtly in blues, whites, and lavenders, she oscillates between seasons without losing her sense of style. In the end, it's not solely about the fashion, but how it complements the artist and her music as well. Quite fashionably, Solange leaves her unique mark on an industry that craves fresh perspectives.

issue no. #137

The Isley Brothers - Contagious - Video Edit [Clean]

Through a kinetic melody and gripping narrative, 'Contagious' by The Isley Brothers serves as a backdrop to a bold array of fashion statements. The video paints a narrative that's as dynamic as the ensembles adorned by the characters. Infused with a surprising flair of modernity are vintage silhouettes, unfolding into a visual fashion dialogue. Starting with oversized knits in earthy tones, flowing into washed denims and pinstripe blazers, it's clear that relaxed elegance is the key theme here. A standout piece is a slinky square neck piece in punchy orange, encapsulating the drama and electrifying rhythm of the video. With other ensembles threading a balance between vibrant prints and muted tones, there’s a respectful nod to classic cuts, while flirtations with bold tropical prints keep the dynamics fresh and youthful. The accessories too, play a crucial role in the overall fashion narrative. Sunglasses with a classic round polarised frame add an air of intrigue, while geometric beading on bracelets and multi-layered star pendant necklaces lend an edge of bohemia. To top it all off, each character sports brimmed hats and wool beanies, tying in the overarching theme of casual vintage blended with urban contemporary. Lastly, the video doesn't shy away from integrating patterns and textures, demonstrated by the floral jacquard blazer and leopard trainers, painting a vivid image of eclectic fashion narratives blending in perfect rhythm to the music.

issue no. #89

A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video)

The eclectic ensemble in A$AP Rocky's Praise The Lord (Da Shine) serenades with the bold and the classic. An audacious blend of bright and soothing color palette conjures up an immersive symphony of style. The comfort of a cozy white vintage sweater brings a touch of nostalgia, harmoniously balancing the contemporary edgy look of grey checked trousers. Unexpected highlights narrate through vibrant pops of color in an oversized yellow sweatshirt and a faux fur orange coat, a visual representation of the artist's diverse and effervescent spirit. Then there comes the jerseys, exploring an intriguing dialogue between functionality and high fashion with a two-colored beige top. An idiosyncratic sense of style trails the atmosphere through pieces such as a seatbelt belt with the iconic American flag motif. The narrative transitions to a more sophisticated tone with the introduction of a blue nylon bomber jacket, a timeless tailored wool blend trouser, and a fine knit cardigan with a dapper button fastening. A minimalistic black turtleneck top and a moonless night beanie serve as sophisticated pieces that provide a touching ode to the simpler times. Finally, a slim zipper jacket weaves a thrilling climax, a perfect confluence of warmth and fashion-forward styling.

issue no. #83

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Miley Cyrus blossoms into her own in 'Flowers', fashionably embodying the idiom, 'every flower must grow through dirt.' The video is an exquisite dance of contrasts and juxtapositions, with the central theme of transformation and rebirth woven masterfully throughout. The explorative attire encapsulates stars shooting across the universe, seen in the reflection of highly refined leather pieces. It's a nod towards the celestial, matched with the earthly bound elegance of a fishtail gown, its illusionary print reminiscent of flora under moonlight. The contrast extends further with the minimalist starkness of a zip card holder, an understatement against the backdrop of the resplendent and dreamy atmosphere of the video. The striking white sunglasses add a vintage touch, reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the yesteryears. The video also takes a bold turn towards the provocative, with high waist g-strings and mesh detail lingerie, pushing the boundaries of one's comfort zone. Surprisingly, it’s balanced with the delicate grace of lacy Calvin Klein panties and understated elegance of Zara knickers. The video indulges in an array of outerwear - from the permeable comfort of a perforated back knit cardigan, the dignified allure of a black blazer, to the sensual drapes of an off-white knitted cardigan. The video concludes with an unexpected, yet utterly delightful spectacle - a pastel green linen jacket, an oversized statement piece that encapsulates the video's overarching theme of growth, rebirth, and transformation.

issue no. #79

Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Official Video)

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles presents an awe-inspiring fusion of fashion narratives, combining elements of timeless classics and contemporary chic. The video unfurls a remarkable blend of aesthetics, from vintage elegance to contemporary edge. Among the ensembles, one can perceive the comfort and allure of a short sleeve knitted cardigan, effortlessly invoking a mood of relaxed sophistication. A hint of 70s charm is splendidly encapsulated by the muted hues of a Plus-sized organza pussybow blouse, its polka dot pattern enchanting the viewer with its soft femininity and delightful nostalgia. The video doesn't hold back on edgier styles either, with Faux Leather split hem pants boldly punctuating scenes with their striking contours, weaving a modern narrative in their sultry lines and slick texture. The daring spirit of the camo dungarees brings with it a urbansque, carefree vibe that appealingly contrasts with the more refined aesthetic of the satin lace cami top. Another standout is the Glory diamante detailed cut-out gladiator sandals, their glinting beauty exuding an air of opulent extravagance. The video is a feast for the lovers of eclectic fashion, it encompasses a range of styles from cropped harem dress pants to an African fashion floral print two-piece ensemble, making it a panorama of cherished fashion anecdotes.

issue no. #73

Migos - Walk It Talk It

This dissection of the Migos 'Walk It Talk It' music video reveals a stunning fashion display. The video is a visual playground of vintage and contemporary elements, merging effortlessly to create a theatrical spectacle of current vogue. We see a stellar representation of chic nightlife wear, starting with a petite angel sleeve metallic maxi dress in pristine white, an outfit that screams high-brow elegance. Accessorized with vintage rings adorned with bees, lotuses, and sunflowers, the ensembles are boldly eye-catching. There is a green printed crop top with ring detail, paired with bellbottoms in a plain yet striking style reminiscent of decades past. Also, note the leopard pointed flats, a staple in any rebellious wardrobe. This is followed by an unexpected twist; checkered wide-leg jeans that challenge conventional streetwear. The peach luxe gym leggings also make an impact, bringing sporty appeal to counterbalance the formalities of a structured gilet and a high-waisted suit tuxedo jacket. The Sophia sunglasses provide a dash of Hollywood glamour, while a lace-trim camisole and satin wrap blouse add layers of feminine allure. The black mesh cut-out detail body and deep back ribbed top are noteworthy for their daring flair. The artists don't shy away from colors either, strutting in a red suit with a mesh trouser co-ord. The video concludes with an array of casual attire, from striped loose shirts to tie-dye pieces, culminating in a grand showcase of high-fashion streetwear, formal elegance, and casual comfort.