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issue no. #601

SPINALL - Loju (Official Music Video)

As SPINALL unveils 'Loju', the landscape of fashion and music intertwine in a bold display of style and ingenuity. A story unfolds through a kaleidoscope of mesmerising hues and nuanced silhouettes. The spectrum of roseate takes center stage as exemplified in a dipped hem crop top and a grandiose silk shirt, adding a sprinkle of youthful dynamism. Black, the eternal companion of pink, adds an element of rebellious elegance in a cropped corset. There is an air of flirtatious charm in woven chain shoulder bag and satin drop shoulder pants set. The flair of the high waist plaid dress intersects with practicality in the lake swim shorts. Their vibrant green counterparts presented through a slim piped suit and Verona tank dress, stand as peculiar attention seekers. A nod to retro styling is made with a leopard print bucket hat, offering a charming contrast. As routes deviate, casual cool is maintained through cotton lined jeans and lettered sweatpants. Then again, there's an exception to everything: the romanticism of the sunflower heart necklace, speaking many languages, albeit silently. 'Loju' amalgamates these pieces to craft its own nomenclature of style.

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issue no. #541

With a playful yet poignant amalgamation of colour and texture, the video for 'Ngozi' by Crayon & Ayra Starr offers a fashion feast for the eyes. The video is a vibrant carnival of emotion, imbued with a sense of both celebration and longing, each outfit reflecting the nuanced layers of melody. A curious blend of contemporary chic and cultural heritage shapes the narrative, seen in pieces ranging from a sophisticated midi skirt with graphic-print plissé, to a strapping mermaid-styled dress - an ode to the charm of the mother of the bride. Each scene is also adorned with enticing accessories like a power wrap bracelet, layered necklaces, quirky anklets, and elements that play with the spectrum of colours, right from the emerald greens to the fleeting chroma of multi-textured apparel. The outfits ache with a pageantry of green accentuated with floral prints and metallic sparkle. The extravagance is balanced by casual elements like the graphic tees and the muted tones of the button-up shirts and anklets. The narrative also boasts of premium satin blouses and waxed, high-rise skinny jeans that reveal the hidden notes of elegance in everyday street style. The individualistic sense of fashion never gets lost among the collective aesthetic. 'Ngozi' manages to capture the magic and the art of the mundane, blending high fashion with the everyday, resulting in an irresistible mosaic of style.

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issue no. #373

Smino feat. NOS - I Deserve (Official Video)

In Smino and NOS's 'I Deserve', fashion takes centre stage, with streetwear meeting luxury in a harmonious celebration of personal expression. The urban surroundings offer an exhilarating backdrop for the sartorial parade, where notes of vibrancy and individuality resonate throughout. Signature pieces like pocketed swim shorts and statement sweatshirts feature prominently, embracing a casual, yet sophisticated flair. We see contrasting colour palettes, from earthy browns and olive-greens to electrifying blues and oranges, carefully interspersed to create a visual feast. The omnipresent sense of comfort is undeniable, seen in the loose-fit trousers and relaxed-fit knit sweaters. Yet, there is a daring twist, spotlighted in the edgy lettering on baseball jackets and faux leather trousers, echoing elements of rebellious spirit. A bejewelled necklace and a beanie cap, placed seemingly nonchalantly, hint at a marriage of elegance and functionality. The crossbody and chest bags make a striking impression, reflecting a practicality that's equally fashionable. The ladies are adorned in ruched mini dresses alongside utility pocket shackets, claiming their power with style and assertion. The menswear gravitates towards skinny jeans and reflective chest bags, a nod to the ever-present influence of street culture. Lastly, the unexpected entrance of tweed shorts and a plaid playsuit invites a playful twist, underscoring the video's inherent embrace of eclectic style.

issue no. #317

The Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie (Official Video)

Exuding a vibrant, retro flair, 'Blame It On the Boogie' by The Jacksons surges through the visual palette of the 70s and 80s. The draping flow of the Halter Hollow Mini Dress in the white, the audacious mien of the Black Reflective Utility Vest & Short, and the refreshing charm of the Tie Dye Official Embroidered Joggers create a medley that's hard to ignore. The Landyard Bag in orange is like a splash of exuberance amidst the riot of hues. The Faux Fur Cuff Cloche from Nine West adds an air of elegant nonchalance to the mix. The fine-stitched Golden Buckle Dress astutely demonstrates the charm of understated glamour. From pocket cargo jeans to straight-leg split jeans, the bottom wear tells a story of style evolution. Rib tops with lettuce hem in neutral hues offer a note of simplicity, beautifully contrasted by the bold statement of the chocolate Soft Faux Fur Headband. The Blouse in white is like a blank canvas allowing for a variety of style interpretations. The slinky Cycling Shorts conjure the athletic aesthetic of the 80s. The Zip Mini Dress in brown and the satin tailored double breast blazer in ivory evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Landlord Black Faux-Fur Beanie pays a distinct homage to the era of opulence. A wide scarf in mono tone, oversized quilted tote bag, high waisted flared jeans, and a graphic cotton T-shirt with short sleeves, they all tie the aesthetics from different periods together. The Rhinestone Ring Set and Snap Button Raw Cut Henley Tank Top are delightful cherries atop this grand cake of fashion

issue no. #311

Little Simz - Gorilla

In Gorilla, Little Simz offers an exclusive view into a charming cocktail of style principles. The music video is a lush exhibition of varying fashion aesthetics, each more compelling than the last. One can't help but reminisce the beauty of African folklore tales and the vivid patterns that adorn their clothing. The video artfully pairs it with a plush robe, the union of comfort and style undoubtedly a timeless duo. Elements of elegance sneak in with the grace of a headband, a simplistic yet impactful accessory. The retro tracksuit is a nod to the iconic street style, giving an edge that counterbalances the whimsical charm of layered turquoise necklaces. The iconic Burberry monogram clutch further enhances this fusion of aesthetics. The spotlight, however, is on the Bardot Jumpsuit, its mesh ruched texture telling a tale of femininity draped in strength. The dark floral wrap skirt speaks volumes about embracing one's natural elegance, while the cut-out denim and the classic high waist skinny jeans remind us of the evergreen love for classic pieces. Long curly extensions, a velvet logo badge newsboy cap, a petite piqué backpack, and a nail bead baby blue coat remind us of the multi-faceted nature of fashion that Little Simz so effortlessly embodies. The video ends on a high note with the court hall wedding dress. Its lace v-neck details scream regality and the orange cotton knitwear adds an unexpectedly riveting pop of colour, leaving us all in awe of this eclectic, inspiring fashion journey.

issue no. #307

Blaqbonez - Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey)

In Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey) by Blaqbonez, the artist takes us on a sartorially charged adventure. The video ingeniously weaves a narrative that plays out on the foreground of a fashion tableau. It's an exhibition of eclectic styles - a melting pot of high-brow fashion and street style aesthetics. Captivating accessories add a certain charm, hinting at defiant boldness with a dash of gothic mystery. Here you see an enchanting blend of laidback street style with a touch of the supernatural, beckoning you into a world of curious charm. The video plays with texture too, exploring borg beanies, velvet badges, and satin dresses. An edgy green nod to Mother Nature is seen with whisperings of camouflage print sprinkled in between. The stage isn't devoid of sparkle with jewelry making its presence felt. Turquoise and emerald earrings drop into the scene, creating a splash, while geometric rhinestone rings add a touch of sophistication. The colour spectrum darts ahead with reds, blues, and neutrals punctuating the ambience. There's something for everyone - whether you are drawn to the allure of a mini dress or the edginess of a newsboy cap. Tasseled Jewelry cases and hollow out earrings lend the ensemble an element of surprise. From the elegance of half-sleeved dresses and the blithe spirit of basic casual shirts and shorts to the allure of satin and lace, the video transforms fashion into a mesmerising visual allegory.

issue no. #251

Jung Kook - Seven

Immerse yourself in the melodic spectacle of 'Seven', where Jung Kook uses fashion to express his diverse personality. Notice the casuality of a knitted cardigan, flirting playfully with off-white innocence and the rawness of ribbed tops echoing the fervor of the beat. One cannot overlook the rebellious allure of the side panel leather leggings, pushing boundaries while the graphic T-shirt dress adds a punch of audacious color. The nod to the dark with the black Halloween themed T-shirt juxtaposes beautifully with the unexpected pop of teal in the wide-leg cargo trousers. Rooted in tradition yet ostentatiously modern, the blue velvet suit demonstrates the power of sartorial choices. Cargo pants with intricate zip detailing further enhance the edgy appeal of the video. The understated black cap grounds the extravagance, leading us smoothly to the suave skinny black pinstripe suit jacket. The trucker jacket with belt silently screams of unapologetic individuality. As the video plays, take a minute to absorb the inviting allure of the burgundy tartan check jacket, an intervention of classic masculinity. A splendid puffer coat is added to the mix making a bold fashion statement against the backdrop of the cold. The pleated bib cotton shirt presents an evolution of elegance before the straight long overcoat commands respect. Last but definitely not the least, a paneled leather jacket in black & white steals the show, making a resounding statement, mirrored by the strong vocal performance. All this, while a simple slogan crew-neck sweatshirt reminds us of a sense of unity and togetherness.

issue no. #239

Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video)

In the compelling visual narrative of Upgrade U by Beyoncé, a fashion tableau of avant-garde trends and classic allure unravels. The grand opening sets the pace with Porsche-esque sunglasses that lend a commanding poise. This is quickly followed by the charm of strapless rompers, smartly juxtaposed with the sleek sophistication of a short bob cut wig. The magic lies in subtleties, as seen with the allure of the long-wearing mascara that magnifies the eyes, channeling pure glamour. The grid print faux two-piece sheath midi dress signifies a transition, merging street style and elegance effortlessly. Halloween-inspired face gems and tiger print shoulder pads add an unexpected edge while mom jeans ground the look. High leg hipster bikini bottoms playfully mingle with summer vibes, setting a refreshing contrast. Suspender casual dresses and graphic t-shirt dresses shine a light on individualistic style narratives, while oversized knitted sweatshirts cozy up the storyline. The Cazal sunglasses and the double-bridge pilot frames add a layer of enigma, leading us into a world of faux fur coats that exude a grandeur that's unmissable. The finale is a crescendo of flawless style with oversized gradient sunglasses encapsulating the style journey in one final, unforgettable moment.

issue no. #223

Kizz Daniel - Shu-Peru (Official Video)

In the exhilarating world of 'Shu-Peru', Kizz Daniel makes a stirring statement. From the boldness of navy leggings, the warmth of dusty pink hoodies, to eye-catching faux-leather trousers, the video is a vibrant exploration of versatile styling. Again, the tracksuits color-coordinate in fiery red or mesmerizing multicolor, setting the rhythm of Kizz Daniel's melodic storytelling. There's ample experimentation as well, as evidenced by the chic blend of gold chunky belts and graphic print crop tops. The spectrum broadens with soft rib knit slouchy cardigans and artfully ripped jeans, underscoring a daring but tasteful defiance of normative fashion. Layered atop these are striking accents, like the fearless ring set and the bias binding trim knit sweater, that give an edgy outlook. Meanwhile, the satin dresses, feather trim or frill hem, indulge in a luxurious escapade. The beauty of diversity is highlighted in the satin jacquard cupped frill hem dress in romantic red and the SOFIA WRAP MINI DRESS by MANÉ lending elegance to the edgy. And, finally, a nod to Forte Forte frin, the undisputed finale of Kizz Daniel's fashion symphony, wraps the video in a beautiful bow of style and sophistication.

issue no. #173

Adekunle Gold - Ogaranya

A whirlwind of color and style, 'Ogaranya' by Adekunle Gold bursts onto the scene not only with high-energy beats, but also with a distinct visual flair. Every frame is rife with the fashion echo of an eclectic style. The leading lady dons a Gradient Geometric Camisole that draws the eyes with its light blue hue, reminding one of the sky on a perfect summer day. The geometric patterns add depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a strong statement. Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold appears in a variety of ensembles that merge traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. An exceptional vision in white steals the limelight, the deep V-neck gown by Christian Siriano. The gown's simplicity contrasts with the complex rhythms of the music yet complements the ambiance of the narrative. White, pure and profound, it brings a certain elegance to the ensemble. This music video serves as a fashion palette, from casual to high-end, each piece contributing to a harmonious symphony of style.

issue no. #163

Harry Styles - Daylight

In the stunning music video 'Daylight' by Harry Styles, the allure of fashion takes center stage. Viewers are treated to an array of exciting looks that push the boundaries of style and self-expression. We journey through everything from the smart sophistication of black and white tailored pieces to the radiant allure of satin mini dresses that pop in vibrant hues. The conscious blend of various textures - the gleam of sequins, the regality of satin, the comfort of wool - creates a rich feast for the eyes while the color palette dances with a range of emotions. Shades of serene greens to audacious reds and sultry blacks contribute to the uniquely captivating wardrobe. The ensembles challenge conventional rules, presenting oversized pieces that exude a relaxed elegance and fitted garments that celebrate the body's form. Unique embellishments such as bows, feathers, and faux shearling add intricate details that enhance the overall aesthetic. The culmination of these styles create an ambiance of moody elegance, cool confidence, and charismatic charm which reverberates with the soulful melodies of the song. As Daylight unfolds, fashion isn’t just an accessory in the video, it’s a key character that tells a part of the story, sparking inspiration and a deep appreciation for artistic expressions in clothing.

issue no. #73

Migos - Walk It Talk It

This dissection of the Migos 'Walk It Talk It' music video reveals a stunning fashion display. The video is a visual playground of vintage and contemporary elements, merging effortlessly to create a theatrical spectacle of current vogue. We see a stellar representation of chic nightlife wear, starting with a petite angel sleeve metallic maxi dress in pristine white, an outfit that screams high-brow elegance. Accessorized with vintage rings adorned with bees, lotuses, and sunflowers, the ensembles are boldly eye-catching. There is a green printed crop top with ring detail, paired with bellbottoms in a plain yet striking style reminiscent of decades past. Also, note the leopard pointed flats, a staple in any rebellious wardrobe. This is followed by an unexpected twist; checkered wide-leg jeans that challenge conventional streetwear. The peach luxe gym leggings also make an impact, bringing sporty appeal to counterbalance the formalities of a structured gilet and a high-waisted suit tuxedo jacket. The Sophia sunglasses provide a dash of Hollywood glamour, while a lace-trim camisole and satin wrap blouse add layers of feminine allure. The black mesh cut-out detail body and deep back ribbed top are noteworthy for their daring flair. The artists don't shy away from colors either, strutting in a red suit with a mesh trouser co-ord. The video concludes with an array of casual attire, from striped loose shirts to tie-dye pieces, culminating in a grand showcase of high-fashion streetwear, formal elegance, and casual comfort.