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issue no. #557

Lojay - MOTO

In MOTO by Lojay, there's a vibrant display of versatile styles that feels like a whirlwind tour of plush aesthetics. Each frame is a testament to risqué yet sophisticated fashion choices, perfectly embodying the up-and-coming voice of this artist. Starting with a hint of street flair, through the presence of a high waist skirt with playful tassels, we are immediately drawn into a blend of casual and chic. Dashes of 90s nostalgia feature quite prominently, as seen in certain light blue lensed sunnies, leaning towards the trend of bringing back forgotten years. Accompanying this is an array of denim pieces, oversized and tailored, with unique acid washes and loose fits that speak to the modern youth's penchant for retro revival and comfortable fashion. The artist does not shy away from bolder statements, either. Wool mix western jackets in refreshing icy tones and bucket hats adorned with print patterns bring a mix of edge and ebullient charm onto the scene. Amidst the more outgoing pieces, there's a charming display of shirts for every fashion taste. From luxe linen shirts in soothing hues to formal yet trendy offerings—the kind you'd want to wear to a sophisticated soiree. For the finale, we are graced with unique pieces, like a romper with lively striped patterns and a black maxi dress that struts a faux two-in-one design. A display of artistic ingenuity, this video graces the viewer with an eclectic mix of boldness and subtlety that is truly inspiring.

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issue no. #541

With a playful yet poignant amalgamation of colour and texture, the video for 'Ngozi' by Crayon & Ayra Starr offers a fashion feast for the eyes. The video is a vibrant carnival of emotion, imbued with a sense of both celebration and longing, each outfit reflecting the nuanced layers of melody. A curious blend of contemporary chic and cultural heritage shapes the narrative, seen in pieces ranging from a sophisticated midi skirt with graphic-print plissé, to a strapping mermaid-styled dress - an ode to the charm of the mother of the bride. Each scene is also adorned with enticing accessories like a power wrap bracelet, layered necklaces, quirky anklets, and elements that play with the spectrum of colours, right from the emerald greens to the fleeting chroma of multi-textured apparel. The outfits ache with a pageantry of green accentuated with floral prints and metallic sparkle. The extravagance is balanced by casual elements like the graphic tees and the muted tones of the button-up shirts and anklets. The narrative also boasts of premium satin blouses and waxed, high-rise skinny jeans that reveal the hidden notes of elegance in everyday street style. The individualistic sense of fashion never gets lost among the collective aesthetic. 'Ngozi' manages to capture the magic and the art of the mundane, blending high fashion with the everyday, resulting in an irresistible mosaic of style.

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issue no. #523

Rema - Trouble Maker

In 'Trouble Maker' by Rema, we celebrate a sartorial narrative that is nothing short of vibrant, daring, and impeccably stylish. The fusion of street-style aesthetics with high-fashion sensibilities sets a dynamic stage for this visually captivating performance. Bodies are adorned in striking hues, playing with the contrast of vibrant reds against neutral tones to accentuate the empowering energy of the piece. Tracksuits boast unpredictable camo print designs and kangaroo pockets, exuding a utilitarian appeal that could easily roam the urban jungle. Our eyes are led to details – stitching work reminiscent of classic denim jackets, tastefully reimagined in a daring red. The Western-influenced Harrington tracksuits with tape detailing grace the scene with a hint of untamed spirit. We find the artist breaking sartorial boundaries in straight suit trousers that challenge the traditional colors of power. Tying the individual pieces together are nuanced additions of faux-fur gilets – an ode to luxury in a sea of streetwear. The personal touch of a wirework hair clip adds a dash of femininity to an otherwise androgynous, avant-garde presentation. The performers are seen modelling PU plisse trousers that add texture and an element of raw, unrefined elegance. Completing the sartorial symphony is a cream coloured revere shirt, adding a quaint charm to the mix. This kaleidoscope of fashion seen in 'Trouble Maker' begins to blur the lines between music, performance, and the spectacle of high fashion.

issue no. #457

DaBaby - Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby, Lute (Official Music Video)

As the visual symphony of Dreamville's 'Under the Sun' unfolds, we dive into a whirlpool of eclectic fashion choices that encapsulate a neighbourhood's style. The narrative begins with opulent velvet making a case for a modern, urban revival in fashion as we witness a lace-trim bodysuit in the hues of rich wine. A spicy touch of red from LaBellaMafia is evident, portraying fiery passion that intertwines beautifully with comfort, courtesy of cotton sweatpants with minimalistic logo details. Faux fur sways in the fringes around creamy hooded oversized coats, bringing a sense of sophistication to an otherwise rugged backdrop. Perhaps, the highlight of the visual spectacle stems from the black oversized tracksuits with a hint of 'reptilian daring' in the design aesthetics. Chest bags and caps with a monochrome palette of black act as a canvas for the star of the show - the vivid, fuchsia flap leather bag, exuding a confident femininity amongst the bustle. A refreshing colour palette of beige, and the interplay of oatmeal and burgundy, come alive through winter essentials like rib beanies and merino wool headwear. Camo print kangaroo pocket tracksuits and drop crotch mesh basketball shorts echo the street style, while a customised red NBA jersey with a padlock adds an element of distinguished personal style. Denims, color block coats, pencil pant sets, silk tops and wide-leg knitted sets manifest an urban couture, blended with the creative zeal of oversized pants with letter prints and figure print t-shirts. Among the motifs played around with, the utility style buckle straps on cargo trousers stand out, traversing the norms of functional fashion.

issue no. #389

In the magnetic landscape of Spillage Village's Baptize, the ensemble of fashion choices speaks volumes. From the simplicity of pull-on shorts in earthy tones to the unexpected sophistication of baggy jeans, the style continuity in the video is delightful. The drama of navy wide-leg trousers, button-split for added interest, works perfectly alongside the candid charm of a golfer's compendium wallet. A particular standout, the white blouse with an intriguing gathered neckline, is partnered effortlessly with chic loose-fit cargo pants. The monochrome drama continues with the oversized shirt dress complimenting the stark puff sleeve design. A fur felt hat asserts a brazen twist whilst the ridge reaper garments provide a striking contrast. Subtle touches of animal print chiffon and thorn-print silk create delightful texture variation and adventurous allure. Intricately layered snake design bracelets and a charismatic armreif add a touch of whimsical luxury. The high cut bikini bottoms introduce a risqué undertone, while the scuba-crepe A-line dress teases a youthful vibrancy. Camo print shirts playfully disrupt the calm, intertwined with colour block tee and short sets. To finish the ensemble, the statement black paisley bandana and metallic C culminate in an exciting blend of street style sophistication.

issue no. #383

Isaiah Rashad - 4r Da Squaw

Isaiah Rashad's '4r Da Squaw' is an eloquent blend of sporty silhouettes and contemporary attire. The men's sportswear style echoes a casual yet streamlined aesthetic, predominantly seen in well-fit joggers and structured t-shirts, capturing the essence of the urban chic. The style then transitions into an edgier note where jazzy prints take centre stage, captured gloriously in the SIXTHREESEVEN 2pac All Eyez On Me T-shirt. The street style vibe is further enhanced with an admirable selection of heavyweight t-shirts and double-breasted blazers, exhibiting a keen sense of fashion-forward masculinity, underscored by intriguing embroidery. The feminine style follows a delicate path of finesse, with high neck long sleeve tops and intricate broderie anglaise blouses offering a sense of classic elegance, while the Ericdress lace court wedding dress reigns supreme with its ethereal elegance. The accessories are a nod to laid back styling with logo caps, and the boldly chic waist bag. All in all, '4r Da Squaw' provides a visual treat for fashion lovers with its fusion of sporty, edgy, and classic elements, all captured within a thrilling music narrative.

issue no. #379

SZA - Shirt

In the musical narrative, Shirt by SZA, a myriad of fashion expressions converge to birth the runway-meets-music sensation. Chic silhouettes are punctuated by a charismatic blend of contemporary and classic. The visual poetry begins with a powerful play between sweet dresses and casual male outfits, presenting a mix of gender-neutral styling. A stand-out square neck dress in khaki is seen, invoking minimalistic charm, while the intriguing allure of Patchwork is not left unexplored. The outerwear choices are punctuated with varsity jackets and elegant A-line dresses, that make for a stellar display of contrasting aesthetics. Accessories draw their power from rectangular contours and vibrant palettes. Yellow oversized sunglasses, a rectangular reporter bag, and the tripper baseball cap create an alluring trifecta of style. The stunning choker and butterfly star necklace twinkle, symbolising a dreamy nocturnal sentiment. A variety of printed pants sets bring a unique rhythm to the fashion journey, adding flamboyance to the mix. Not to be neglected, a pair of high-top trainers is spotted, introducing street style to this eclectic fashion show. The video concludes with the juxtaposition of modernity and vintage - the mesh body detail piece being a bold statement. All in all, a remarkable testament to the transformative power of fashion and the subtle artistry it can introduce to the world of music.

issue no. #359

Subtle chic meets cosmopolitan charm on the enchanting sound stage of Kizz Daniel's 'Yeba'. Its fashion narrative offers a unique fusion of the prolific street style and glamorous high fashion avenue with a distinct African vibe. There's an artful assembly of utilitarian pieces, embellished denim jackets, and beautifully adorned sunglasses, all rounded up under the broad umbrella of casual elegance, which resounds the underlying notes of this musical spectacle. Think sun-drenched hues dancing in tandem with cool, striped shirts, effortlessly painting a picture of a relaxed, aesthetic summer day. Amidst this fashion symphony, a whispering waft of off-shoulder dresses and asymmetric tunic tops bolster the video's visual appeal, playing with silhouettes, and injecting an air of insouciant elegance. Eyewear salutes the charm of quirkiness, with round and oval sunglasses adding a layer of visual intrigue and the right touch of mysterious allure. The animal print collared blouse roars with raw, untamed beauty intermixed with sophistication. The contrasting palette of orange bodycon dress and a blue children's scarf makes a striking appearance, capturing the spirit of vivacity. From checkered shorts paired with polka dot shirts to the casually slung turquoise bead necklace, the diverse assembly of patterns and textures, colours and layers, hints at an eclectic mix of fashion statements narrating a tale as varied and arresting as the music itself.

issue no. #337

Burna Boy - Big 7

The music video Big 7 by Burna Boy creates a symphony of style, a crescendo of colour and bold prints, an eye-catching composition that captures the spirit of modern fashion. It presents a parade of outfits that create an intriguing narrative of style, each piece meticulously chosen to resonate with the bold and confident beats of the song. The narrative flows effortlessly, from stark white t-shirts that mirror the raw honesty of the lyrics, to the splash of vibrant floral prints that echo the energy of the rhythm. This video showcases the blend of street style and high fashion, with jeans ripped at the knee juxtaposing elegantly with the soft touch of lace frills. A dash of sporty appeal is added with patchwork colour block outfits, echoing the dynamic vibe of the music. The outfits come alive with accessories, from faux leather boots that command attention, to chic berets and baseball caps that add a touch of understated cool. The eye-catching statement pieces like the rhinestone-embellished hair pin complete the look, adding that final touch of glamour. The fashion in Big 7 is a celebration of individuality and fearless self-expression, a visual representation of the eclectic beats and powerful lyrics. Each look is a style statement, a reflection of the spirit of the music, making this video a must-see runway of fashion.

issue no. #281

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video)

As the beats of 'London' by BIA reverberate through your speakers, we are greeted with an astonishingly chic experience drenched in urbane sophistication. Each ensemble in the video is a narration of sartorial rebellion and audacity. The alluring wrap-up sandals, in their pristine white, are cleverly juxtaposed against the urban allure of high waist sweatpants outlining a new horizon of style. Scarves aren't just adornments to the neck but serve as a nod to the classic taste, set off by the raw edginess of black biker jackets. An oversized white coat, so immaculately structured, takes us back to minimalist fashion, where simplicity and voluminous silhouettes lead the charge. Wide-legged joggers and leggings create an inescapable surge in street style, while the occasional t-shirt and romper pairings exude a youthful aura. Exuding dominating manliness, a one-button dress suit emerges in the monochrome palette. The video presents a splendid amalgamation of contrasts. From a simple flat cap to the striking orange lanyard bag, every piece tells a story of its own. A black crossbody bag quietly complements the selection of other chic black accessories, like the distressed leggings and bifold wallet. Amidst the dark shades, the occasional splash of gold on heels and colourful blocks on a roll neck sweater bring a dash of vibrancy. The fashion montage concludes with an organic cotton striped top, winkingly alluding to the sustainable side of fashion. 'London' by BIA isn’t just music to ears, but a trendsetting feast to the eyes.

issue no. #269

Coi Leray - TWINNEM (Official Music Video)

In the pulsating rhythm of Coi Leray's TWINNEM, we are given a fashion spectacle that resonates with a dynamic blend of chic, urban, and daringly delightful visuals. From the verdant splash of abstract chiffon dresses that oscillate between mystery and allure, to the neutral calm of rounded frames that whisper intellectual aesthetics, the video serves a cornucopia of style inspirations. A power take on femininity is keenly felt with tailored high-waisted trousers in a blush pink statement. It's the bold meeting the beautiful, the unconventional merging with the classic. Logo tees echo a fondness for iconic imagery, while the charm of freshwater pearl necklaces adds a touch of grace amidst the sartorial intensity. High-top trainers, reminiscent of legacy wrapped in leather, set the rhythm of movement - a testament to the energetic expressions seen in every scene. Graphic hoodies, yoga headbands, and faux suede caps converge, offering a nod to urban street style. The sheen of the single-breasted dinner jacket and metallic-threaded cardigans transform the atmosphere into a luxurious vista. From sleek black belts to Disney print tees and elegant tuxedo jackets, the fashion narrative is as multi-layered as the beats that fuel the video. It is this stunning fusion of trends and timeless pieces that makes TWINNEM a must-watch experience for fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #239

Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video)

In the compelling visual narrative of Upgrade U by Beyoncé, a fashion tableau of avant-garde trends and classic allure unravels. The grand opening sets the pace with Porsche-esque sunglasses that lend a commanding poise. This is quickly followed by the charm of strapless rompers, smartly juxtaposed with the sleek sophistication of a short bob cut wig. The magic lies in subtleties, as seen with the allure of the long-wearing mascara that magnifies the eyes, channeling pure glamour. The grid print faux two-piece sheath midi dress signifies a transition, merging street style and elegance effortlessly. Halloween-inspired face gems and tiger print shoulder pads add an unexpected edge while mom jeans ground the look. High leg hipster bikini bottoms playfully mingle with summer vibes, setting a refreshing contrast. Suspender casual dresses and graphic t-shirt dresses shine a light on individualistic style narratives, while oversized knitted sweatshirts cozy up the storyline. The Cazal sunglasses and the double-bridge pilot frames add a layer of enigma, leading us into a world of faux fur coats that exude a grandeur that's unmissable. The finale is a crescendo of flawless style with oversized gradient sunglasses encapsulating the style journey in one final, unforgettable moment.

issue no. #151

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Official HD Video)

In 'Dirrty', Christina Aguilera fluently communicates an extroverted style narrative. A vibrant symphony of audacious hues, tactile textures, and daring silhouettes pervade the scenes, encapsulating the visceral energy of the track. The opening act showcases playful halterneck tops, their two-toned knit fabric allowing a daring peek into Aguilera's wild side. Subtle yet powerful, the makeup, boasting high shine mascara and lipgloss, enhances the fierceness of the narrative. As the camera pans, a quintessential wedding dress takes center stage, its lace V-neck design acting as a subtle nod to classic couture amidst the avant-garde aesthetics. The plus-size letter print T-shirt and the ribbed thong introduce a casual chic vibe, breaking the formal mold with their laid-back charm. The tiger-tooth string bikini briefs and zebra mini dress, unapologetically bold, mirror Aguilera's brazen vocal power. The supporting cast of garments - taupe mini skirt, high neck bodysuit, and distressed denim shorts - add depth, painting a comprehensive picture of a style that is both congruent and contrasting. The footwear ranges from stiletto heel flip flops to lace-up flats, proving that comfort can also be stylish. The final touch, a padded faux fur hooded coat, oozes opulence, while the leopard print mini and rhinestone-studded shirt portray a dazzling and spirited interplay of classic and eccentric styles. The 'Dirrty' exhibition is a masterclass in personal style declaration.