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issue no. #389

In the magnetic landscape of Spillage Village's Baptize, the ensemble of fashion choices speaks volumes. From the simplicity of pull-on shorts in earthy tones to the unexpected sophistication of baggy jeans, the style continuity in the video is delightful. The drama of navy wide-leg trousers, button-split for added interest, works perfectly alongside the candid charm of a golfer's compendium wallet. A particular standout, the white blouse with an intriguing gathered neckline, is partnered effortlessly with chic loose-fit cargo pants. The monochrome drama continues with the oversized shirt dress complimenting the stark puff sleeve design. A fur felt hat asserts a brazen twist whilst the ridge reaper garments provide a striking contrast. Subtle touches of animal print chiffon and thorn-print silk create delightful texture variation and adventurous allure. Intricately layered snake design bracelets and a charismatic armreif add a touch of whimsical luxury. The high cut bikini bottoms introduce a risqué undertone, while the scuba-crepe A-line dress teases a youthful vibrancy. Camo print shirts playfully disrupt the calm, intertwined with colour block tee and short sets. To finish the ensemble, the statement black paisley bandana and metallic C culminate in an exciting blend of street style sophistication.

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issue no. #281

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video)

As the beats of 'London' by BIA reverberate through your speakers, we are greeted with an astonishingly chic experience drenched in urbane sophistication. Each ensemble in the video is a narration of sartorial rebellion and audacity. The alluring wrap-up sandals, in their pristine white, are cleverly juxtaposed against the urban allure of high waist sweatpants outlining a new horizon of style. Scarves aren't just adornments to the neck but serve as a nod to the classic taste, set off by the raw edginess of black biker jackets. An oversized white coat, so immaculately structured, takes us back to minimalist fashion, where simplicity and voluminous silhouettes lead the charge. Wide-legged joggers and leggings create an inescapable surge in street style, while the occasional t-shirt and romper pairings exude a youthful aura. Exuding dominating manliness, a one-button dress suit emerges in the monochrome palette. The video presents a splendid amalgamation of contrasts. From a simple flat cap to the striking orange lanyard bag, every piece tells a story of its own. A black crossbody bag quietly complements the selection of other chic black accessories, like the distressed leggings and bifold wallet. Amidst the dark shades, the occasional splash of gold on heels and colourful blocks on a roll neck sweater bring a dash of vibrancy. The fashion montage concludes with an organic cotton striped top, winkingly alluding to the sustainable side of fashion. 'London' by BIA isn’t just music to ears, but a trendsetting feast to the eyes.

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issue no. #229

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black non title

In the atmospheric realm of 'Back To Black', Amy Winehouse invites us to a world where classic meets modern style. The video takes us through a fashion journey that calls back to the golden 50s while still maintaining a contemporary edge. It is a tantalizing mix of assertively tailored menswear with a hint of a soft, feminine touch of satin and blazers. A subtle nod towards androgynous chic, it courageously pushes boundaries of conventional style norms. Punctuated by prominent bold black tones and varying textures, the wardrobe speaks volumes about the power of understated elegance. The artful play of laid-back hoodies combined with an opulent silken dress, a faux fur gilet, and cutting-edge slim fit suits create a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury. The accessories are no less - a mirrored marble print cape and a fedora hat lending an air of enigma. The shimmering silver of a crystal knot necklace dancing off against the black, the studded shoes gleaming in the dark, add a twinkling touch to the overall ensemble. Not to forget the contrast of the white sweatshirt, popping vividly against the monochrome background. The video is also peppered with playful elements like oversized nylon totes and zip detail joggers. This blend of vintage and current trends make 'Back To Black' a stunning fashion showcase, subtly yet powerfully commanding attention.

issue no. #139


In BEEN BROKE by TOBE NWIGWE, the runway intersects with rhythm to create a spectacle of style and substance. The ensembles ooze an impressive juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication. Pinstriped double-breasted blazers speak volumes of an uptown chic vibe, paired harmoniously with tastefully chosen suit pants, adding a pop of color to the overall neutral-toned look. The theme is more than touched-upon again in layered maxi skirts with delicate lace insertions - a nod to the romanticism of the bygone era while still maintaining a modern edge. Floral jacquard midi dresses interplay with the aesthetics, rendering a sense of nostalgic elegance. The looks are elevated with the subtle addition of accessories - beanies adorned with appliques, scrunchies, and headscarves in a monochromatic, gray palette. Solid tie V-neck casual dresses with a hint of pink evoke a sense of playful femininity contrasted with the stern rigidity of a white belted blazer dress. Puff sleeves, be it on a crisp white blouse or a blazer dress, surface as a recurrent motif, resonating a retro-inspired glamour. The exploration of textures is not left untouched, with elements like taffeta in swing skirts and feather look strips inserted judiciously to accentuate the meticulous detailing that went into curating each look. In essence, the music video showcases a thoughtful curation of styles, merging themes of tradition, modernity, and the timeless charm of simplicity.

issue no. #127

Ayra Starr - Rush (Official Music Video)

Epitomizing the edgy, contemporary vibe, Ayra Starr's 'Rush' is a tour-de-force in music video fashion. The electrifying ensemble takes center stage, ranging from the ethereal in a glistening, off-white, V-neck maxi dress to the wildly avant-garde in a white blazer with metallic checks and frayed hem. The prestigious realm of cashmere is not left unexplored, paraded in a pleated sleeve crewneck, a celestial beacon in a sea of black and white. Tailored pieces, like mid-rise suit pants crafted in an arresting blue and skinny jeans in an intriguing taupe, all coated to perfection, serve to augment the palpable, assertive air. The video celebrates the mesmeric allure of black, captured in a gamut of textures, from faux leather bralets and hot pants to lacquered curvy crops and high shine hooded puffers; each piece, a testament to bold, rebellious fashion. Sporty chic elements are artfully intermingled, witnessed in vibrantly hued sports shorts that pay homage to the unrestricted spirit of youth. The footwear scene is dominated by sleek, white slippers, while a multi chain link anklet adds just the right amount of shine. An alpaca blend hat, in a bold shade of brown, juxtaposes the dominantly monochromatic attire. The finale is a nod to the modern obsession with utility, embodied in a white zip front grab bag. 'Rush' is undoubtedly a sartorial spectacle, a symphony of eclectic fashion.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.

issue no. #47

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

In the heart of Bad Romance, Lady Gaga’s sartorial choices stand as an ode to theatricality and empowerment. Be it the vibrantly dramatic oversized outerwear or the green attention-to-detail subtly incorporated in accessories, everything screams allure and audacity. The video oscillates between monochrome elegance and vibrant eclecticism, showcasing fashion as a well-curated tapestry of iconic moments. Case in point, the seamless blend of high society chic with a dash of opulence in the frosted eyewear or the understated glamour of bespoke white ensembles delivering a sophisticated finesse. The houndstooth cuffed shorts contribute a nostalgic touch while the body-fitting jumpsuit personifies the modern, confident woman bold in her skin. The video is punctuated with elements of coy charm, like the sparkling mini dress that is nothing short of a starry night translated onto fabric. While keeping the fashion narrative interesting, a comfy repertoire is also introduced with a teddy sweatshirt, gracing the screen with its bold prints, and a jersey-long sleeve T-shirt in sleek grey. Accessories in the video make a minimalist yet striking statement - from pave hoop earrings capturing the essence of elegant refinement to a burgundy tee, manifesting simplicity with a cross symbol, symbolizing faith and tranquility.