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issue no. #613

JAE5 - Dimension (Official Video)

Experience a scintillating fusion of sartorial brilliance with JAE5's mesmerising 'Dimension' video. A visual sonnet to urban precision meets boho nonchalance, this exhibition of style crescendos through cosy, primary-coloured sweaters to a suave polo artfully clad in houndstooth, encapsulating a laid-back decadence. Staples of ebony smart shorts are elevated by the deft pairing with a striking Ruby Zeth Baselayer in stirring red. As dusk settles, anticipate the arrival of an edgy crop top sporting a daring scoop cut-out - the precise kind that speaks to the audacious femininity of today. Adding an eco-conscious flavour is an opulent hoodie, its script logo revealing its Champion roots in organic cotton blend. Juxtapose this with an unexpected delight - a Pink Fairisle Crop Christmas sweater, adding whimsical warmth to the mix. Star-gazing style is unveiled in AllSaints' enigmatic t-shirt flaunting a whimsical back print, completing an ensemble with modern smart shorts. Pay an ode to sustainable fashion with an alluring 'Legacy Burgundy' jacket, a dynamic adidas x Zoe Saldana standout. Luxe tailoring is inspected in the form of a sleek black NA-KD blazer coat, while the bold proceeds to meet retro in a 1990 animalier print flared gown by maestro Gianfranco Ferré. Add a dash of audacity with a pink slogan shirt, and pay tribute to the 90s with demure square pilot sunglasses. As a parting shot, catch a gleam from a pair of orange Poolside cocktail sunglasses - a memento of sun-soaked escapades. 'Dimension' is as much a celebration of style as music, a symphony woven with threads of sartorial genius.

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issue no. #601

SPINALL - Loju (Official Music Video)

As SPINALL unveils 'Loju', the landscape of fashion and music intertwine in a bold display of style and ingenuity. A story unfolds through a kaleidoscope of mesmerising hues and nuanced silhouettes. The spectrum of roseate takes center stage as exemplified in a dipped hem crop top and a grandiose silk shirt, adding a sprinkle of youthful dynamism. Black, the eternal companion of pink, adds an element of rebellious elegance in a cropped corset. There is an air of flirtatious charm in woven chain shoulder bag and satin drop shoulder pants set. The flair of the high waist plaid dress intersects with practicality in the lake swim shorts. Their vibrant green counterparts presented through a slim piped suit and Verona tank dress, stand as peculiar attention seekers. A nod to retro styling is made with a leopard print bucket hat, offering a charming contrast. As routes deviate, casual cool is maintained through cotton lined jeans and lettered sweatpants. Then again, there's an exception to everything: the romanticism of the sunflower heart necklace, speaking many languages, albeit silently. 'Loju' amalgamates these pieces to craft its own nomenclature of style.

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issue no. #599

Davido - FEEL (Official Video)

A trip into Davido's FEEL uncovers a celebration of individuality and extravagance. The distinctive mix of garments and accessories are reminiscent of a visual feast, parading a mashup of vintage and modern. The audacious charm of the faux fur coat in a tender spruce screams opulence and is delightfully clashed with vivid gem-studded rings, neatly balancing the line between excess and grandiosity. Retro sunglasses imbued with flamboyant temple designs rekindle a passion for the old-school, instilling a punch of charisma into the looks. Eye-catching nail art echoes the spirit of Halloween, giving an adventurous edge to the aesthetics. Richly adorning the hands are an array of Bohemian-inspired rings, adding an element of cultural tessellation. Plunging into the tailored capsule, the Fringe Detailed Suit Pants are hard to ignore. The unique construction flirts with an ephemeral blush setting the stage for sophistication and trend. Meanwhile, splashes of colour from the Blue Eyelash Argyle knitted crop sweater lent an artsy concept to the imagination. A recurring theme of warmth hinges on organic print hoodies and Pink Buckle Grab Bag, invigorating the atmosphere with a touch of casual yet tasteful streetwear. The silk blouse, with its delicate leopard print, passes a whisper of wild exoticism, while the enigmatic charm of the Gold Meta peaks the grand finale with a generously artistic statement. This medley hints at the divergence of style, culture, and attitude, and invites us to push boundaries, all while reminding us that fashion is, above all, a playground.

issue no. #587

Chris Brown - Call Me Every Day

Chris Brown, in 'Call Me Every Day' exhibits a delightful blend of urban street style with a hint of relaxed chic. From oversized pieces to slim lines and unanticipated colours, the wardrobe undeniably resonates with the rhythm of the song. A balance between the casual and extraordinary, the style marks between jogger trousers and jeans infused with colours ranging from the subdued notes of neutral to the warm tones of burnt orange and mustard yellow. The collection is adorned with fine wool and suede, indulging in enticing tactile satisfaction. The spectrum ranges from casual sweatpants and t-shirts showcasing a blend of street and contemporary to upscale tuxedo blazers, adding a dash of gaining luxury. The twist of the ribbed shorts and trousers is an excellent nod to the changing urban style landscape. Accessories play a pivotal role too, with corey 80s sunglasses adding an inevitable retro touch while the faux fur checkerboard bag proves that fashion is playful and not to be confined. Pump shoes for that elegant stride and broeken for casual comfort; the balance is well maintained. Overall, each piece forms a coherent stylistic narrative that energises the vibe of the video whilst hinting at an accessible style, relishing the casual elegance and smart-casual consistency.

issue no. #547

Phyno - Do I (Official Video)

In the grand cinematic display of Phyno's 'Do I', we find ourselves immersed in an intricate harmony of motion and style. The video is a rich moodboard of stylistic choices flaunting the elegance of paisley bandanas and bold black trousers, invoking a rebel spirit, beautifully captured. The drama is further elevated with an ensemble of vivid tracksuits, sneaking in a splash of vibrant colours - an ode to a retro resurgence done with a contemporary twist. A subtle interplay of sports and chic shines through cleverly interspersed sportswear from Under Armour and adidas Originals. This is fashion-forward rebellion, a definite visual treat for those who revel in a balance between defiance and subtlety. As the eye traverses further we witness a sleek spectacle of statement accessories - shoulder bags with distinct chain and animal prints, adding dimension and depth. From the gorgeous array of glorious silk ties to the understated charm of round sunglasses, every detail creates an amalgamation of shift and sensibility. Both men's and women's fashion find their representation, there's an undeniable allure in the casual pants and the daring flare pants, creating an interesting narrative. The quilted short padded jacket and the breaker hoodie offer an invitation into the cosy yet stylish winter fashion. An exceptional detail takes form in the black knit cap adding a wonderful final touch. A marvellous feast of fashion fusion taking us into an enthralling world where music and fashion collide to create something truly spectacular.

issue no. #317

The Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie (Official Video)

Exuding a vibrant, retro flair, 'Blame It On the Boogie' by The Jacksons surges through the visual palette of the 70s and 80s. The draping flow of the Halter Hollow Mini Dress in the white, the audacious mien of the Black Reflective Utility Vest & Short, and the refreshing charm of the Tie Dye Official Embroidered Joggers create a medley that's hard to ignore. The Landyard Bag in orange is like a splash of exuberance amidst the riot of hues. The Faux Fur Cuff Cloche from Nine West adds an air of elegant nonchalance to the mix. The fine-stitched Golden Buckle Dress astutely demonstrates the charm of understated glamour. From pocket cargo jeans to straight-leg split jeans, the bottom wear tells a story of style evolution. Rib tops with lettuce hem in neutral hues offer a note of simplicity, beautifully contrasted by the bold statement of the chocolate Soft Faux Fur Headband. The Blouse in white is like a blank canvas allowing for a variety of style interpretations. The slinky Cycling Shorts conjure the athletic aesthetic of the 80s. The Zip Mini Dress in brown and the satin tailored double breast blazer in ivory evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Landlord Black Faux-Fur Beanie pays a distinct homage to the era of opulence. A wide scarf in mono tone, oversized quilted tote bag, high waisted flared jeans, and a graphic cotton T-shirt with short sleeves, they all tie the aesthetics from different periods together. The Rhinestone Ring Set and Snap Button Raw Cut Henley Tank Top are delightful cherries atop this grand cake of fashion

issue no. #311

Little Simz - Gorilla

In Gorilla, Little Simz offers an exclusive view into a charming cocktail of style principles. The music video is a lush exhibition of varying fashion aesthetics, each more compelling than the last. One can't help but reminisce the beauty of African folklore tales and the vivid patterns that adorn their clothing. The video artfully pairs it with a plush robe, the union of comfort and style undoubtedly a timeless duo. Elements of elegance sneak in with the grace of a headband, a simplistic yet impactful accessory. The retro tracksuit is a nod to the iconic street style, giving an edge that counterbalances the whimsical charm of layered turquoise necklaces. The iconic Burberry monogram clutch further enhances this fusion of aesthetics. The spotlight, however, is on the Bardot Jumpsuit, its mesh ruched texture telling a tale of femininity draped in strength. The dark floral wrap skirt speaks volumes about embracing one's natural elegance, while the cut-out denim and the classic high waist skinny jeans remind us of the evergreen love for classic pieces. Long curly extensions, a velvet logo badge newsboy cap, a petite piqué backpack, and a nail bead baby blue coat remind us of the multi-faceted nature of fashion that Little Simz so effortlessly embodies. The video ends on a high note with the court hall wedding dress. Its lace v-neck details scream regality and the orange cotton knitwear adds an unexpectedly riveting pop of colour, leaving us all in awe of this eclectic, inspiring fashion journey.

issue no. #257

Cardi B & Offset - JEALOUSY (Official Music Video)

Offset and Cardi B's 'Jealousy' takes us on a sartorial adventure, serving up outfits and accessories that are as rhythmically diverse as the music itself. At play are a series of eye-catching ensembles, exuding a sartorial vibe that's ostentatious, yet effortlessly chic. From the boldness of the blue mesh shorts, making a splash in the urban jungle, to the elegance of the resin chain necklace that whispers luxury, every outfit tells a story. Catch a glimpse of Cardi B in a sky-blue blouse, and with that, the tone shifts to a breezy retreat. The fitted top with a heart cut-out is a flirtatious twist that serves a generous helping of romance in the middle of this hip-hop reverie. Don't miss the sight of the denim zip front jumpsuit - a piece that brings back the '80s vibes with subtle audacity. Pops of bright pink, mauve, and turquoise add the right amount of zest and keep the fashion narrative lively. The men are not left out, either, with a display of a cool flap bag and dapper pencil pants. This music video is an exhibit of contemporary fashion - a fusion of glamour, streetwear, sportswear and retro influences, all coming together to orchestrate a visual experience as rich and varied as the music itself. A must watch for all fashion aficionados!

issue no. #241

Ice Spice - Deli

The palette of Ice Spice's 'Deli' is an eclectic mix of vibrant colors and neutral tones, establishing a distinct aesthetic that catapults the viewer into a surreal, yet intrinsically chic fashion vision. The video showcases a collection of outfits that straddle the divide between contemporary and vintage styles. Ranging from provocative neon lime numbers that call back to the audacity of the 80s, to the retro-infused charm of rust-toned puffer jackets, the range of styles present is truly arresting. Offering an insight into the future of urban couture, the high streets' beloved trainers are reinvented with a knitted upper, bringing softness to the strength of street style. Underpinning the boldness of the primary outfits are subtler pieces, such as linen skirts and unassuming staples like heather grey tops that exude an effortless appeal. The penchant for tasteful exuberance is clear; the tie-dye ribbed shorts and leopard print shirts are evidence of this love for fearless, spirited expression. The video also features pieces that reignite the love for timeless elegance, as demonstrated by the appearance of fuchsia quilted bags and finished edge scarfs. Amid this kaleidoscope of styles, the balance between the casual and the sophisticated is not lost. From the beach bag to the black-tie suitable weste, the 'Deli' music video presents a broad, representative spectrum of fashion.

issue no. #139


In BEEN BROKE by TOBE NWIGWE, the runway intersects with rhythm to create a spectacle of style and substance. The ensembles ooze an impressive juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication. Pinstriped double-breasted blazers speak volumes of an uptown chic vibe, paired harmoniously with tastefully chosen suit pants, adding a pop of color to the overall neutral-toned look. The theme is more than touched-upon again in layered maxi skirts with delicate lace insertions - a nod to the romanticism of the bygone era while still maintaining a modern edge. Floral jacquard midi dresses interplay with the aesthetics, rendering a sense of nostalgic elegance. The looks are elevated with the subtle addition of accessories - beanies adorned with appliques, scrunchies, and headscarves in a monochromatic, gray palette. Solid tie V-neck casual dresses with a hint of pink evoke a sense of playful femininity contrasted with the stern rigidity of a white belted blazer dress. Puff sleeves, be it on a crisp white blouse or a blazer dress, surface as a recurrent motif, resonating a retro-inspired glamour. The exploration of textures is not left untouched, with elements like taffeta in swing skirts and feather look strips inserted judiciously to accentuate the meticulous detailing that went into curating each look. In essence, the music video showcases a thoughtful curation of styles, merging themes of tradition, modernity, and the timeless charm of simplicity.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.

issue no. #37

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Welcome to the vibrant, sun-kissed world of Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar'. The array of fashion is as colorful and rich as the video itself. From the neck-hugging David Yurman DY Bel Aire Chain Necklace to the architectural Dion Lee crochet corset-bodice layered top, the fashion choices evoke a playful, retro-inspired aesthetic. Mara Hoffman's Sia Textured Bikini Swim Top and TOM FORD’s lush Green Wool Scarf are significant highlights, bringing both warmth and oceanic freshness. Paloma Wool’s versatile Khaki Lumiere Turtleneck is a standout for its subtle sophistication. Belize’s sensual HIVA TIE-BACK LINEN DRESS embodies a relaxed flair, while the Ruffle Detail Strappy Cami paints a photo of feminine elegance. The Merenda Palmrose Bikini Bottoms are a testament to floral romance. The ROTITA Wine Red Sleeveless Asymmetry Round Neck Jumpsuit and ZAFUL Ribbed Flower Cross String Bikini Swimwear introduce a sense of asymmetrical intrigue. Finally, the Grey Recycled Metal Hexagon Sunglasses and Blue Shaggy Fur Flap Over Baguette seal the looks with their understated cool. Join us on this fashion journey through Harry's eclectic wardrobe, where each piece tells a story.