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issue no. #587

Chris Brown - Call Me Every Day

Chris Brown, in 'Call Me Every Day' exhibits a delightful blend of urban street style with a hint of relaxed chic. From oversized pieces to slim lines and unanticipated colours, the wardrobe undeniably resonates with the rhythm of the song. A balance between the casual and extraordinary, the style marks between jogger trousers and jeans infused with colours ranging from the subdued notes of neutral to the warm tones of burnt orange and mustard yellow. The collection is adorned with fine wool and suede, indulging in enticing tactile satisfaction. The spectrum ranges from casual sweatpants and t-shirts showcasing a blend of street and contemporary to upscale tuxedo blazers, adding a dash of gaining luxury. The twist of the ribbed shorts and trousers is an excellent nod to the changing urban style landscape. Accessories play a pivotal role too, with corey 80s sunglasses adding an inevitable retro touch while the faux fur checkerboard bag proves that fashion is playful and not to be confined. Pump shoes for that elegant stride and broeken for casual comfort; the balance is well maintained. Overall, each piece forms a coherent stylistic narrative that energises the vibe of the video whilst hinting at an accessible style, relishing the casual elegance and smart-casual consistency.

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issue no. #563

Libianca - I Wish (Official Video)

The ambiance of Libianca's 'I Wish' is shaped not just by her captivating vocals but also the array of sartorial wonders worn by her. The undercurrent of effortless cool is conveyed through the carefully chosen apparel. The enthralling rhythm of the video meets the spontaneity of fashion in a prAna sweatshirt of Dark Iron hue – an iconic representation of the casual yet chic inclination. In the same vein, touches of the statement cashmere cropped peacoat give an inkling of warmth and high fashion. Cuts of distressed black denim coupled with structured black suede, adorned with delectable details of rhinestones, lend an edge to the entire visual. The inclusion of oversized hoodie and roll-neck sweatshirt in greens and greys speaks volumes about the comfort in style and speaks to the connoisseurs of contemporary sporty chic. A mix of high-low fashion is present with surprisingly bold ivory white cotton trousers for the kids and aqua green lightweight sweatshirt for men by MANGO. The mesh printed midi pencil skirt brings out a refined aesthetic. A playful detail comes with gold heart-shaped twisted knot earrings, complementing the entire casual-chic aesthetic. The high-neck fine knit, pullover dress from NA-KD reinterprets grace and simplicity. Finally, the influence of statement headwear, from the Intrecciato Bucket Hat to the Yellow Tyronh Cap, truly punctuates the entire ensemble. It's like a symphony of texture, colour, and form; the video walks us through a carefully curated, tangible mood board of fashion.

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issue no. #557

Lojay - MOTO

In MOTO by Lojay, there's a vibrant display of versatile styles that feels like a whirlwind tour of plush aesthetics. Each frame is a testament to risqué yet sophisticated fashion choices, perfectly embodying the up-and-coming voice of this artist. Starting with a hint of street flair, through the presence of a high waist skirt with playful tassels, we are immediately drawn into a blend of casual and chic. Dashes of 90s nostalgia feature quite prominently, as seen in certain light blue lensed sunnies, leaning towards the trend of bringing back forgotten years. Accompanying this is an array of denim pieces, oversized and tailored, with unique acid washes and loose fits that speak to the modern youth's penchant for retro revival and comfortable fashion. The artist does not shy away from bolder statements, either. Wool mix western jackets in refreshing icy tones and bucket hats adorned with print patterns bring a mix of edge and ebullient charm onto the scene. Amidst the more outgoing pieces, there's a charming display of shirts for every fashion taste. From luxe linen shirts in soothing hues to formal yet trendy offerings—the kind you'd want to wear to a sophisticated soiree. For the finale, we are graced with unique pieces, like a romper with lively striped patterns and a black maxi dress that struts a faux two-in-one design. A display of artistic ingenuity, this video graces the viewer with an eclectic mix of boldness and subtlety that is truly inspiring.

issue no. #433

An exhilarating fashion escapade awaits you in A$AP Rocky's & NIGO®'s video 'Arya'. The styling is an exquisite mélange of subtlety and ostentation, creating a fascinating visual spectrum. Cascades of wide-legged pants mark the beginning, paired elegantly with an urbane shoulder bag, illustrating a blend of femininity and ruggedness. The mood swiftly transforms to a sporty feel, as baseball collared jackets with bold letter prints make their mark. A splash of the revered Gucci loafers adds a touch of luxury, flawlessly countered by an oversized boxy puffer jacket in soft check. The narrative then shifts to a sensorial voyage of textures and layers, as crochet knit crop tops interact harmoniously with faux fur detailed jackets and sarongs. The scene is further enhanced with the glimmer of a rhinestone cross layered necklace and opulent graphic t-shirts. The presence of a scalloped suit jacket introduces an element of sophistication. With an explosion of bold colours, the yellow long-sleeve jumper and stone neutral oversized t-shirt make a striking statement. Lastly, the sense of comfort provided by a straight leg jogger zip tracksuit and a cotton sweatshirt, paired with the softness of velvet in mint, concludes the sartorial journey on a high yet soothing note.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.

issue no. #89

A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video)

The eclectic ensemble in A$AP Rocky's Praise The Lord (Da Shine) serenades with the bold and the classic. An audacious blend of bright and soothing color palette conjures up an immersive symphony of style. The comfort of a cozy white vintage sweater brings a touch of nostalgia, harmoniously balancing the contemporary edgy look of grey checked trousers. Unexpected highlights narrate through vibrant pops of color in an oversized yellow sweatshirt and a faux fur orange coat, a visual representation of the artist's diverse and effervescent spirit. Then there comes the jerseys, exploring an intriguing dialogue between functionality and high fashion with a two-colored beige top. An idiosyncratic sense of style trails the atmosphere through pieces such as a seatbelt belt with the iconic American flag motif. The narrative transitions to a more sophisticated tone with the introduction of a blue nylon bomber jacket, a timeless tailored wool blend trouser, and a fine knit cardigan with a dapper button fastening. A minimalistic black turtleneck top and a moonless night beanie serve as sophisticated pieces that provide a touching ode to the simpler times. Finally, a slim zipper jacket weaves a thrilling climax, a perfect confluence of warmth and fashion-forward styling.