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issue no. #547

Phyno - Do I (Official Video)

In the grand cinematic display of Phyno's 'Do I', we find ourselves immersed in an intricate harmony of motion and style. The video is a rich moodboard of stylistic choices flaunting the elegance of paisley bandanas and bold black trousers, invoking a rebel spirit, beautifully captured. The drama is further elevated with an ensemble of vivid tracksuits, sneaking in a splash of vibrant colours - an ode to a retro resurgence done with a contemporary twist. A subtle interplay of sports and chic shines through cleverly interspersed sportswear from Under Armour and adidas Originals. This is fashion-forward rebellion, a definite visual treat for those who revel in a balance between defiance and subtlety. As the eye traverses further we witness a sleek spectacle of statement accessories - shoulder bags with distinct chain and animal prints, adding dimension and depth. From the gorgeous array of glorious silk ties to the understated charm of round sunglasses, every detail creates an amalgamation of shift and sensibility. Both men's and women's fashion find their representation, there's an undeniable allure in the casual pants and the daring flare pants, creating an interesting narrative. The quilted short padded jacket and the breaker hoodie offer an invitation into the cosy yet stylish winter fashion. An exceptional detail takes form in the black knit cap adding a wonderful final touch. A marvellous feast of fashion fusion taking us into an enthralling world where music and fashion collide to create something truly spectacular.

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issue no. #271

In the iconic music video for 'Talibans II' by Byron Messia & Burna Boy, the artists impress with their dynamic synergy in both music and fashion. The style palette swings from relaxed athleisure with velvety textures, symbolized by shades of lush green, to edgy urban streetwear captured by oversized ensembles. There's a nod to sports-inspired style, particularly with the retro basketball jersey, while a tennis shorts done in pristine white adds a crisp element to the versatile wardrobe. A casual chic twist is injected with a relaxed-fit denim short and ditsy shorts, both creating a contrast to the high-energy scenes. The video showcases a collection of sunglasses - from wide frames to cat eyes in marbled green, their reflective lenses panning between shades of tortoiseshell and brown that add a playful touch to the artists' looks. The accessories game is strong with a mix of simple chain bracelets adorned with letter detailing and freshwater pearl necklace exuding subtle sophistication. The punchy colour pops of red and cream seen in a snapback cap and satin bomber with rhinestones respectively, add flair to the otherwise muted style narrative. At certain moments the video revels in the glamour of a devoré floral-print dress and a boxy bandana slub shirt set, two distinct pieces that transport viewers to undefined scenic getaways. The fashion parade culminates with a dark green pierced one-piece swimwear and raglan sleeve knit sweater, two contrasting items illustrating the range of wardrobe options showcased in the visual masterpiece.

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issue no. #257

Cardi B & Offset - JEALOUSY (Official Music Video)

Offset and Cardi B's 'Jealousy' takes us on a sartorial adventure, serving up outfits and accessories that are as rhythmically diverse as the music itself. At play are a series of eye-catching ensembles, exuding a sartorial vibe that's ostentatious, yet effortlessly chic. From the boldness of the blue mesh shorts, making a splash in the urban jungle, to the elegance of the resin chain necklace that whispers luxury, every outfit tells a story. Catch a glimpse of Cardi B in a sky-blue blouse, and with that, the tone shifts to a breezy retreat. The fitted top with a heart cut-out is a flirtatious twist that serves a generous helping of romance in the middle of this hip-hop reverie. Don't miss the sight of the denim zip front jumpsuit - a piece that brings back the '80s vibes with subtle audacity. Pops of bright pink, mauve, and turquoise add the right amount of zest and keep the fashion narrative lively. The men are not left out, either, with a display of a cool flap bag and dapper pencil pants. This music video is an exhibit of contemporary fashion - a fusion of glamour, streetwear, sportswear and retro influences, all coming together to orchestrate a visual experience as rich and varied as the music itself. A must watch for all fashion aficionados!

issue no. #233

JAY Z - Excuse Me Miss

JAY Z's Excuse Me Miss video is a symphony in fashion, filled to the brim with sartorial experiments and timeless classics. The sportive allure of the scene is underscored by the presence of a seemingly unassuming Adidas sweatshirt, creating a striking contrast with the sleek, satin pyjamas that follow, embodying a collaboration with Raye. The Adidas three-striped tracksuit makes a return, embroidering a nostalgia-infused tapestry onto the frame. Ethereal, delicate, yet boldly conspicuous, a pair of faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings make their mark. The scene momentarily shifts to softer hues with a fresh linen shirt in a tender pink, followed closely by the Adidas windbreaker in a deep blue, a nod to the football culture. Hairstyles do not fall behind in this parade of fashion, with a carefully styled curly bob and a long brown wig with bangs bringing versatility to the table. Occasions are marked with grandeur, sequin contrast midi dresses spotlight the celebration. Delicate touches are seen in ceramic diamante watches and layered gauze wedding petticoats. Blazers, in varying intensities of black; from sleek velvet to faux fur; and overcoats, complete with faux fur wraparound, stage a formidable presence. The hints of silver from the Long Night Ahead earrings and the stroke of blue twill wool trousers and waistcoats create the perfect blend of metallic and matte. The video, dipping into the tones of black, makes a final refreshing switch with a high-neck jumper that is the epitome of comfort fashion.

issue no. #149

DOGTOOTH by Tyler, The Creator, is an intriguing collage of eclectic high street and high fashion elements. We start our journey with a striking jade-cabochon damesring, adding a touch of quiet elegance to the overall look. The stage then moves onto the classic beret, brought to life in striking shades of dark green and black, whispering subtle nods to the timeless Parisian style. Hair accessories are not overlooked, as cream pearl hair slides make a chic appearance. Transcending the weather, the leather and shearling coat duo adds a tough, utilitarian edge to the ensemble. A divergence from the muted tones appears as a checkered jacket, serving as a fashionable nod towards collegiate, preppy fashion. Amid this whirl of fashion frenzy, an off-shoulder floral dress and a denim mini skirt with an unmistakeable monogram capture the eye, making a strong case for casual, easy-going style. House of Kitsuné’s headwear - a casual cap and a playful bucket hat - make an irresistible pair, while Versace's Greek Key Pilot Sunglasses add a layer of mystery. Sportswear interplays with the laid-back vibe through Nike’s towel and yellow printed joggers. The bag, a contrast-branded reporter’s piece from Lacoste, shows that practicality can wear the cape of style. A poncho, wide-leg shorts, and an ochre maternity ankle grazer round out the eclectic mix, each with their unique stylistic contribution. Finally, a star-print knitted jumper gives a celestial touch to the ensemble, serving as the perfect metaphor for the star power of the music video.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.