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issue no. #271

In the iconic music video for 'Talibans II' by Byron Messia & Burna Boy, the artists impress with their dynamic synergy in both music and fashion. The style palette swings from relaxed athleisure with velvety textures, symbolized by shades of lush green, to edgy urban streetwear captured by oversized ensembles. There's a nod to sports-inspired style, particularly with the retro basketball jersey, while a tennis shorts done in pristine white adds a crisp element to the versatile wardrobe. A casual chic twist is injected with a relaxed-fit denim short and ditsy shorts, both creating a contrast to the high-energy scenes. The video showcases a collection of sunglasses - from wide frames to cat eyes in marbled green, their reflective lenses panning between shades of tortoiseshell and brown that add a playful touch to the artists' looks. The accessories game is strong with a mix of simple chain bracelets adorned with letter detailing and freshwater pearl necklace exuding subtle sophistication. The punchy colour pops of red and cream seen in a snapback cap and satin bomber with rhinestones respectively, add flair to the otherwise muted style narrative. At certain moments the video revels in the glamour of a devoré floral-print dress and a boxy bandana slub shirt set, two distinct pieces that transport viewers to undefined scenic getaways. The fashion parade culminates with a dark green pierced one-piece swimwear and raglan sleeve knit sweater, two contrasting items illustrating the range of wardrobe options showcased in the visual masterpiece.

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issue no. #71

Wizkid - Essence (Official Video)

The spellbinding fusion of stylish innovation and grandeur in Wizkid's Essence music video cannot be overemphasized. From the very onset, the elegant allure of sophisticated eyewear sets a tone of chic mastery. The artistic mix of fine chains, layered with the mystical allure of ancient coins, cleverly paired with a diamante cross, weaves a narrative of lavish tenacity. The intelligence in blending metallic gold belt with heartless chain design screams audacious fashion daredevil. The video envelops the viewer in a fashion haven of color pops, with the daring citrus hue of a round log carrier and the seductive charm of a purple bodysuit. Metallic trousers walk the straight line between punk and chic, bringing a glimmering sleekness to the audacity of the visuals. The layering of style in every other scene is mind-blowing, making the transition from the cool hooded tracksuit set to the show-stopping silver earrings. The subtle play of the black, whether in the classic fit of a thong panty or the premium feel of ripped jeans is nothing short of genius. And let's not forget the solid foundation laid by chunky sole loafers grounding the whole style narrative. Overall, this music video is a masterclass in harmonious style fusion, keeping every fashion enthusiast on their toes.

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