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issue no. #607

JAE5 - Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video)

The Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video) by JAE5 is an intricate fusion of music and fashion, where each outfit tells its own tale. Series of shorts make a pronounced appearance, from Closette's vibrant women's Bermuda variety to the unblemished sophistication of TINYCOTTONS Kids' solid offerings, suggesting a ubiquity and ease of summer feels. Metaphorically, the glow of the sun is also mirrored through shimmering accessories, including faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings and metallic round sunglasses. An audacious clash of palettes is perceptible with the green contrast trouer co-ord alongside the grey one-shoulder raw edge neck sweater, epitomising a captivating exploration into colour therapy. High-waist jeans, enlivened with dye prints, and sheet tulle-striped shirts bring a frisson of the unorthodox into this style symphony. Touches of opulence punctuate the aesthetic journey, like the beading V-neck two-piece prom dress and the Shine Away sequin maxi dress, musing an elevated, celebratory air. Oversized blazers and long velvet gloves speak to the androgyny, offering a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunglasses, maxi dresses, drawstring cami dresses, and heavy oversized blazers puncture the narrative with surety and intention, reminding us of the power entrenched in bold sartorial expressionism. All told, this video is as much a fashion manifesto as it is a testament to JAE5's artistry.

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issue no. #571

Stormzy - Angel In The Marble

In Angel In The Marble by Stormzy, a spectrum of sartorial choices take centre stage. The opening scene pays homage to classic menswear with a bold blue jacket that commands attention. A sense of true gentleman elegance is effortlessly encapsulated in the double-breasted suit, a fixture of sartorial excellence. Accessories play a stellar role in the video's style narrative, such as the black shoulder bags featured, which hinted at an effortless, go-anywhere aesthetic. Meanwhile, wide tuxedo suit trousers in midnight hues hark back to the golden era of jazz clubs where saavy style held sway. Glimmering beneath the urban veneer, a majestic bridesmaid gown may be glimpsed, boasting a beaded, high-low silhouette that ventures into eveningwear. Strategic placements of slim fit jacket and the chicness of a well-tailored poly-blend suit constructs an image of modern masculinity. As a hint to the reverence for classic designs, suave sunglasses styles make a cameo, lending a rebellious edge to the ensemble. Beautifully designed long dresses, slim-fitted blazers, captivating shorts sets, and classic hat play with feminine and masculine lines, whilst a subtle hint to expectant mothers was reflected in the inclusion of tasteful maternity ware, intertwining the narrative of life, love, and fashion. The plaid-patterned trench coat subtly nods at Britain's sartorial legacy, while a paisley printed suit jacket beautifully juxtaposed the muted backdrop with drama and flair.

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issue no. #547

Phyno - Do I (Official Video)

In the grand cinematic display of Phyno's 'Do I', we find ourselves immersed in an intricate harmony of motion and style. The video is a rich moodboard of stylistic choices flaunting the elegance of paisley bandanas and bold black trousers, invoking a rebel spirit, beautifully captured. The drama is further elevated with an ensemble of vivid tracksuits, sneaking in a splash of vibrant colours - an ode to a retro resurgence done with a contemporary twist. A subtle interplay of sports and chic shines through cleverly interspersed sportswear from Under Armour and adidas Originals. This is fashion-forward rebellion, a definite visual treat for those who revel in a balance between defiance and subtlety. As the eye traverses further we witness a sleek spectacle of statement accessories - shoulder bags with distinct chain and animal prints, adding dimension and depth. From the gorgeous array of glorious silk ties to the understated charm of round sunglasses, every detail creates an amalgamation of shift and sensibility. Both men's and women's fashion find their representation, there's an undeniable allure in the casual pants and the daring flare pants, creating an interesting narrative. The quilted short padded jacket and the breaker hoodie offer an invitation into the cosy yet stylish winter fashion. An exceptional detail takes form in the black knit cap adding a wonderful final touch. A marvellous feast of fashion fusion taking us into an enthralling world where music and fashion collide to create something truly spectacular.

issue no. #509

Asake - Amapiano

Emerging from the vibrant scene of Asake's 'Amapiano' video is a smorgasbord of fashion aesthetic that not simply dazzles, but indeed tells a sartorial tale. The visual narrative stages a riveting blend of everyday getups and avant-garde apparel. Where the casual is anchored by robust graphic tees and a flirtation with denim, the extraordinary surfaces in floor-sweeping gowns and bedazzled numbers that invoke an almost inter-galactic sentiment. The collection emerges unencumbered by colour restraints, dashing from endearing pastel tones to saturated burgundy and back to tame, earthy hues. It indeed delves into an enticing palette of expression. A harmonious shift between the edgy and the elegant is executed with an air of expertise. Micro mini skirts, fringe oblong scarves and vibrant bandeau bodycon dress set pulses racing, while a subdued satin pyjama set introduces a sigh of relaxation. For the adventurous, an asymmetrical mesh top or a smoke print piece offer a wild ride to the realms of edgy chic. The tame end of the spectrum is sated by simple roll neck knit tops. Eye-catching sunglasses and a faux fur trapper hat serve as the ever-necessary accessories, adding the perfect cherry to this sartorial sundae. Asake’s ‘Amapiano’ video is a fashion exhibition that straddles the boundary between the majestic and the mainstream, offering a unique experience of style and aesthetic celebration.

issue no. #487

YAWA by Fireboy DML unquestionably makes for an alluring vista of fashion dialogue. Throughout the video, we see a fantasia of distinctive looks, embodying both adventurous, streetwise aesthetics and a brisk exploration of classic elegance. The ensembles imbue the narrative with various shades of sartorial verve, from bodycontoured, two-piece formal wear to the rugged allure found amidst the camouflage tracksuits. The decidedly autumnal palette is striking with rich bordeaux and berry hues setting a backdrop for breath-taking dance sequences. One can't help but notice the clever interplay of the fiery leather trousers and faux leather belted shirt. Hats off to the elegant chapeau which adds a whimsical note to the overall scenario. Sunglasses evolving through the video notably enhance the artistic direction, starting with a softer beige and moving to a bolder white acetate transfer. As far as accessories go, the dainty gold triple necklace and the bold, square polarised sunglasses do more than just complement the attire. They indeed deepen the narrative by offering a characterization of the wearer. The mixture of prints from floral to check gives the video a trans-seasonal feel, making it a continually appealing spectacle. Certainly, the video isn't just a spectacle of music and dance. It is a delicious feast of fashion that explores a dynamic range of style realms.

issue no. #467

CKay - CKay - Hallelujah feat. Blaqbonez [Official Music Video]

In the CKay's 'Hallelujah' featuring Blaqbonez music video, a symphony of fashion styles is in play. Tender vibes are transmitted through soft knit hues such as the gentle green number - a delight to the senses as it oscillates between cold shoulder styles and harmonious aesthetics of jersey tie strap tiered frocks. The men aren't left out of this sartorial parade either: a carefully curated mix of twill coach jackets and multi-pocket trousers revel in earth tones, alluding to the mellow canvas the video portrays. Pops of colour surface in the surprising form of pink; the faux fur rug is not the only piece making a bold, fluffy statement as matching faux fur overcoats are spotted, adding a layer of playfully decadent warmth to the artists’ getup. In a delightful juxtaposition, a hint of rugged appeal is showcased in an array of cargos, tracksuits, and straight-leg trousers. The fashion narrative continues to unfold by nodding to minimalism as it embraces simple, sleek designs such as wide-leg linen trousers and waffle tees. Of course, the eye formulates a sweet connection with compelling accessories: endearing sunglasses, a dash of orange, a sprinkle of red, and a statement-making cotton headscarf. Overall, this tableau of style is indeed an indulgent feast for the fashion forward. Each piece strategically stitches together a mosaic of understated elegance, urban chic, bold pops of colour, and soft, cosy instances that vibrates resonance in harmony with the melodies.

issue no. #449

Harrysong - She Knows

Straddling a line between the street-savvy stylings of hip-hop and the rich sartorial heritage of African culture, the fashion narrative in Harrysong’s 'She Knows' video is a vibrant showcase. With an approach that is both galvanically urban and sumptuously lavish, the ensembles burst forth with individuality and an indomitable spirit of expression. Notice the nuanced blend of motley stylings—a swipe of leather bodycon dress, a dash of jaunty bowler styled with a Black Band. An embroidered beanie certainly makes a cameo, casually draped atop nonchalant ensembles. There's a celebration of athletic aesthetics too, harking back to the streets with the iconic burst of orange sneakers, and a tracksuit set splashed with a vivid ink design. Accessories play no second fiddle. From the tantalising fringe-trimmed scarf to the bold buckle belted trousers, each item serves to amplify the overall ensemble. Shirts, both oversized and checked, flirt with a palette of refreshing green. The addition of an abstract blue printed satin dress signifies an artistic mirroring of music into style. Ending the sartorial journey, a check-print cotton shirt and delicate lace spirals you back to sophisticated classics, creating a cycle of fashion that continuously redefines itself within the cultural context of the video.

issue no. #419

Tyler, The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY

SORRY NOT SORRY, an unexpected journey into the audacious world of Tyler, The Creator. The style narrative interweaves a bold palette of navy and khaki, punctuated by rich green tones. Our gaze is initially caught by a rib knit turtleneck, a statement piece that exudes an uncompromising urban sophistication. Quickly our attention is drawn to the glimmer of pearl encrusted earrings. A short, green crew neck tee joins the pantheon of key players, adding a casual yet chic dynamic to the unfolding mélange. The harmony between the pleated off-white trousers and the puff-sleeve floral print dress is undeniable, a testament to elegance crafted from chaos. Unexpectedly, we find ourselves captivated by an ensemble featuring a corduroy belted skirt and a sleek super slim jean pairing. Of course, no such eclectic fashion review would be complete without a mention of the cardigan in a striking colour of carmen green. The classic shirt and distressed sweater from distinguished labels beautifully intertwine, while the leopard pumpkin Aztec T-shirt introduces an element of quirk. Throughout the video, accessories play a crucial role; from the fur hat, silk dress and suede headband in hues of blue to a bucket hat, square sunglasses and Wayne beanie veering onto green. The narrative concludes with a Cadi jacket, a beige puffer with a faux fur collar and a relaxed strap suit jacket, serving as the final pieces in this daringly diverse style puzzle.

issue no. #349

Adekunle Gold’s 'Jore' is a presentation of style as much as it is a musical performance. Visually, the video oozes a confident flair as it elegantly merges contemporary fashion with a hint of classic African aesthetic. The starting point has to be the stunning Sequin Hem Mesh Overlay Dress, an item that sparks sublime grandeur. Not to be overlooked are the strikingly vibrant Blouson Sleeve Blouse adding a flavour of trekking green, playfully counterbalancing the tone with an enchanting paisley charm. Sunglasses, of varied shapes and colours, are used to dramatic effect, contributing to the overall mystique of the video. From Visor Shape to the red hued Loewe and Rodenstock Solbriller R3220, each frame adds another layer to the video's narrative. The black organza ruched sleeve jumpsuit and rose corsage cut out bikini top create a balance of sultry sophistication and glamour. Accessories enhance and punctuate the outfits: the white quilted cross body bag and oversized scrunchie in vibrant yellow lend youthfulness to the mix, while the breathtaking Marco Bicego lariat necklace and gold anklet set convey a sense of opulence. The women's blazer, boxy oversized revere stripe shirt and soft quilted cross body bag lend a more business casual element to the video's style story. Finally, the crochet beach skirt and mesh sweater-knit crop top in cream add a delightful softness, juxtaposed with the edginess of the lambswool rib beanie in neutral ecru. Overall, the 'Jore' video presents an intriguingly stylish journey with the power to inspire and captivate every fashion enthusiast.

issue no. #337

Burna Boy - Big 7

The music video Big 7 by Burna Boy creates a symphony of style, a crescendo of colour and bold prints, an eye-catching composition that captures the spirit of modern fashion. It presents a parade of outfits that create an intriguing narrative of style, each piece meticulously chosen to resonate with the bold and confident beats of the song. The narrative flows effortlessly, from stark white t-shirts that mirror the raw honesty of the lyrics, to the splash of vibrant floral prints that echo the energy of the rhythm. This video showcases the blend of street style and high fashion, with jeans ripped at the knee juxtaposing elegantly with the soft touch of lace frills. A dash of sporty appeal is added with patchwork colour block outfits, echoing the dynamic vibe of the music. The outfits come alive with accessories, from faux leather boots that command attention, to chic berets and baseball caps that add a touch of understated cool. The eye-catching statement pieces like the rhinestone-embellished hair pin complete the look, adding that final touch of glamour. The fashion in Big 7 is a celebration of individuality and fearless self-expression, a visual representation of the eclectic beats and powerful lyrics. Each look is a style statement, a reflection of the spirit of the music, making this video a must-see runway of fashion.

issue no. #281

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video)

As the beats of 'London' by BIA reverberate through your speakers, we are greeted with an astonishingly chic experience drenched in urbane sophistication. Each ensemble in the video is a narration of sartorial rebellion and audacity. The alluring wrap-up sandals, in their pristine white, are cleverly juxtaposed against the urban allure of high waist sweatpants outlining a new horizon of style. Scarves aren't just adornments to the neck but serve as a nod to the classic taste, set off by the raw edginess of black biker jackets. An oversized white coat, so immaculately structured, takes us back to minimalist fashion, where simplicity and voluminous silhouettes lead the charge. Wide-legged joggers and leggings create an inescapable surge in street style, while the occasional t-shirt and romper pairings exude a youthful aura. Exuding dominating manliness, a one-button dress suit emerges in the monochrome palette. The video presents a splendid amalgamation of contrasts. From a simple flat cap to the striking orange lanyard bag, every piece tells a story of its own. A black crossbody bag quietly complements the selection of other chic black accessories, like the distressed leggings and bifold wallet. Amidst the dark shades, the occasional splash of gold on heels and colourful blocks on a roll neck sweater bring a dash of vibrancy. The fashion montage concludes with an organic cotton striped top, winkingly alluding to the sustainable side of fashion. 'London' by BIA isn’t just music to ears, but a trendsetting feast to the eyes.

issue no. #277

Central Cee & Dave - Sprinter [Music Video]

In Sprinter, the collaboration of Central Cee and Dave takes you on a sartorial ride. The video takes a harmonious approach, inviting the viewer into a world where fashion meets streetwear aesthetics. It begins with understated elegance, a play of soft textures and tailored fits, evoking a sense of sophistication. We see a plethora of earthy and pastel tones, blending effortlessly into a backdrop of urban grit. An emphasis is placed on the art of layering, displaying the versatility of sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. Bomber jackets with dynamic prints emerge as a key trend, creating a strong visual impact. The celebration of headwear cannot be ignored, with bucket hats in various shades and materials surfacing as a signature element. From khaki greens to vibrant blues, the hats are not just accessories but rather a statement on their own. As the video progresses, the viewer is introduced to sporty ensembles, including colour block tracksuits and crop sports tops, hinting at the influence of athleisure influence in modern street fashion. The well-placed accessories, including hoop earrings and faux leather strap watches, add a touch of finesse to the overall composition. The style narrative of Sprinter is a fine amalgamation of casual sophistication and playful street bravado, offering an insight into the evolving urban fashion ecosystem.

issue no. #271

In the iconic music video for 'Talibans II' by Byron Messia & Burna Boy, the artists impress with their dynamic synergy in both music and fashion. The style palette swings from relaxed athleisure with velvety textures, symbolized by shades of lush green, to edgy urban streetwear captured by oversized ensembles. There's a nod to sports-inspired style, particularly with the retro basketball jersey, while a tennis shorts done in pristine white adds a crisp element to the versatile wardrobe. A casual chic twist is injected with a relaxed-fit denim short and ditsy shorts, both creating a contrast to the high-energy scenes. The video showcases a collection of sunglasses - from wide frames to cat eyes in marbled green, their reflective lenses panning between shades of tortoiseshell and brown that add a playful touch to the artists' looks. The accessories game is strong with a mix of simple chain bracelets adorned with letter detailing and freshwater pearl necklace exuding subtle sophistication. The punchy colour pops of red and cream seen in a snapback cap and satin bomber with rhinestones respectively, add flair to the otherwise muted style narrative. At certain moments the video revels in the glamour of a devoré floral-print dress and a boxy bandana slub shirt set, two distinct pieces that transport viewers to undefined scenic getaways. The fashion parade culminates with a dark green pierced one-piece swimwear and raglan sleeve knit sweater, two contrasting items illustrating the range of wardrobe options showcased in the visual masterpiece.

issue no. #139


In BEEN BROKE by TOBE NWIGWE, the runway intersects with rhythm to create a spectacle of style and substance. The ensembles ooze an impressive juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication. Pinstriped double-breasted blazers speak volumes of an uptown chic vibe, paired harmoniously with tastefully chosen suit pants, adding a pop of color to the overall neutral-toned look. The theme is more than touched-upon again in layered maxi skirts with delicate lace insertions - a nod to the romanticism of the bygone era while still maintaining a modern edge. Floral jacquard midi dresses interplay with the aesthetics, rendering a sense of nostalgic elegance. The looks are elevated with the subtle addition of accessories - beanies adorned with appliques, scrunchies, and headscarves in a monochromatic, gray palette. Solid tie V-neck casual dresses with a hint of pink evoke a sense of playful femininity contrasted with the stern rigidity of a white belted blazer dress. Puff sleeves, be it on a crisp white blouse or a blazer dress, surface as a recurrent motif, resonating a retro-inspired glamour. The exploration of textures is not left untouched, with elements like taffeta in swing skirts and feather look strips inserted judiciously to accentuate the meticulous detailing that went into curating each look. In essence, the music video showcases a thoughtful curation of styles, merging themes of tradition, modernity, and the timeless charm of simplicity.

issue no. #137

The Isley Brothers - Contagious - Video Edit [Clean]

Through a kinetic melody and gripping narrative, 'Contagious' by The Isley Brothers serves as a backdrop to a bold array of fashion statements. The video paints a narrative that's as dynamic as the ensembles adorned by the characters. Infused with a surprising flair of modernity are vintage silhouettes, unfolding into a visual fashion dialogue. Starting with oversized knits in earthy tones, flowing into washed denims and pinstripe blazers, it's clear that relaxed elegance is the key theme here. A standout piece is a slinky square neck piece in punchy orange, encapsulating the drama and electrifying rhythm of the video. With other ensembles threading a balance between vibrant prints and muted tones, there’s a respectful nod to classic cuts, while flirtations with bold tropical prints keep the dynamics fresh and youthful. The accessories too, play a crucial role in the overall fashion narrative. Sunglasses with a classic round polarised frame add an air of intrigue, while geometric beading on bracelets and multi-layered star pendant necklaces lend an edge of bohemia. To top it all off, each character sports brimmed hats and wool beanies, tying in the overarching theme of casual vintage blended with urban contemporary. Lastly, the video doesn't shy away from integrating patterns and textures, demonstrated by the floral jacquard blazer and leopard trainers, painting a vivid image of eclectic fashion narratives blending in perfect rhythm to the music.

issue no. #107

The music video for 'Bandana' by Asake & Fireboy DML is a testament to the timeless synergy of fashion and music. The video is rich in variety - with the style showcasing the modern streetwear aesthetic juxtaposed with a sophisticated, urban chic. Casual wear takes precedence in the form of oversized hoodies, tracksuits, and tapered fit jeans, all of which serve to endorse a laid-back, effortless approach to style. A refreshing pick - the Boho Graphic Crop Boxy T-Shirt with its undeniable charm further highlights the streetwear influence. Yet this casual narrative does not entirely dominate the ensemble. The dressier elements such as the double-breasted blazer and the chiffon jumpsuit infuse a sense of elegance and formality into the mix. Accessories too, have their moment under the spotlight. The avant-garde Kaws sunglasses bring in an edge, the earring dangles add to the feminine charm while the bucket hat echoes the street vibe. The style narrative, thus, is one of intentional eclecticism and bold contrasts. It is a stylistic weaving of the casual and the chic, the street, and the sophisticated. It is the kind of fashion that does not adhere to prescriptive norms but dares to experiment, mix, and match. Overall, the 'Bandana' music video is a feast for the fashion savvy, an arena where style is a fluid concept, and where the music and fashion worlds converge in harmony.

issue no. #53

Madonna - Like a Virgin

This iconic Madonna video transports us back to the 80s, a time of unbridled style and youthful rebellion. One cannot help but to be captivated by a distinct European vibe, channelled through a Giambattista Valli inspired dress. The scene resonates a stunning contrast between the stark black dress and a quirky linoleum coffee table suggestive of a rendezvous at a chic Italian cafe. Adding dimension, an Nantucket inspired storage footstool infuses an unexpected dash of domesticity. A unique blend of high fashion and homely charm is furthered by a tunic sweater, draped in an elegant cowl neck fashion. This ensemble wouldn't be complete without the addition of a faux fur overcoat, the zipper details add an edgy touch reminding you that this isn’t just about opulence, but also about attitude. Madonna makes a statement with her accessories - from brass door knocker earrings to studded shoulder bags and high-top trainers, creating an eclectic mix of luxury and street style. Not forgetting the statement leggings, the glossy sheen of faux leather manifests an undeniably punk influence. An oversized hoodie introduces an element of comfort and nonchalance, contrasting the otherwise glam aesthetic. The crystal knots necklace and the sunflower heart necklace serve as perfect metaphors for a love entwined with complexity yet blooming under the sun. Lastly, the houndstooth sweater vest layered over a plain shirt, speaks volumes about the transformation of menswear into a gender-fluid style statement.

issue no. #11

Asake - Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

In Asake's music video of 'Peace Be Unto You' (PBUY), one can't help but be mesmerized by the exquisite fusion of music and fashion. Striking sophistication permeates throughout, as the artist undeniably pushes the envelope with a selection of high-fashion pieces, that are as harmonious with the video's aesthetic as the verses are with the beats. The video is a spectacular showcase of a plethora of brands, with a predominant emphasis on accessories, specifically sunglasses. Bottega Veneta leaves a mark with its BV1184S 003 and BV1165S 001, both of which exude an edgy cool vibe. Balenciaga's BB0228S 002 and Gucci's GG1294S 004 amplify the enigmatic energy, while Bottega Veneta’s BV1101S 010 and Westward Leaning's Voyager 38 add an undertone of eclectic chic. The clothes elegantly complement these accessories. With Max Mara's Brown Manuela Wrap Coat and Prada's three-pocket two-piece pajama set, the video paints a canvas of laid-back urban luxe. The narrative further develops with Inès & Maréchal's single-breasted lambskin jacket infusing a pop of color alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s bow-tie detail blouse, providing a flair of romantic femininity. The blazers - Kwaidan Editions Double Face Wool Blazer, Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander, and Burberry’s creations - embrace an androgynous vibe, embodying a modern, powerful expression. The video concludes with a resounding note of luxury and high fashion, thanks to Tom Ford's FT0525 28A. Each fashion piece tells a story, merging effortlessly with the music, creating an unparalleled sartorial spectacle.