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issue no. #53

Madonna - Like a Virgin

This iconic Madonna video transports us back to the 80s, a time of unbridled style and youthful rebellion. One cannot help but to be captivated by a distinct European vibe, channelled through a Giambattista Valli inspired dress. The scene resonates a stunning contrast between the stark black dress and a quirky linoleum coffee table suggestive of a rendezvous at a chic Italian cafe. Adding dimension, an Nantucket inspired storage footstool infuses an unexpected dash of domesticity. A unique blend of high fashion and homely charm is furthered by a tunic sweater, draped in an elegant cowl neck fashion. This ensemble wouldn't be complete without the addition of a faux fur overcoat, the zipper details add an edgy touch reminding you that this isn’t just about opulence, but also about attitude. Madonna makes a statement with her accessories - from brass door knocker earrings to studded shoulder bags and high-top trainers, creating an eclectic mix of luxury and street style. Not forgetting the statement leggings, the glossy sheen of faux leather manifests an undeniably punk influence. An oversized hoodie introduces an element of comfort and nonchalance, contrasting the otherwise glam aesthetic. The crystal knots necklace and the sunflower heart necklace serve as perfect metaphors for a love entwined with complexity yet blooming under the sun. Lastly, the houndstooth sweater vest layered over a plain shirt, speaks volumes about the transformation of menswear into a gender-fluid style statement.

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issue no. #29

Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)

In Beyoncé's 'Formation' official video, a fashion parade unfolds, dissecting and celebrating the overlapping spheres of power and style. The video mirrors a meticulously curated fashion exhibition, featuring an array of high-end labels and curating a visual feast, where the aesthetics of opulence meet the vibrancy of streetwear. CORNELIANI MEN'S Suits manifest their majestic presence in grey, while Prada tuxedo and single-breasted suits delve deep into the classic noir fashion. Versace Jeans and Collection Suits punctuate the scene with their iconic styles. The prestigious Dsqaured2 makes multiple appearances, with their women's suit and Chicago suit in wool and silk, and a lustrous double-breasted two-piece suit. The oversized double-breasted blazer by Balenciaga, LANVIN Men’s black blazer and Dolce & Gabbana wrap-style silk blazer become the cynosure of all eyes, injecting the video with an extra dose of glamour. Balenciaga fitted trousers, Off-White’s straight-leg trousers, and Bottega Veneta’s high-waisted wide trousers add a dimension to the black trouser spectrum. The pink Ermanno Scervino geometric embroidery jumper breaks the monotony and creates an eye-catching contrast. Burberry Suit, Emporio Armani Logo Suits, and TOM FORD tailored trousers continue the sartorial journey, culminating in a Monse asymmetrical velvet pleated trousers that adds a touch of whimsy to this fashion galore.

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issue no. #23

Burna Boy - Real Life

In Burna Boy's Real Life MV, a true fusion of urban cool and high-fashion chic is seen. The video paints a vibrant palette that reflects the charisma and allure of the megastar. Each piece of clothing carries a story, a unique narrative weaving its way into the overall aesthetic. From the Balmain double-breasted short peacoat to the Burberry hooded parka coat, the video is a symphony of luxe fashion sensibilities mixed with streetwear swagger. The Osklen jersey cotton hoodie, paired with the Teal Velvet Jonathan Trousers, speaks volumes of Burna Boy's inimitable style. A nod to casual comfort meets runway fashion, the video also showcases enviable pieces like the A. A. Spectrum Brown Monkord Zip Up Hoodie, John Elliott Tan Beach Hoodie and more. The video is an aesthetic playground of varying textures, from the plush velvet of the Ermanno Scervino cropped pants to the cotton blend of Acne Studios Tan Crewneck Sweatshirt. Each frame of the video is a testament to Burna Boy's status as a fashion icon, as he juggles effortlessly multiple fashion worlds - from the urban city streets to the high-end, luxurious runways. The range of outfits, such as the M&S Nantucket Storage Footstool or even the Bow Detail Small Suitcase, adds a unique flavor, echoing the artist’s versatility in his style. So, immerse yourself in 'Real Life' and get inspired by Burna Boy’s signature style!

issue no. #11

Asake - Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

In Asake's music video of 'Peace Be Unto You' (PBUY), one can't help but be mesmerized by the exquisite fusion of music and fashion. Striking sophistication permeates throughout, as the artist undeniably pushes the envelope with a selection of high-fashion pieces, that are as harmonious with the video's aesthetic as the verses are with the beats. The video is a spectacular showcase of a plethora of brands, with a predominant emphasis on accessories, specifically sunglasses. Bottega Veneta leaves a mark with its BV1184S 003 and BV1165S 001, both of which exude an edgy cool vibe. Balenciaga's BB0228S 002 and Gucci's GG1294S 004 amplify the enigmatic energy, while Bottega Veneta’s BV1101S 010 and Westward Leaning's Voyager 38 add an undertone of eclectic chic. The clothes elegantly complement these accessories. With Max Mara's Brown Manuela Wrap Coat and Prada's three-pocket two-piece pajama set, the video paints a canvas of laid-back urban luxe. The narrative further develops with Inès & Maréchal's single-breasted lambskin jacket infusing a pop of color alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s bow-tie detail blouse, providing a flair of romantic femininity. The blazers - Kwaidan Editions Double Face Wool Blazer, Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander, and Burberry’s creations - embrace an androgynous vibe, embodying a modern, powerful expression. The video concludes with a resounding note of luxury and high fashion, thanks to Tom Ford's FT0525 28A. Each fashion piece tells a story, merging effortlessly with the music, creating an unparalleled sartorial spectacle.