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issue no. #607

JAE5 - Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video)

The Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video) by JAE5 is an intricate fusion of music and fashion, where each outfit tells its own tale. Series of shorts make a pronounced appearance, from Closette's vibrant women's Bermuda variety to the unblemished sophistication of TINYCOTTONS Kids' solid offerings, suggesting a ubiquity and ease of summer feels. Metaphorically, the glow of the sun is also mirrored through shimmering accessories, including faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings and metallic round sunglasses. An audacious clash of palettes is perceptible with the green contrast trouer co-ord alongside the grey one-shoulder raw edge neck sweater, epitomising a captivating exploration into colour therapy. High-waist jeans, enlivened with dye prints, and sheet tulle-striped shirts bring a frisson of the unorthodox into this style symphony. Touches of opulence punctuate the aesthetic journey, like the beading V-neck two-piece prom dress and the Shine Away sequin maxi dress, musing an elevated, celebratory air. Oversized blazers and long velvet gloves speak to the androgyny, offering a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunglasses, maxi dresses, drawstring cami dresses, and heavy oversized blazers puncture the narrative with surety and intention, reminding us of the power entrenched in bold sartorial expressionism. All told, this video is as much a fashion manifesto as it is a testament to JAE5's artistry.

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issue no. #487

YAWA by Fireboy DML unquestionably makes for an alluring vista of fashion dialogue. Throughout the video, we see a fantasia of distinctive looks, embodying both adventurous, streetwise aesthetics and a brisk exploration of classic elegance. The ensembles imbue the narrative with various shades of sartorial verve, from bodycontoured, two-piece formal wear to the rugged allure found amidst the camouflage tracksuits. The decidedly autumnal palette is striking with rich bordeaux and berry hues setting a backdrop for breath-taking dance sequences. One can't help but notice the clever interplay of the fiery leather trousers and faux leather belted shirt. Hats off to the elegant chapeau which adds a whimsical note to the overall scenario. Sunglasses evolving through the video notably enhance the artistic direction, starting with a softer beige and moving to a bolder white acetate transfer. As far as accessories go, the dainty gold triple necklace and the bold, square polarised sunglasses do more than just complement the attire. They indeed deepen the narrative by offering a characterization of the wearer. The mixture of prints from floral to check gives the video a trans-seasonal feel, making it a continually appealing spectacle. Certainly, the video isn't just a spectacle of music and dance. It is a delicious feast of fashion that explores a dynamic range of style realms.

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issue no. #443

BNXN & JAE5 - Love Made Me Do It

Journey into a fusion of artistic expression as BNXN and JAE5's 'Love Made Me Do It' video unfolds. A visual symphony, the scene opens with dramatic black pieces; cropped jackets pepper the first few frames, effortlessly paired with finely-knit cotton tees for the men, a nod to the modern man's chic leanings. Pumps with cross straps dash in, pointed-toe and daring, evoking an undeniable aura of feminine power. A swift transition then brings us to a bold display of vibrant fabrics, patterned polo shirts, delicate satin pieces, and cream striped linen shirts rendering a startling contrast. Emphasised with standout accessories - statement beaded gold-tone earrings paint a rustic hue, hats ranging from chic buckets to ribbed-knit organic cotton assortments hold their own. The bucket hat’s alter ego, a intriguing shearling version, graces the scene as the crescendo builds. Soft jacquard robes of ivory white lend a romantic motif, harmonising with the delicate hum of floral patterns. On the side, sunglasses frame the narrative, ranging from smoke-shielded baddie babies, wide frames to subtly elegant round frames - enforcing the transience of time yet the permanence of style. Accessories make their final bow with braceleted flowers of silver and green, culminating with a vibrant snapshot handbag painting the final blue strokes. Wrapped in a pink 3/4 sleeve top beneath a split neck, the video closes leaving us awed, contemplative, yet eternally stylish.

issue no. #359

Subtle chic meets cosmopolitan charm on the enchanting sound stage of Kizz Daniel's 'Yeba'. Its fashion narrative offers a unique fusion of the prolific street style and glamorous high fashion avenue with a distinct African vibe. There's an artful assembly of utilitarian pieces, embellished denim jackets, and beautifully adorned sunglasses, all rounded up under the broad umbrella of casual elegance, which resounds the underlying notes of this musical spectacle. Think sun-drenched hues dancing in tandem with cool, striped shirts, effortlessly painting a picture of a relaxed, aesthetic summer day. Amidst this fashion symphony, a whispering waft of off-shoulder dresses and asymmetric tunic tops bolster the video's visual appeal, playing with silhouettes, and injecting an air of insouciant elegance. Eyewear salutes the charm of quirkiness, with round and oval sunglasses adding a layer of visual intrigue and the right touch of mysterious allure. The animal print collared blouse roars with raw, untamed beauty intermixed with sophistication. The contrasting palette of orange bodycon dress and a blue children's scarf makes a striking appearance, capturing the spirit of vivacity. From checkered shorts paired with polka dot shirts to the casually slung turquoise bead necklace, the diverse assembly of patterns and textures, colours and layers, hints at an eclectic mix of fashion statements narrating a tale as varied and arresting as the music itself.

issue no. #349

Adekunle Gold’s 'Jore' is a presentation of style as much as it is a musical performance. Visually, the video oozes a confident flair as it elegantly merges contemporary fashion with a hint of classic African aesthetic. The starting point has to be the stunning Sequin Hem Mesh Overlay Dress, an item that sparks sublime grandeur. Not to be overlooked are the strikingly vibrant Blouson Sleeve Blouse adding a flavour of trekking green, playfully counterbalancing the tone with an enchanting paisley charm. Sunglasses, of varied shapes and colours, are used to dramatic effect, contributing to the overall mystique of the video. From Visor Shape to the red hued Loewe and Rodenstock Solbriller R3220, each frame adds another layer to the video's narrative. The black organza ruched sleeve jumpsuit and rose corsage cut out bikini top create a balance of sultry sophistication and glamour. Accessories enhance and punctuate the outfits: the white quilted cross body bag and oversized scrunchie in vibrant yellow lend youthfulness to the mix, while the breathtaking Marco Bicego lariat necklace and gold anklet set convey a sense of opulence. The women's blazer, boxy oversized revere stripe shirt and soft quilted cross body bag lend a more business casual element to the video's style story. Finally, the crochet beach skirt and mesh sweater-knit crop top in cream add a delightful softness, juxtaposed with the edginess of the lambswool rib beanie in neutral ecru. Overall, the 'Jore' video presents an intriguingly stylish journey with the power to inspire and captivate every fashion enthusiast.

issue no. #179

Tems - Damages

The 'Damages' music video by Tems is a stunning showcase of fashion, strutting down the runway of aural expression. This provocative narrative is painted with garments that echo an adventurous spirit, combining elements of urban cool with bohemian chic. At the heart of its aesthetics are pieces that speak volumes, mini dresses parading the vivaciousness of purple, while floor-length dresses embrace the boho tie-dye and fold design, unfurling the story with each sway. Bikini tops take on a bold display of audacity, with asymmetrical designs demanding your attention. Unexpected sparkling adornments come in the form of vintage rings exhibiting bees and sunflowers, adding a touch of Mother Nature's charm. Jeans and cargo pants hold their classic appeal while edging towards defiance, with hints of blue and green. Slinky black racer tops and multi-layered beading bracelets celebrate the carefree and bold, whispering tales of freedom and individuality. Sunglasses and rhinestone rings come together in a dance of light and shade, mingling with the enchanting world of lingerie. A collection of blush tones, mesh cloud prints, and twist shoulder tops provide a soft, sensual interlude, tempered by the edgy evening dress adorned with sequins and 3/4 sleeves. The video sashays towards its climax with pink semi-sheer sleeveless blouses, asymmetric midi skirts, and metallic flap wallets, all pulsating to the rhythm of fashion's heartbeat. The stage is then set for a grand finale – a single-breasted blazer in a riot of paisley jacquard.

issue no. #11

Asake - Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

In Asake's music video of 'Peace Be Unto You' (PBUY), one can't help but be mesmerized by the exquisite fusion of music and fashion. Striking sophistication permeates throughout, as the artist undeniably pushes the envelope with a selection of high-fashion pieces, that are as harmonious with the video's aesthetic as the verses are with the beats. The video is a spectacular showcase of a plethora of brands, with a predominant emphasis on accessories, specifically sunglasses. Bottega Veneta leaves a mark with its BV1184S 003 and BV1165S 001, both of which exude an edgy cool vibe. Balenciaga's BB0228S 002 and Gucci's GG1294S 004 amplify the enigmatic energy, while Bottega Veneta’s BV1101S 010 and Westward Leaning's Voyager 38 add an undertone of eclectic chic. The clothes elegantly complement these accessories. With Max Mara's Brown Manuela Wrap Coat and Prada's three-pocket two-piece pajama set, the video paints a canvas of laid-back urban luxe. The narrative further develops with Inès & Maréchal's single-breasted lambskin jacket infusing a pop of color alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s bow-tie detail blouse, providing a flair of romantic femininity. The blazers - Kwaidan Editions Double Face Wool Blazer, Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander, and Burberry’s creations - embrace an androgynous vibe, embodying a modern, powerful expression. The video concludes with a resounding note of luxury and high fashion, thanks to Tom Ford's FT0525 28A. Each fashion piece tells a story, merging effortlessly with the music, creating an unparalleled sartorial spectacle.