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issue no. #601

SPINALL - Loju (Official Music Video)

As SPINALL unveils 'Loju', the landscape of fashion and music intertwine in a bold display of style and ingenuity. A story unfolds through a kaleidoscope of mesmerising hues and nuanced silhouettes. The spectrum of roseate takes center stage as exemplified in a dipped hem crop top and a grandiose silk shirt, adding a sprinkle of youthful dynamism. Black, the eternal companion of pink, adds an element of rebellious elegance in a cropped corset. There is an air of flirtatious charm in woven chain shoulder bag and satin drop shoulder pants set. The flair of the high waist plaid dress intersects with practicality in the lake swim shorts. Their vibrant green counterparts presented through a slim piped suit and Verona tank dress, stand as peculiar attention seekers. A nod to retro styling is made with a leopard print bucket hat, offering a charming contrast. As routes deviate, casual cool is maintained through cotton lined jeans and lettered sweatpants. Then again, there's an exception to everything: the romanticism of the sunflower heart necklace, speaking many languages, albeit silently. 'Loju' amalgamates these pieces to craft its own nomenclature of style.

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issue no. #443

BNXN & JAE5 - Love Made Me Do It

Journey into a fusion of artistic expression as BNXN and JAE5's 'Love Made Me Do It' video unfolds. A visual symphony, the scene opens with dramatic black pieces; cropped jackets pepper the first few frames, effortlessly paired with finely-knit cotton tees for the men, a nod to the modern man's chic leanings. Pumps with cross straps dash in, pointed-toe and daring, evoking an undeniable aura of feminine power. A swift transition then brings us to a bold display of vibrant fabrics, patterned polo shirts, delicate satin pieces, and cream striped linen shirts rendering a startling contrast. Emphasised with standout accessories - statement beaded gold-tone earrings paint a rustic hue, hats ranging from chic buckets to ribbed-knit organic cotton assortments hold their own. The bucket hat’s alter ego, a intriguing shearling version, graces the scene as the crescendo builds. Soft jacquard robes of ivory white lend a romantic motif, harmonising with the delicate hum of floral patterns. On the side, sunglasses frame the narrative, ranging from smoke-shielded baddie babies, wide frames to subtly elegant round frames - enforcing the transience of time yet the permanence of style. Accessories make their final bow with braceleted flowers of silver and green, culminating with a vibrant snapshot handbag painting the final blue strokes. Wrapped in a pink 3/4 sleeve top beneath a split neck, the video closes leaving us awed, contemplative, yet eternally stylish.

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issue no. #17

George Michael - Freedom! ’90 (Official Video)

George Michael's Freedom! ’90 music video breeds a fashion exhibit that screams glamorous glamour from start to finish. The style presented in it can be described as nothing less than a sumptuous symphony of textures and patterns, where each piece of cloth intermingles to create a harmonious display of fashion's finest. Opening with the Black Single Breasted Velvet Smoking Jacket, a piece that embodies understated luxury with a modern twist, any viewer is immediately drawn in. Not too far behind in the fashion docket is Junya Watanabe's draped sequin-embellished blouse, solidifying its place in the haute couture hierarchy with its striking black shade. Cotton skirts make a repeated appearance, painting the scene with breezy simplicity, whilst the DRAMATIC GREEN COAT by Renli Su adds an intriguing contrast with its attention-grabbing hue. Sequin continues to be a favored embellishment, taking center stage in the Ports 1961 safari jacket and Ermanno Scervino's triangle bikini. Area's embellished double-breasted blazer and the Gleeson colorblocked bead-embellished sweater further amplify the sparkle quotient. Iro Hita's ruched faux leather skirt and black Rick Owens side slit pull-on skirt inject a dose of avant-garde appeal, while Stefano Ricci's crystal-embellished pocket square adds a dash of male-oriented fashion. The video also showcases an array of brands from M&S, Chloe, Guess Marciano, Ericdress, KILLSTAR, and KENZO, each contributing to the fashion extravaganza with their unique pieces, making Freedom! ’90 a visual feast of sartorial excellence.