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issue no. #503


In the mesmerising melody of 'UNAVAILABLE', Davido turns the world into his catwalk, enlivening the screen with an ultra-chic assemblage of outfits. The luminosity of the leopard print silk sheath dress evokes an extravagant, yet subtly nostalgic allure. Perfect black leather jackets, with their undulating balloon sleeves, meet soft beige tops, suggesting a seamless dialogue between freedom and structure. Effortlessly cool vests in rich brown, interspersed with striking blue swimsuits, assert the power of subtle contrasts shaping the unconventional fashion narrative. Pale grey cargo trousers and delicate sage ankle grazers speak of the beauty found in understated elegance. Stark white tees coupled with puffer jackets in dark ecru cultivate an inviting, yet mysterious guise, punctuating moments of youthful flamboyance with grown-up panache. Star sequin skirts with faux-feather detail hold court amidst lush satin shirts, while a rose tinted midi dress with ruffle details hypnotises with its daring plunge. The intriguing addition of a nude handbag seems to whisper 'Tell It Like It Is', while western-style wide leg jeans and floral shorts playfully echo black and blue hues. The fashion tableau that Davido creates boldly redefines standards, positioning children's ecru jeans and printed pyjamas alongside traditional pieces, capturing a universally inclusive spirit of style.

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issue no. #409

Ozuna & Omah Lay - Omah Lay X Ozuna - Soso Remix (Video Oficial) | AFRO

The rhythm of the Afrobeat meets the riveting Latin energy in Omah Lay X Ozuna's 'Soso Remix' video. It's an audacious spectacle that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the ears. The fashion narrative is non-conforming, striking, and resolute in its celebration of individuality. Both Omah Lay and Ozuna don their own unique styles that mirror their personalities and the music perfectly, swaying between vibrant patterns, chic knits, and edgy prints. The scene is peppered with richly coloured trousers, relaxed hoodies that are understated but unmistakably stylish, and dogtooth suits that lend a hint of classic sophistication. The co-ordinated festival trousers with cargo pockets are a delightful nod to the music scene, pulsating with bohemian energy. Cream crinkle rib leggings complement the overall palette, while the wide buckle belt tapered trousers bring a certain slickness. The women's accessories lend a mix of the understated and the dramatic - from the quilted cross-body bag to the metallic clutch. The celestial sleeveless top is a standout, adding a dash of the mystic to the mélange. A sprinkling of rhinestone earrings and the silk-blend long nightgown add the perfect dose of glamour, resulting in outfits that don't just reflect fashion, but perpetuate its evolving narrative.

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issue no. #83

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Miley Cyrus blossoms into her own in 'Flowers', fashionably embodying the idiom, 'every flower must grow through dirt.' The video is an exquisite dance of contrasts and juxtapositions, with the central theme of transformation and rebirth woven masterfully throughout. The explorative attire encapsulates stars shooting across the universe, seen in the reflection of highly refined leather pieces. It's a nod towards the celestial, matched with the earthly bound elegance of a fishtail gown, its illusionary print reminiscent of flora under moonlight. The contrast extends further with the minimalist starkness of a zip card holder, an understatement against the backdrop of the resplendent and dreamy atmosphere of the video. The striking white sunglasses add a vintage touch, reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the yesteryears. The video also takes a bold turn towards the provocative, with high waist g-strings and mesh detail lingerie, pushing the boundaries of one's comfort zone. Surprisingly, it’s balanced with the delicate grace of lacy Calvin Klein panties and understated elegance of Zara knickers. The video indulges in an array of outerwear - from the permeable comfort of a perforated back knit cardigan, the dignified allure of a black blazer, to the sensual drapes of an off-white knitted cardigan. The video concludes with an unexpected, yet utterly delightful spectacle - a pastel green linen jacket, an oversized statement piece that encapsulates the video's overarching theme of growth, rebirth, and transformation.

issue no. #17

George Michael - Freedom! ’90 (Official Video)

George Michael's Freedom! ’90 music video breeds a fashion exhibit that screams glamorous glamour from start to finish. The style presented in it can be described as nothing less than a sumptuous symphony of textures and patterns, where each piece of cloth intermingles to create a harmonious display of fashion's finest. Opening with the Black Single Breasted Velvet Smoking Jacket, a piece that embodies understated luxury with a modern twist, any viewer is immediately drawn in. Not too far behind in the fashion docket is Junya Watanabe's draped sequin-embellished blouse, solidifying its place in the haute couture hierarchy with its striking black shade. Cotton skirts make a repeated appearance, painting the scene with breezy simplicity, whilst the DRAMATIC GREEN COAT by Renli Su adds an intriguing contrast with its attention-grabbing hue. Sequin continues to be a favored embellishment, taking center stage in the Ports 1961 safari jacket and Ermanno Scervino's triangle bikini. Area's embellished double-breasted blazer and the Gleeson colorblocked bead-embellished sweater further amplify the sparkle quotient. Iro Hita's ruched faux leather skirt and black Rick Owens side slit pull-on skirt inject a dose of avant-garde appeal, while Stefano Ricci's crystal-embellished pocket square adds a dash of male-oriented fashion. The video also showcases an array of brands from M&S, Chloe, Guess Marciano, Ericdress, KILLSTAR, and KENZO, each contributing to the fashion extravaganza with their unique pieces, making Freedom! ’90 a visual feast of sartorial excellence.