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issue no. #503


In the mesmerising melody of 'UNAVAILABLE', Davido turns the world into his catwalk, enlivening the screen with an ultra-chic assemblage of outfits. The luminosity of the leopard print silk sheath dress evokes an extravagant, yet subtly nostalgic allure. Perfect black leather jackets, with their undulating balloon sleeves, meet soft beige tops, suggesting a seamless dialogue between freedom and structure. Effortlessly cool vests in rich brown, interspersed with striking blue swimsuits, assert the power of subtle contrasts shaping the unconventional fashion narrative. Pale grey cargo trousers and delicate sage ankle grazers speak of the beauty found in understated elegance. Stark white tees coupled with puffer jackets in dark ecru cultivate an inviting, yet mysterious guise, punctuating moments of youthful flamboyance with grown-up panache. Star sequin skirts with faux-feather detail hold court amidst lush satin shirts, while a rose tinted midi dress with ruffle details hypnotises with its daring plunge. The intriguing addition of a nude handbag seems to whisper 'Tell It Like It Is', while western-style wide leg jeans and floral shorts playfully echo black and blue hues. The fashion tableau that Davido creates boldly redefines standards, positioning children's ecru jeans and printed pyjamas alongside traditional pieces, capturing a universally inclusive spirit of style.

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issue no. #223

Kizz Daniel - Shu-Peru (Official Video)

In the exhilarating world of 'Shu-Peru', Kizz Daniel makes a stirring statement. From the boldness of navy leggings, the warmth of dusty pink hoodies, to eye-catching faux-leather trousers, the video is a vibrant exploration of versatile styling. Again, the tracksuits color-coordinate in fiery red or mesmerizing multicolor, setting the rhythm of Kizz Daniel's melodic storytelling. There's ample experimentation as well, as evidenced by the chic blend of gold chunky belts and graphic print crop tops. The spectrum broadens with soft rib knit slouchy cardigans and artfully ripped jeans, underscoring a daring but tasteful defiance of normative fashion. Layered atop these are striking accents, like the fearless ring set and the bias binding trim knit sweater, that give an edgy outlook. Meanwhile, the satin dresses, feather trim or frill hem, indulge in a luxurious escapade. The beauty of diversity is highlighted in the satin jacquard cupped frill hem dress in romantic red and the SOFIA WRAP MINI DRESS by MANÉ lending elegance to the edgy. And, finally, a nod to Forte Forte frin, the undisputed finale of Kizz Daniel's fashion symphony, wraps the video in a beautiful bow of style and sophistication.

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