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issue no. #463

Sashaying through the world of hyper-stylised couture, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice don't mince their words or their clothes in the vibrant and playful video, 'Barbie World'. The artists bring their unique personas to life, perfectly synchronising an infusion of assertive and high-energy fashion choices that embodies the spirit of the song. Palettes range from bold to romantic, effortlessly tied together with an undeniable dash of fabulousness. Any style maven would flip for the dynamic mixing of finishes, from shiny vinyl to textured rib. The artists make a statement whether they're twirling in flouncy one-shoulder bikini tops or strutting in sky-high thigh boots. The hues of pinks and pops of yellows, greens, and purples add a certain playful exuberance. Basking in a reinvented classic vibe, the artists inspire with styles featuring skinny jeans, rib vests, and oversized sunglasses. It's hard not overlook the rich details – sparkling hoop earrings, diamante rings, and angelic pendant necklaces becoming integral accents to the ensemble. The artists are unapologetically over-the-top with their athletic ombre capri leggings and sequinned crop top. Yet, they do not shy from being sophisticated as evident with tailored blazers and caped gowns. The result is a fashion showcase that's part cheerleader chic, part 90’s diva, but entirely haute couture-worthy. 'Barbie World' is not just a music video; it’s a high-voltage fashion extravaganza that empowers you to unleash your own sartorial creativity.

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issue no. #101

Rema - Calm Down

A testament to Rema's individualistic aesthetic sensibility, the fashion in 'Calm Down' presents a subtle yet avant-garde amalgamation of streetwear chic and haute couture. The eclectic tapestry of styles traverses diversely from the gritty edge of faux leather trousers to the casual elegance of fluid culotte trousers, embodying a fascinating fusion of versatility and sophistication. A defining highlight is the audacious mix of camouflage prints interwoven with asymmetric silhouettes, embodying a rhythmic dance of defiance and subtlety. Accessories are crucial to the narrative; vintage rings with bee, lotus and sunflower motifs accentuate the overall ensemble with a hint of bohemian charm. The profusion of colors, from hot red to lilac-purple, invigorates the overall palette while underscoring the raw energy characteristic of Rema's musical ethos. The playfulness of bikini bottoms ties side by side with the understated elegance of muscle vests, subtly echoing the artist's uninhibited spirit and fearless self-expression. The video brilliantly showcases the power of fashion as a narrative tool, layering each scene with multi-faceted and textured styles that serve as a testament to Rema's sartorial prowess and identity. Each look is unique, eclectic, and a captivating resonance of the narrative that is lyrically being told.

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issue no. #17

George Michael - Freedom! ’90 (Official Video)

George Michael's Freedom! ’90 music video breeds a fashion exhibit that screams glamorous glamour from start to finish. The style presented in it can be described as nothing less than a sumptuous symphony of textures and patterns, where each piece of cloth intermingles to create a harmonious display of fashion's finest. Opening with the Black Single Breasted Velvet Smoking Jacket, a piece that embodies understated luxury with a modern twist, any viewer is immediately drawn in. Not too far behind in the fashion docket is Junya Watanabe's draped sequin-embellished blouse, solidifying its place in the haute couture hierarchy with its striking black shade. Cotton skirts make a repeated appearance, painting the scene with breezy simplicity, whilst the DRAMATIC GREEN COAT by Renli Su adds an intriguing contrast with its attention-grabbing hue. Sequin continues to be a favored embellishment, taking center stage in the Ports 1961 safari jacket and Ermanno Scervino's triangle bikini. Area's embellished double-breasted blazer and the Gleeson colorblocked bead-embellished sweater further amplify the sparkle quotient. Iro Hita's ruched faux leather skirt and black Rick Owens side slit pull-on skirt inject a dose of avant-garde appeal, while Stefano Ricci's crystal-embellished pocket square adds a dash of male-oriented fashion. The video also showcases an array of brands from M&S, Chloe, Guess Marciano, Ericdress, KILLSTAR, and KENZO, each contributing to the fashion extravaganza with their unique pieces, making Freedom! ’90 a visual feast of sartorial excellence.