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issue no. #617

Drake - First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter by Drake proffers a veritable fashion feast for the senses. Sizzling with sartorial individuality, it weaves a tapestry of textures, cuts, and colours that shapes the music's narrative. Showcasing bold and unabashed style choices, the video entertains an atmosphere that flaunts the phantasmagorical elements of the music scene while harking back to the fundamentals of street identity. It begins with a blue collar detail rouched singlet playing into the urban vibe and then crescendos into a granulated display of fashion awareness. Insouciant hooded puffer jackets in earthy hues provide a stunning contrast to the more tailored elements such as wide-leg trousers frosting in cobalt blue and slim fit suit trousers in regal purple. Strains of Emporio Armani are seen with the introduction of their resplendent washed denim, exhibiting a fine understanding of claustrophobic detailing in clothing. The footwear journey is a compelling one too, treading the edgy lane with side zipper chunky heel peep toes. Jewellery finds its perfect daub with multi-design rhinestone rings and love-you-in-a-100-languages sunflower heart necklaces - the very heartbeat of sentimental chic. The silk bow tie for men in champagne tone, shimmers, and breaks the dominance of stronger hues, while satiny pyjamas remind us of the dreamy escapade that music, and fashion are. The video manages to incorporate the rueful gaiety of a glittery knitted maxi skirt and even brings in a touch of casual ethos with a variety of T-shirts. There is even the aesthetic gratification of black plaid letter dolls and big E pocket-style essentials kids wear.

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issue no. #599

Davido - FEEL (Official Video)

A trip into Davido's FEEL uncovers a celebration of individuality and extravagance. The distinctive mix of garments and accessories are reminiscent of a visual feast, parading a mashup of vintage and modern. The audacious charm of the faux fur coat in a tender spruce screams opulence and is delightfully clashed with vivid gem-studded rings, neatly balancing the line between excess and grandiosity. Retro sunglasses imbued with flamboyant temple designs rekindle a passion for the old-school, instilling a punch of charisma into the looks. Eye-catching nail art echoes the spirit of Halloween, giving an adventurous edge to the aesthetics. Richly adorning the hands are an array of Bohemian-inspired rings, adding an element of cultural tessellation. Plunging into the tailored capsule, the Fringe Detailed Suit Pants are hard to ignore. The unique construction flirts with an ephemeral blush setting the stage for sophistication and trend. Meanwhile, splashes of colour from the Blue Eyelash Argyle knitted crop sweater lent an artsy concept to the imagination. A recurring theme of warmth hinges on organic print hoodies and Pink Buckle Grab Bag, invigorating the atmosphere with a touch of casual yet tasteful streetwear. The silk blouse, with its delicate leopard print, passes a whisper of wild exoticism, while the enigmatic charm of the Gold Meta peaks the grand finale with a generously artistic statement. This medley hints at the divergence of style, culture, and attitude, and invites us to push boundaries, all while reminding us that fashion is, above all, a playground.

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issue no. #593

Wizkid - Bad To Me (Official Video)

Exuding vibrant charm, Wizkid's 'Bad to Me' is a melodious exploration of style as much as it is of rhythm. This Nigerian sensation artfully exhibits ensembles that are anything but routine - a bold amalgamation of sensational silhouettes and vivid hues, with green reigning supreme. The lean, long lines of skinny suit trousers, Paul Smith’s quintessential two-piece, and the Ayley sequinned dress by Rotate combine in a vesper that's delightfully unexpected. Paul Smith continues to play with the fashion palate, gifting the observant viewer a grasp of tasteful colour coordination. Elevated options such as the slim oxford suit jacket and the neon D Ring wrap blazer cater to an element of dazzle that's both refreshing and captivating. Yet, it's far from all suits and blazers. The slinky satin cold shoulder maxi dress invokes an imagery of understated elegance, while the tassel wrap skirt emanates an enchanting flirty charm. Tying together the entire visual is the off-white MLB NY Yankees baseball cap, a nod, maybe, to a more casual relaxed approach amidst the grandeur. Eye makeup isn't dismissed either - glimpses of the Clinique Women’s lash power mascara in black high shine get a subtle cameo, reinforcing the theme of striking yet sophisticated aesthetics. It's not just an ensemble; it's a compilation of dashing stories wrapped in style.

issue no. #521

Shallipopi - Evil Receive (Official Video)

The 'Evil Receive' by Shallipopi shifts between intimations of loungewear chic to outright street stylings, exhibiting an intriguing mosaic of sartorial choices. Among the fluttering mass of artful attire, one cannot ignore the athletic undertones echoing through the Champion tee and the Nike Tech hoodie, counting the snood hoodie for that matter. The humble jogger reaches new heights of stylish innovation in the MK-1 Warm-Up Trouser, perfect when facing down colder climes or chilling out in style. Not to forget the charm of the Coolamon trouser by COR clothes. The Super Duper Fly Puffer Jacket encapsulates a certain casual elegance that one can't help but linger upon. The touch of high-street with Versace oversized sunglasses, humming a distinctly posh note, contrasts beautifully with the other items in the mix. The Water-repellent down anorak from Mango perfectly toes the line between functional yet deliciously on trend. The majority of the wardrobe is casual and outdoorsy, tempered with the touch of the seductive satin nightwear shirt and striped hooded zip jacket that exude an understated allure. The coalescence of the Alexander McQueen denim jacket and Beige Oversized hoodie oscillate between casual and high fashion. It's an arresting showcase that blurs the boundaries between lounge wear, street wear and high street fashion, creating an enigmatic vision of style that draws the eye and captures the imagination.

issue no. #487

YAWA by Fireboy DML unquestionably makes for an alluring vista of fashion dialogue. Throughout the video, we see a fantasia of distinctive looks, embodying both adventurous, streetwise aesthetics and a brisk exploration of classic elegance. The ensembles imbue the narrative with various shades of sartorial verve, from bodycontoured, two-piece formal wear to the rugged allure found amidst the camouflage tracksuits. The decidedly autumnal palette is striking with rich bordeaux and berry hues setting a backdrop for breath-taking dance sequences. One can't help but notice the clever interplay of the fiery leather trousers and faux leather belted shirt. Hats off to the elegant chapeau which adds a whimsical note to the overall scenario. Sunglasses evolving through the video notably enhance the artistic direction, starting with a softer beige and moving to a bolder white acetate transfer. As far as accessories go, the dainty gold triple necklace and the bold, square polarised sunglasses do more than just complement the attire. They indeed deepen the narrative by offering a characterization of the wearer. The mixture of prints from floral to check gives the video a trans-seasonal feel, making it a continually appealing spectacle. Certainly, the video isn't just a spectacle of music and dance. It is a delicious feast of fashion that explores a dynamic range of style realms.

issue no. #461

Post Malone - Mourning

The 'Mourning' video by Post Malone is a melange of dynamic fashion influences, beautifully fusing street style grunge with a touch of haute couture sophistication. This blend sets the tone for daring yet thought-provoking silhouettes. Vibrant faux fur bombers, oversized grey coats and juxtaposed denim jackets become the protagonists of this sartorial play. The unruly, yet intriguing character of the green bucket hat and the neutral leopard print scarf further elevate the audacious mood. Embracing the 'celebration of individuality' spirit often seen at the forefront of fashion, every piece seems to make an emphatic statement about the beauty of diversity. The ultimate juxtaposition between body-hugging silhouettes of longlined tops and loose-fitting joggers, alongside sculpted bodysuits, provides an intoxicating style conversation. A sense of casual luxury pervades - from distressed document holders to high-waisted denim jeans, each piece is a nod to minimalistic opulence. The narrative woven by this rendezvous of distinctive looks is nothing short of a fashion storybook, an ode to the urban style making scene. As the viewer journeys from one artistic scene to the next, the compelling display of audacious fashion remains steadfast, cementing the video as an influential fashion composition. It's a stylistic tapestry that illuminates the blurred lines between fashion, art and music.

issue no. #439

JID - Kody Blu 31

An applaudable fusion of streetwear and high fashion comes to life in JID’s electrifying music video, Kody Blu 31. The narrative is filled with a fantastic blend of apparel that varies from soft creams to robust blacks. A notable feature is the black trousers that subtly steal the scene with its dual function of aesthetics and practicality. The sweatshirt, with its oversized leopard star print, brims with an urbane charisma and broadens the scope of the typical streetwear narrative. Furthermore, a puffer jacket with silver accents exhibits a resounding example of comfort meeting style. The ensemble includes a sprinkle of surprising elements, such as fingerless mittens, revealing the artist’s ability to intertwine seemingly unrelated pieces. In addition, the recurring theme of black suggests a note of resilient elegance that underpins the entire ensemble. Of noticeable merit are carefully selected items like the black-hued t-shirts that exude an air of simplistic comfort. The presence of the popular mom jeans with a washed grey finish adds a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe. The addition of a high waist maxi skirt with a split zebra print elevates the entire narrative, making it an epitome of fashion-forward choices. Though it is an unusual sighting on a music video runway, the casual use of an umbrella, with its signature paisley print, is carried effortlessly, rounding off the mix with an interesting touch. Ultimately, Kody Blu 31 seeks to create a style that integrates utilitarian functionality with hip street fashion – a testament to JID’s personal style.

issue no. #431

With an eclectic mix of styles, the Cafeteria video by CHASE B & Don Toliver, indeed embodies the spirit of a high-energy runway. One can't help but be drawn to the constellation of fashion choices presented. There's an intoxicating blend of urban meets casual glam. From the whispers of astrology on mesh tops, the daring decadence of velvet smoking jackets, to the rebel charm of wallet chain cargo joggers. The palette oscillates between bold olive greens and piercing blacks, with occasional refreshing gusts of mint foam. Intriguing accents of graphic prints and rhinestones add a layer of mystic sparkle, creating a constellation of styles that are both distinct and harmonious. The video is an ode to the versatility of contemporary fashion - the florals share space with snake motifs, streetwear syncs with sophisticated evening dresses, and athleisure stands shoulder to shoulder with chic blazers. The scene transforms into a live canvas, with each outfit is a brushstroke, contributing to a stunning fashion narrative. The smattering of accessories like sterling silver pendant necklaces and pockets galore on jeans elevates the ensemble to a masterpiece. It's a fascinating mix – where the casual, formal, eccentric, and minimalist come to play. It's a testament to the sheer variety and depth fashion affords us, to express, to experiment, to redefine over and over. The Cafeteria is not just a music video, it's a fashion journey.

issue no. #373

Smino feat. NOS - I Deserve (Official Video)

In Smino and NOS's 'I Deserve', fashion takes centre stage, with streetwear meeting luxury in a harmonious celebration of personal expression. The urban surroundings offer an exhilarating backdrop for the sartorial parade, where notes of vibrancy and individuality resonate throughout. Signature pieces like pocketed swim shorts and statement sweatshirts feature prominently, embracing a casual, yet sophisticated flair. We see contrasting colour palettes, from earthy browns and olive-greens to electrifying blues and oranges, carefully interspersed to create a visual feast. The omnipresent sense of comfort is undeniable, seen in the loose-fit trousers and relaxed-fit knit sweaters. Yet, there is a daring twist, spotlighted in the edgy lettering on baseball jackets and faux leather trousers, echoing elements of rebellious spirit. A bejewelled necklace and a beanie cap, placed seemingly nonchalantly, hint at a marriage of elegance and functionality. The crossbody and chest bags make a striking impression, reflecting a practicality that's equally fashionable. The ladies are adorned in ruched mini dresses alongside utility pocket shackets, claiming their power with style and assertion. The menswear gravitates towards skinny jeans and reflective chest bags, a nod to the ever-present influence of street culture. Lastly, the unexpected entrance of tweed shorts and a plaid playsuit invites a playful twist, underscoring the video's inherent embrace of eclectic style.

issue no. #367

Tyler, The Creator - WHARF TALK

Bask in the glory of the sartorial splendour that WHARF TALK by Tyler, The Creator presents. The silhouettes are bold, the colour palettes daring, the fashion is bewitching. The video opens with a heart neckline cropped cardigan - an ode to the softness that stands stark against the bold streetwear that Tyler usually favours. An Oakland Athletics cap tips a respectful nod to the sports-inspired fashion of the early 2000s, while the headscarf and bucket hats evoke a sense of beachy, summertime fashion. Not to be overshadowed, the contrast branded bag from Lacoste and the luxurious Louis Vuitton Boston bag add a touch of resplendence. The rich textures do not stop there. Notice the zebra mesh long sleeve dress as it plays with the light, its transparency bringing a unique allure. The cotton poplin shirt and knitted sweater are a testament to Tyler’s ability to master any fashion language. He speaks volumes with the statement sunflower rhinestone ring set and souvenir pendants. The bird graphic tee adds a touch of whimsy and the faux fur jacket, an air of decadence. As he strides in his slim-fit blazer and wool-mohair blend suit, you understand that you are witnessing a symphony of trends and timeless pieces alike. His final act, the black dash box, leaves an indelible impression.

issue no. #353

This bewitching visual narrative of 'Flex' by Kizz Daniel is a sartorial carnival invoking an atmosphere of high fashion and streetwear fusion. The ensemble is an eclectic mix of mystic black organza and faux fur, a nod to the matrimony of delicate opulence and raw edge. A playful composition of mango shades for children reveals a youthful spirit under the dense sartorial landscape. The charisma of the fringed vest off white paints a picture of a charming renegade whilst the fur effect jacket radiates an aura of chic rockstar. The sheer blouse, blurring the line between seductive and sophisticated, acts as a daring pivot in this visual treat. This fashion narrative doesn't shy away from glamour evident through the polyesters shoulder bag, a true testament to modern luxury. The video resonates with the rhythm of contemporary fashion through shiny metallic midi dress and sharp striped suit trousers. The hat spectrum ranges from the timeless Fedora, the urban Rebel blue, to the avant-garde Borane, a stylistic roller coaster ride indeed. The mini hoop single earring sprinkles a touch of minimalist luxury onto the grand fashion canvas. Accents of scoop-neck tank top and geometric print maxi dress introduce a sense of relaxed elegance. This artistic panorama of fashion styles and attitudes encourages the spectator to 'Flex' their unique style.

issue no. #347

Reekado Banks - Feel Different

Feel Different by Reekado Banks presents a veritable visual feast of fashion. The eclectic array of styles sway from stealth-luxe minimalism to eclectic maximalism, embodied in a stunning lineup of outfits. A tantalising touch of allure is brought by translucent textiles, a sublime play with sheerness, as if hinting at secrets. This alongside the shimmer of rhinestones, that tastefully elicit the allure of a star-studded night sky. The power-dressing trend asserts its presence with a chic black blazer, the epitome of suave sophistication. Sweater and aviator jacket lend a casual, laid back vibe, making the ensemble a mix of high-end fashion and streetwear. The colour palette is a remarkable mix of the vibrant and the understated. The daring brightness of orange clashes beautifully with the classic simplicity of black and white. Delicate coral red offsets the audacity of electric blue. The prints range from endearing heart motifs to bold dollar signs, echoing the rhythms of the soundtrack. The ensembles are accessorized with statement bags and sunglasses that lend an air of nonchalant elegance. A tribute to the style-savvy, the video offers a masterful blend of high street and high fashion, delivering a fabulous array of looks that inspire and astound in equal measure.

issue no. #293

Odumodublvck - FIREGUN

FIREGUN by Odumodublvck is a kaleidoscope of fashion, bursting with rich and vibrant hues. This visual extravagance is illuminated by an eclectic mix that perfectly balances streetwear and high-end fashion. Imagine a splash of audacious gold-plated elegance, offset by the understated charm of an oversized black sweatshirt that carries an air of Brooklyn street culture. The video showcases a breathtaking array of colours in a tie-dye t-shirt that harkens back to days of youthful rebellion. Amidst this riot of colours, a tracksuit perfect for infants steals the show with its playful yet stylish demeanour. Certain scenes offer a nostalgic nod to the past, with the unmistakable silhouette of a crochet striped bucket hat standing out. Each frame reveals a new sartorial adventure, from a multicolor gradient minidress that encapsulates the relentless innovation of modern fashion to a strikingly asymmetrical floral midi dress tinged with a hint of romanticism. GANNI's striped beret echoes French chic, while the Golden Coast Trucker Hat is a testament to LA's laid-back style. A shimmering chunky chain necklace adds a certain edge, complemented by a high-rise mini skirt in the softest of rose hues. The video even ventures into festive fashion, with a captivating mini Santa hat print making an adorable appearance. As the scene shifts to sultrier styles, viewers are treated to hot pink mesh-pant insert hot pants and a tantalising backless monokini. The video concludes with an exquisite leather cross body bag and a charming pom beret hat in pink and red stripe, a spark of the irrepressible spirit of Monki. In the grand finale, FIREGUN achieves a striking juxtaposition of grunge and elegance in the form of a baseball cap paired with polarized eyewear in Carey Green.

issue no. #277

Central Cee & Dave - Sprinter [Music Video]

In Sprinter, the collaboration of Central Cee and Dave takes you on a sartorial ride. The video takes a harmonious approach, inviting the viewer into a world where fashion meets streetwear aesthetics. It begins with understated elegance, a play of soft textures and tailored fits, evoking a sense of sophistication. We see a plethora of earthy and pastel tones, blending effortlessly into a backdrop of urban grit. An emphasis is placed on the art of layering, displaying the versatility of sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. Bomber jackets with dynamic prints emerge as a key trend, creating a strong visual impact. The celebration of headwear cannot be ignored, with bucket hats in various shades and materials surfacing as a signature element. From khaki greens to vibrant blues, the hats are not just accessories but rather a statement on their own. As the video progresses, the viewer is introduced to sporty ensembles, including colour block tracksuits and crop sports tops, hinting at the influence of athleisure influence in modern street fashion. The well-placed accessories, including hoop earrings and faux leather strap watches, add a touch of finesse to the overall composition. The style narrative of Sprinter is a fine amalgamation of casual sophistication and playful street bravado, offering an insight into the evolving urban fashion ecosystem.

issue no. #263

Smino - Ole Ass Kendrick (Official Music Video)

Smino's 'Ole Ass Kendrick' music video is a vibrant kaleidoscope of urban chic meets high fashion. The artist seems to be creating a bridge between comfortable streetwear and high-end fashion, blending the styles seamlessly like a graffiti artist adorning a loft in the trendiest part of town. The ensembles are grounded with pieces resonating the timeless cool of varsity jackets and logo-centric t-shirts, giving a nod to the nostalgia of the 90s. The video doesn't shy away from bold patterns either, with leopard prints and camouflage making a daring yet tasteful appearance. The energy escalates further with a sprinkling of brighter shades presented through chinos in striking 'night sky' and a tie-dye bomber jacket that conjure images of a chic, urban sunset. The video also gleefully flirts with luxury, with a Ferragamo tote and crystal floral ear climbers adding a touch of elegance. The outfits are made complete with footwear that ranges from the practicality of mid-calf tie boots to the flirtiness of cut-out flats. Finally, the video impresses with its commitment to comfort, never compromising style in sweatpants or crop sweatshirts. The overarching atmosphere is one of fierce individualism, a celebration of the bold and the beautiful, the stylish and the comfortable, the high street and the high end.

issue no. #257

Cardi B & Offset - JEALOUSY (Official Music Video)

Offset and Cardi B's 'Jealousy' takes us on a sartorial adventure, serving up outfits and accessories that are as rhythmically diverse as the music itself. At play are a series of eye-catching ensembles, exuding a sartorial vibe that's ostentatious, yet effortlessly chic. From the boldness of the blue mesh shorts, making a splash in the urban jungle, to the elegance of the resin chain necklace that whispers luxury, every outfit tells a story. Catch a glimpse of Cardi B in a sky-blue blouse, and with that, the tone shifts to a breezy retreat. The fitted top with a heart cut-out is a flirtatious twist that serves a generous helping of romance in the middle of this hip-hop reverie. Don't miss the sight of the denim zip front jumpsuit - a piece that brings back the '80s vibes with subtle audacity. Pops of bright pink, mauve, and turquoise add the right amount of zest and keep the fashion narrative lively. The men are not left out, either, with a display of a cool flap bag and dapper pencil pants. This music video is an exhibit of contemporary fashion - a fusion of glamour, streetwear, sportswear and retro influences, all coming together to orchestrate a visual experience as rich and varied as the music itself. A must watch for all fashion aficionados!

issue no. #167

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Solider by Destiny's Child is a fusion of urban and chic vibes, where bold prints, exquisite detailing, and svelte cuts come alive. From colourful bandanas to chic fedoras, the artists flaunt their unique sense of style which marries edgy streetwear with sophisticated femininity. The outfits lend a strong vibe of nonchalance, as if the artists have just stepped off a rebellious couture runway. Iconic street art is cleverly incorporated into casual t-shirts, signifying a powerful social commentary wrapped in style. The trend is further emphasized with the display of silver ear cuffs, a nod towards the unconventional. The use of sequinned embellishments on long dresses and oversized tops adds a dash of glamour to the music video, reflecting the artists' prowess in embracing glitz and grit. A notable feature of their ensemble is the prominent use of contrasting colours, like slate and dark charcoal curtains, white graphic t-shirts, and rust linen skorts with ruched side, creating a fashion symphony that is both bold and harmonious. Maternity fashion takes center stage, celebrating motherhood with comfortable and stylish t-shirts. The detailing on a buttoned navy blue top adds a pop of color, combined with the casual swag of an embroidered-logo cap that demonstrates their trendsetting approach to fashion. The look is accentuated with an oversized jersey short with cargo pocket, marking a perfect blend of streetwear and high-end fashion in the music video.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.

issue no. #107

The music video for 'Bandana' by Asake & Fireboy DML is a testament to the timeless synergy of fashion and music. The video is rich in variety - with the style showcasing the modern streetwear aesthetic juxtaposed with a sophisticated, urban chic. Casual wear takes precedence in the form of oversized hoodies, tracksuits, and tapered fit jeans, all of which serve to endorse a laid-back, effortless approach to style. A refreshing pick - the Boho Graphic Crop Boxy T-Shirt with its undeniable charm further highlights the streetwear influence. Yet this casual narrative does not entirely dominate the ensemble. The dressier elements such as the double-breasted blazer and the chiffon jumpsuit infuse a sense of elegance and formality into the mix. Accessories too, have their moment under the spotlight. The avant-garde Kaws sunglasses bring in an edge, the earring dangles add to the feminine charm while the bucket hat echoes the street vibe. The style narrative, thus, is one of intentional eclecticism and bold contrasts. It is a stylistic weaving of the casual and the chic, the street, and the sophisticated. It is the kind of fashion that does not adhere to prescriptive norms but dares to experiment, mix, and match. Overall, the 'Bandana' music video is a feast for the fashion savvy, an arena where style is a fluid concept, and where the music and fashion worlds converge in harmony.

issue no. #103

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts (Official Video)

Featuring a titillating clash of vibrance and texture, DJ Khaled's 'Wild Thoughts' video is a modern art exhibit flaunting the eclectic finesse of contemporary style. The video teems with hues that resonate with the punchy notes of the track, breath-taking reds and svelte greens being the ultimate scene-stealers. The beauty of the music reverberates in the fashion elegantly curated throughout the footage. The comfort of joggers imbued with the flamboyance of a plush red exterior encapsulates the essence of casual yet striking streetwear. The one-shoulder ruffle maxi dress, in a royal palette of purple, paints a picture of effortless grace and regality, mirroring our innate desire for an embrace of the unconventional. The exploration continues with enticing blue linen frill tops and intricately designed skater dresses in dark green, harmoniously blending simplicity with intricate detailing, hinting at the dynamism of the modern woman. Vivid green shoulder puff midi dresses and textured jumpsuits coexist in this cinematic exhibition, serving an irresistible cocktail of classic and contemporary. Sportswear meets high-fashion in the patchwork shorts set, capturing the growing trend of athleisure. The showstopper, however, remains the Gucci off-shoulder ruffle green dress, echoing the timeless luxury of the brand, and effortlessly embodying the vibe of the video. The ensemble, sealed with the statement black faux leather shorts and the daunting Tokyo Laundry puffer coat, is an ode to the fashion-conscious, fun-loving, music enthusiast of today.

issue no. #101

Rema - Calm Down

A testament to Rema's individualistic aesthetic sensibility, the fashion in 'Calm Down' presents a subtle yet avant-garde amalgamation of streetwear chic and haute couture. The eclectic tapestry of styles traverses diversely from the gritty edge of faux leather trousers to the casual elegance of fluid culotte trousers, embodying a fascinating fusion of versatility and sophistication. A defining highlight is the audacious mix of camouflage prints interwoven with asymmetric silhouettes, embodying a rhythmic dance of defiance and subtlety. Accessories are crucial to the narrative; vintage rings with bee, lotus and sunflower motifs accentuate the overall ensemble with a hint of bohemian charm. The profusion of colors, from hot red to lilac-purple, invigorates the overall palette while underscoring the raw energy characteristic of Rema's musical ethos. The playfulness of bikini bottoms ties side by side with the understated elegance of muscle vests, subtly echoing the artist's uninhibited spirit and fearless self-expression. The video brilliantly showcases the power of fashion as a narrative tool, layering each scene with multi-faceted and textured styles that serve as a testament to Rema's sartorial prowess and identity. Each look is unique, eclectic, and a captivating resonance of the narrative that is lyrically being told.

issue no. #73

Migos - Walk It Talk It

This dissection of the Migos 'Walk It Talk It' music video reveals a stunning fashion display. The video is a visual playground of vintage and contemporary elements, merging effortlessly to create a theatrical spectacle of current vogue. We see a stellar representation of chic nightlife wear, starting with a petite angel sleeve metallic maxi dress in pristine white, an outfit that screams high-brow elegance. Accessorized with vintage rings adorned with bees, lotuses, and sunflowers, the ensembles are boldly eye-catching. There is a green printed crop top with ring detail, paired with bellbottoms in a plain yet striking style reminiscent of decades past. Also, note the leopard pointed flats, a staple in any rebellious wardrobe. This is followed by an unexpected twist; checkered wide-leg jeans that challenge conventional streetwear. The peach luxe gym leggings also make an impact, bringing sporty appeal to counterbalance the formalities of a structured gilet and a high-waisted suit tuxedo jacket. The Sophia sunglasses provide a dash of Hollywood glamour, while a lace-trim camisole and satin wrap blouse add layers of feminine allure. The black mesh cut-out detail body and deep back ribbed top are noteworthy for their daring flair. The artists don't shy away from colors either, strutting in a red suit with a mesh trouser co-ord. The video concludes with an array of casual attire, from striped loose shirts to tie-dye pieces, culminating in a grand showcase of high-fashion streetwear, formal elegance, and casual comfort.

issue no. #31

2Pac - 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (from album: "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z..."

Welcome to the timeless world of 2Pac in his classic track 'Keep Ya Head Up', from the album 'Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...', a true fashion arena where 90s hip-hop meets suave modern tailoring. From the rugged allure of Leather Skinny Jeans and the military vibe of C2H4 Black Military Work Cargo Pants to the exquisite refinement of Armani Collezioni's Two-Button Virgin Wool Suit, the fashion spectacles run the gamut of high-end sophistication to streetwear coolness. Witness the avant-garde styling of Anna Sui SSENSE Exclusive Black Cargo Pants alongside the startling versatility of Moncler’s Contrast Stripe Track Pants and Snow Peak Black Mountain of Moods Edition Trousers. Classically inspired pieces like the Wool Dinner Jackets and Sterling Check Wool Suit Jackets are prominent, showcasing the artist's knack for blending traditional and modern facets in a seamless manner. Unique standouts like the Marni - Striped Wool-blend Roll-neck Top, HODAKOVA Black M Trousers, and King & Tuckfield Green Grant Trousers are a testament to the rapper's keen eye for detail and individualistic style. The suits and jackets are a crisp testament to the artist’s versatility from Slim-Fit Wool Tonal Herringbone Suit to Pashion Wool Dinner Suit Jacket, enveloping the artist's persona in a mist of classy allure. The juxtaposition of these diversified styles, shapes, and patterns stimulates a mesmerizing fashion spectacle, making this music video a veritable playground for fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #29

Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)

In Beyoncé's 'Formation' official video, a fashion parade unfolds, dissecting and celebrating the overlapping spheres of power and style. The video mirrors a meticulously curated fashion exhibition, featuring an array of high-end labels and curating a visual feast, where the aesthetics of opulence meet the vibrancy of streetwear. CORNELIANI MEN'S Suits manifest their majestic presence in grey, while Prada tuxedo and single-breasted suits delve deep into the classic noir fashion. Versace Jeans and Collection Suits punctuate the scene with their iconic styles. The prestigious Dsqaured2 makes multiple appearances, with their women's suit and Chicago suit in wool and silk, and a lustrous double-breasted two-piece suit. The oversized double-breasted blazer by Balenciaga, LANVIN Men’s black blazer and Dolce & Gabbana wrap-style silk blazer become the cynosure of all eyes, injecting the video with an extra dose of glamour. Balenciaga fitted trousers, Off-White’s straight-leg trousers, and Bottega Veneta’s high-waisted wide trousers add a dimension to the black trouser spectrum. The pink Ermanno Scervino geometric embroidery jumper breaks the monotony and creates an eye-catching contrast. Burberry Suit, Emporio Armani Logo Suits, and TOM FORD tailored trousers continue the sartorial journey, culminating in a Monse asymmetrical velvet pleated trousers that adds a touch of whimsy to this fashion galore.

issue no. #23

Burna Boy - Real Life

In Burna Boy's Real Life MV, a true fusion of urban cool and high-fashion chic is seen. The video paints a vibrant palette that reflects the charisma and allure of the megastar. Each piece of clothing carries a story, a unique narrative weaving its way into the overall aesthetic. From the Balmain double-breasted short peacoat to the Burberry hooded parka coat, the video is a symphony of luxe fashion sensibilities mixed with streetwear swagger. The Osklen jersey cotton hoodie, paired with the Teal Velvet Jonathan Trousers, speaks volumes of Burna Boy's inimitable style. A nod to casual comfort meets runway fashion, the video also showcases enviable pieces like the A. A. Spectrum Brown Monkord Zip Up Hoodie, John Elliott Tan Beach Hoodie and more. The video is an aesthetic playground of varying textures, from the plush velvet of the Ermanno Scervino cropped pants to the cotton blend of Acne Studios Tan Crewneck Sweatshirt. Each frame of the video is a testament to Burna Boy's status as a fashion icon, as he juggles effortlessly multiple fashion worlds - from the urban city streets to the high-end, luxurious runways. The range of outfits, such as the M&S Nantucket Storage Footstool or even the Bow Detail Small Suitcase, adds a unique flavor, echoing the artist’s versatility in his style. So, immerse yourself in 'Real Life' and get inspired by Burna Boy’s signature style!

issue no. #19

Asake - Basquiat

Asake's 'Basquiat' is not just a music video, it's a vibrant fashion runway of streetwear and high-end fashion melting into a canvas of lyrical storytelling. The ensemble kicks off with a bold Nike ACG Storm-FIT 'Rope De Dope' Older Kids' Jacket in a standout Blue that screams Urban Chic. This edgy brilliance is mirrored in the Plus Grey Camo Printed Cargo Jumpsuit, a nod to the gritty undercurrents of urban fashion dynamic. Mirroring the chromatic vigor, the Womens Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser in Green, and its male counterpart, the Mens Green Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser, add an unexpected punch of color, proving that fashion rules are meant to be played with. And who can miss the dazzling Miss Selfridge Premium festival embellished sequin mini skirt with faux feather trim co-ord in pink? It's where the high end meets Coachella, an unstoppable force of style statement. The Eiffel Split Front Detail Pointed Toe Block Heel Knee High Long Boot in Black Faux Leather strides in to ground the look while elevating it, a perfect paradox. Sparkling in the mix is the Mini rhinestone chain bag in lilac from MANGO, a jewel-toned delight, adding the right amount of bling. The simplicity of the Ericdress Plain Floor-Length Expansion Fashion Skirt and LW Letter Print Drawstring Sweatpants contrast the high-octane pieces perfectly. If edgy decadence had a face, it’d be the Black Faux Leather Contrast Fur Midi Coat and Black Faux Leather Shoulder Pad Ruched Sleeve Glove Detail Shirt, rounding off this eclectic fashion voyage.