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issue no. #431

With an eclectic mix of styles, the Cafeteria video by CHASE B & Don Toliver, indeed embodies the spirit of a high-energy runway. One can't help but be drawn to the constellation of fashion choices presented. There's an intoxicating blend of urban meets casual glam. From the whispers of astrology on mesh tops, the daring decadence of velvet smoking jackets, to the rebel charm of wallet chain cargo joggers. The palette oscillates between bold olive greens and piercing blacks, with occasional refreshing gusts of mint foam. Intriguing accents of graphic prints and rhinestones add a layer of mystic sparkle, creating a constellation of styles that are both distinct and harmonious. The video is an ode to the versatility of contemporary fashion - the florals share space with snake motifs, streetwear syncs with sophisticated evening dresses, and athleisure stands shoulder to shoulder with chic blazers. The scene transforms into a live canvas, with each outfit is a brushstroke, contributing to a stunning fashion narrative. The smattering of accessories like sterling silver pendant necklaces and pockets galore on jeans elevates the ensemble to a masterpiece. It's a fascinating mix – where the casual, formal, eccentric, and minimalist come to play. It's a testament to the sheer variety and depth fashion affords us, to express, to experiment, to redefine over and over. The Cafeteria is not just a music video, it's a fashion journey.

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issue no. #97

Tekno & Kizz Daniel - Buga (Official Video)

The fashion vibe in 'Buga' by Tekno & Kizz Daniel is an intoxicating blend of audacious and classical styles. The sizzling tapestry of fashion commences with an Ooh La La Beret that whispers of old-time Paris. It sets a tone of daring elegance that is softly punctuated by the simplicity of a black umbrella, adding an air of mysterious chic. The spectacle then unfolds into a cornucopia of colors and styles. A burst of pink from a shoulder-padded oversized blazer lights up the screen, countered by the cool modernity of a navy boxy oversized shirt with vintage inspired print. The complexity of the outfits is akin to an art exhibit where the eye is irresistibly drawn to each piece in fascination. Everything from the lime green vest, the denim jeans, all the way to the black bodycon dress, each element strives to tell its own fashion story. There is something to catch every fashion lover's attention with the sheer variety, from the bold and vibrant all-over graphic-print shirt to the demure mother-of-pearl beads necklace. It all crescendoes with the undeniable statement piece - a red velvet sequin dress that wouldn't be out of place on a runway. The playful grandiosity of the outfits is softened by the stark simplicity of pieces like the oversized trench coat. A fashion feast for the eyes, the video is a veritable dance of fabrics, colors, and designs that come together in a harmonious yet disruptive fashion symphony.

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