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issue no. #479

Olamide - Jinja (Official Video)

Here we have a captivating narrative painted by Olamide in his music video 'Jinja'. It's a fusion of street culture and high-end chic that leaves us in awe of his keen sense for fashion. From the lavish gala to the lively drum circle, the ensembles serve as paintings that work to extend the illustrative essence of the melody and lyrics. Each piece of clothing, with their intricate designs, tells an unexpected story. Casual t-shirts descend into richly pleated skirts in vivid hues, a nod to spontaneous style pairings. The men are clad in shiny, oversized puffer jackets that mirror the strength and vibrancy of their rhythm. The platform flats are minimalistic, yet statement-worthy. They complement the shimmering silver chains and rings that dance in the spotlight. The black leather buckle pouches and cloud clutch bags offer a perfect foil to the intricate clothing. These accessories, although subtle, carry a potent charm with their understated elegance. A moment to appreciate the femme fatales in their tie-dye prints and ruched bralettes. These pieces, though distinct, are unified in their display of creativity and boldness. It's this balance of subtlety and extravagance in the outfits that truly make a profound impact, reminding us of Olamide's versatility. A dazzling array of outfits and accessories that are a testament of Olamide's ability to transcend conventional fashion norms and inspire creative self-expression.

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issue no. #19

Asake - Basquiat

Asake's 'Basquiat' is not just a music video, it's a vibrant fashion runway of streetwear and high-end fashion melting into a canvas of lyrical storytelling. The ensemble kicks off with a bold Nike ACG Storm-FIT 'Rope De Dope' Older Kids' Jacket in a standout Blue that screams Urban Chic. This edgy brilliance is mirrored in the Plus Grey Camo Printed Cargo Jumpsuit, a nod to the gritty undercurrents of urban fashion dynamic. Mirroring the chromatic vigor, the Womens Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser in Green, and its male counterpart, the Mens Green Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser, add an unexpected punch of color, proving that fashion rules are meant to be played with. And who can miss the dazzling Miss Selfridge Premium festival embellished sequin mini skirt with faux feather trim co-ord in pink? It's where the high end meets Coachella, an unstoppable force of style statement. The Eiffel Split Front Detail Pointed Toe Block Heel Knee High Long Boot in Black Faux Leather strides in to ground the look while elevating it, a perfect paradox. Sparkling in the mix is the Mini rhinestone chain bag in lilac from MANGO, a jewel-toned delight, adding the right amount of bling. The simplicity of the Ericdress Plain Floor-Length Expansion Fashion Skirt and LW Letter Print Drawstring Sweatpants contrast the high-octane pieces perfectly. If edgy decadence had a face, it’d be the Black Faux Leather Contrast Fur Midi Coat and Black Faux Leather Shoulder Pad Ruched Sleeve Glove Detail Shirt, rounding off this eclectic fashion voyage.

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