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issue no. #349

Adekunle Gold’s 'Jore' is a presentation of style as much as it is a musical performance. Visually, the video oozes a confident flair as it elegantly merges contemporary fashion with a hint of classic African aesthetic. The starting point has to be the stunning Sequin Hem Mesh Overlay Dress, an item that sparks sublime grandeur. Not to be overlooked are the strikingly vibrant Blouson Sleeve Blouse adding a flavour of trekking green, playfully counterbalancing the tone with an enchanting paisley charm. Sunglasses, of varied shapes and colours, are used to dramatic effect, contributing to the overall mystique of the video. From Visor Shape to the red hued Loewe and Rodenstock Solbriller R3220, each frame adds another layer to the video's narrative. The black organza ruched sleeve jumpsuit and rose corsage cut out bikini top create a balance of sultry sophistication and glamour. Accessories enhance and punctuate the outfits: the white quilted cross body bag and oversized scrunchie in vibrant yellow lend youthfulness to the mix, while the breathtaking Marco Bicego lariat necklace and gold anklet set convey a sense of opulence. The women's blazer, boxy oversized revere stripe shirt and soft quilted cross body bag lend a more business casual element to the video's style story. Finally, the crochet beach skirt and mesh sweater-knit crop top in cream add a delightful softness, juxtaposed with the edginess of the lambswool rib beanie in neutral ecru. Overall, the 'Jore' video presents an intriguingly stylish journey with the power to inspire and captivate every fashion enthusiast.

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issue no. #211

Adekunle Gold & Zinoleesky - Party No Dey Stop (Official Music Video)

The dazzling visuals of the 'Party No Dey Stop' crafts a fashion wonderland that almost outshines the music. The video is an assertive tapestry of bold hues and exciting, playful patterns, with sartorial choices that stand testament to the artist's eclectic style. A striking medley of outfits plays out, from opulent blazers styled with finesse to pieces echoing street-wear chic. Therein, you’ll find blazers, an emblem of power and prestige, uniquely styled, oversized, adorned with gold buttons or in vibrant red, making commanding statements of their own. At the heart of this stylish meandering are shorts sets, presented in a way that's as fashionable as it is comfortable. The tracksuits, in their laid-back glamour, speak volumes about the intrinsic harmony of style and comfort. A refreshing array of accessories - pearl-detailed bracelets, sunglasses with an air of finesse, and headscarves with abstract stripes - add layers of sophistication. The 'round grab bag' is a mini marvel that adds a twist of intrigue. A parade of blouses, designed to be off-shoulder or with a round neck, don lustrous stripes and steal the show with their elegance. The video ingeniously mirrors a runway, as it brings a myriad of premium materials to the fore, from silky satin to pure linen, each chosen to sing an ode to luxury. Fabrics are dyed in an array of hues, from the verdant greens of an enchanted forest to the intense oranges of a summer sunset. Every detail, every hem, button and grommet, is a testimony to the craftsmanship exuded in the garments. 'Party No Dey Stop' is undoubtedly a must-watch for every fashion enthusiast.

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issue no. #199

Feast your eyes on the visual aesthetic of 'Okay' by Adekunle Gold, a musical runway of eclectic style and cultural symbolism. The video is a rich tapestry of wearable art, effortlessly blending urban luxe with traditional style. It's a rhythmic parade of carefully selected pieces, each setting the tone for an assertive, contemporary yet nostalgically infused style. Notice the textured layers, the chunky knit cardigan meeting the striking hues of a lightweight dress. The assertiveness of black sunglasses and the bold statement of wool and silk unite in a fusion of colour and texture. Oversized T-shirts contrast sharply with belted trousers, whilst lime-coloured dresses add a shockwave of colour that refuses to blend into the crowd. The iridescent sheen of the nylon anorak teases the eyes, catching the light in its stormy brown expanse. Notice the silver mini bag with knot handle, a gem nestled amongst the weave, while resin printed claw clips embellish with a subtle charm. The rust-toned shacket, the team pants, the zip neck stretch pique polo, these are all pieces that have been strategically chosen to tell a story, a narrative of fashion and identity. The denim shirt, the red sunglasses, the golden accessory of Maison Margiela sunglasses, each command attention while balancing the overall outlay. Notice how the diamond quilted jacket sits comfortably with the edginess of a black nylon strap bumbag, and the elegance of pencil pants. The final touch, a delicate swing earring, twinkling with faux pearl and rhinestone leaves, epitomises the spirit of rebellious fashion.

issue no. #173

Adekunle Gold - Ogaranya

A whirlwind of color and style, 'Ogaranya' by Adekunle Gold bursts onto the scene not only with high-energy beats, but also with a distinct visual flair. Every frame is rife with the fashion echo of an eclectic style. The leading lady dons a Gradient Geometric Camisole that draws the eyes with its light blue hue, reminding one of the sky on a perfect summer day. The geometric patterns add depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a strong statement. Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold appears in a variety of ensembles that merge traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. An exceptional vision in white steals the limelight, the deep V-neck gown by Christian Siriano. The gown's simplicity contrasts with the complex rhythms of the music yet complements the ambiance of the narrative. White, pure and profound, it brings a certain elegance to the ensemble. This music video serves as a fashion palette, from casual to high-end, each piece contributing to a harmonious symphony of style.