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issue no. #103

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts (Official Video)

Featuring a titillating clash of vibrance and texture, DJ Khaled's 'Wild Thoughts' video is a modern art exhibit flaunting the eclectic finesse of contemporary style. The video teems with hues that resonate with the punchy notes of the track, breath-taking reds and svelte greens being the ultimate scene-stealers. The beauty of the music reverberates in the fashion elegantly curated throughout the footage. The comfort of joggers imbued with the flamboyance of a plush red exterior encapsulates the essence of casual yet striking streetwear. The one-shoulder ruffle maxi dress, in a royal palette of purple, paints a picture of effortless grace and regality, mirroring our innate desire for an embrace of the unconventional. The exploration continues with enticing blue linen frill tops and intricately designed skater dresses in dark green, harmoniously blending simplicity with intricate detailing, hinting at the dynamism of the modern woman. Vivid green shoulder puff midi dresses and textured jumpsuits coexist in this cinematic exhibition, serving an irresistible cocktail of classic and contemporary. Sportswear meets high-fashion in the patchwork shorts set, capturing the growing trend of athleisure. The showstopper, however, remains the Gucci off-shoulder ruffle green dress, echoing the timeless luxury of the brand, and effortlessly embodying the vibe of the video. The ensemble, sealed with the statement black faux leather shorts and the daunting Tokyo Laundry puffer coat, is an ode to the fashion-conscious, fun-loving, music enthusiast of today.

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