Explore fashion inspired by tendai, ayra starr, & stormzy's music videos on Audiorunway.

issue no. #491

In Need You by tendai, Ayra Starr, & Stormzy, the fashion stakes are high. Every frame buzzes with textures, each catching the eye and the imagination, showcasing what it means to push boundaries and explore new style grounds. The video is dominated by a rich, striking palette highlighted by structured, ribbed detailing and snake prints on the blouses. There's a flirtation with subtlety via wide-leg trousers in a muted ecru. As the beat pulses, the drama intensifies with impressively ruched jumpsuits and blazers with removable ties that scream modernity. A star player is the three-piece suit, its neutral tones offering a tactile richness that echoes the entirety of this sartorial symphony. An unexpected layer of vibrancy arrives in the form of a silk butterfly bow tie in a tantalising shade of red. The video is a parade of diverse fabrics – from sheer chiffon, soft knits, to the warmth of a fine sweatshirt. It is a display of contrasting styles, like a soft mesh puff sleeve bodysuit and the oversized, flower-print t-shirt, the synthesis of which creates an enchanting spectacle. Let's not forget the intricate blend of a v-neck stripe jumper, a shimmering bralette and a worker jacket that paints a picture of the exciting diversity in fashion. Finishing off the ensemble, slippers studded with rhinestones and a pearl decor pants set makes a bold statement. The shots of a delicately crafted cami and trouser set dipped in sequinned Rose Gold leaves viewers longing for the video's free-spirited and energetic style

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