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issue no. #307

Blaqbonez - Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey)

In Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey) by Blaqbonez, the artist takes us on a sartorially charged adventure. The video ingeniously weaves a narrative that plays out on the foreground of a fashion tableau. It's an exhibition of eclectic styles - a melting pot of high-brow fashion and street style aesthetics. Captivating accessories add a certain charm, hinting at defiant boldness with a dash of gothic mystery. Here you see an enchanting blend of laidback street style with a touch of the supernatural, beckoning you into a world of curious charm. The video plays with texture too, exploring borg beanies, velvet badges, and satin dresses. An edgy green nod to Mother Nature is seen with whisperings of camouflage print sprinkled in between. The stage isn't devoid of sparkle with jewelry making its presence felt. Turquoise and emerald earrings drop into the scene, creating a splash, while geometric rhinestone rings add a touch of sophistication. The colour spectrum darts ahead with reds, blues, and neutrals punctuating the ambience. There's something for everyone - whether you are drawn to the allure of a mini dress or the edginess of a newsboy cap. Tasseled Jewelry cases and hollow out earrings lend the ensemble an element of surprise. From the elegance of half-sleeved dresses and the blithe spirit of basic casual shirts and shorts to the allure of satin and lace, the video transforms fashion into a mesmerising visual allegory.

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