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issue no. #331

Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy

Stepping into Deniece Williams' 'Let's Hear It for the Boy' is quite the glamourous jaunt back in time. An homage to playful street chic and a touch of disco era's sensibilities, the video curates a stately extravaganza of fashion. First to captivate are the trainers, alluding to a passion for the active and grounded lifestyle. Their sleek design seamlessly pairs with the regular jumpsuit, a combination one might call an effortless ode to sporty style. Indeed, the jacket exudes understated glamour, its sequin-spangled allure capturing imaginative whimsy. Blending metropolitan chic and bohemian flair, the artist's hat selection is a fascinating spectacle in itself. Black, with an air of the classic cowboy, or whimsically adorned with a faux fur visor, the choices diverge yet eloquently speak the same language. In a charming shift to formal elegance, the mini dress captures the allure of the night, its crystal and bead embellishments paired with a faux feather hem, conjuring images of a midnight soiree. Adding to this, the high waisted dress pants in delicate mauve present an endearing foray into the terrain of sophisticated styling. The casual women's suit, buttoned and full length, along with the super skinny tuxedo jacket serves up a refreshing take on power dressing. The Bohemian vintage ring collection and a floral deer open ring in sterling silver offer a touch of refined, antique glamour. When layered with an off-white v-neck cardigan, the ensemble provides a comforting old-world charm. The rain jacket, striking in yellow, paired with a heaven button-through skirt, evokes the joy of spring mornings, while the elastic profile boots keep the look grounded yet chic. Finally, the wrap dress with an abstract print marks a whimsical finish to the fashion narrative, evoking the natural vibrancy of life itself.

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