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issue no. #509

Asake - Amapiano

Emerging from the vibrant scene of Asake's 'Amapiano' video is a smorgasbord of fashion aesthetic that not simply dazzles, but indeed tells a sartorial tale. The visual narrative stages a riveting blend of everyday getups and avant-garde apparel. Where the casual is anchored by robust graphic tees and a flirtation with denim, the extraordinary surfaces in floor-sweeping gowns and bedazzled numbers that invoke an almost inter-galactic sentiment. The collection emerges unencumbered by colour restraints, dashing from endearing pastel tones to saturated burgundy and back to tame, earthy hues. It indeed delves into an enticing palette of expression. A harmonious shift between the edgy and the elegant is executed with an air of expertise. Micro mini skirts, fringe oblong scarves and vibrant bandeau bodycon dress set pulses racing, while a subdued satin pyjama set introduces a sigh of relaxation. For the adventurous, an asymmetrical mesh top or a smoke print piece offer a wild ride to the realms of edgy chic. The tame end of the spectrum is sated by simple roll neck knit tops. Eye-catching sunglasses and a faux fur trapper hat serve as the ever-necessary accessories, adding the perfect cherry to this sartorial sundae. Asake’s ‘Amapiano’ video is a fashion exhibition that straddles the boundary between the majestic and the mainstream, offering a unique experience of style and aesthetic celebration.

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issue no. #499

Asake - Remember

Remember by Asake is a mesmerising sartorial medley that celebrates the immersive spectrum of style. From effortlessly chic relaxed blazers in a charming neutral, artfully distressed to portray the beauty of the imperfect, to nostalgic ruched satin shirts, the video is a smorgasbord of fashionable delight. T-shirts, oversized yet unrepentantly assertive, create a dichotomy with their weighty graphic while simultaneously embracing a crisp, clean palette. There's a reveal of yellow wrap visor sunglasses that lend a sporty twist, a vibrantly unique accessory that dares to be different. With a subtle nod to nautical style, heart alloy anklets sparkle beneath the sophisticated silhouette of slinky straight-leg pants. Utility vests, devoid of sleeve yet brimming with attitude, and a half-zip polar fleece sweatshirt, oversized for comfort and cool, enter a meandering dance of style and practicality. The video isn't shy of colour; a linen-look ruched beach skirt in a vibrant, attention-grabbing orange makes an unforgettable splash. The black ribbed maxi skirt whispers a petite secret, for those petite in size but not in style. Covering up is a captivatingly mirrored marble print maxi cape-back dress, an item that's sure to turn heads. Classics are embraced with a modern twist, as is evidenced in the fitted ribbed tops, their necklines slashed to allow for an enticing peek of what lies beneath. There's also an animal print smock top, the epitome of laid-back luxe. High-waist ruffled slim pants are the epitome of casual elegance. A floral mini dress peeks out from underneath, its elastic cuffs giving it a charmingly vintage appeal. Knitted textured vest and short set, an eclectic mix of comfort and elegance. Asake's video thrills with its unexpected twists and turns; a wool beret here, a noir beanie there and a faux wrap pencil skirt that promises to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. Remember is indeed a veritable feast for the sartorially inclined and a must-see for all fashion enthusiasts.

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issue no. #227

Asake - Amapiano

Amapiano by Asake is a tribute to the timeless art of style, a symphony of fashion that diverges from the mainstream and pays homage to the gloriously diverse and untamed world of fashion. The mastermind WORLD beige multi-pocket vest is an instantaneous exclamation of unapologetic audacity, setting the tone for the entirety of the spectacle. The following act sees the performers adorned in a bold and exciting fusion of traditional African aesthetics and audacious modern design elements. This theme pervades throughout the video, with the red backless vinyl long sleeve jumpsuit and ASOS DESIGN cat eye sunglasses serving as striking examples of this fusion. The fashion narrative continues to unfold with an unexpected but pleasantly surprising ensemble of a pink single-breasted tailored blazer, black lace strapping cut-out lingerie, and recycled satin pyjamas—a daring amalgamation that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. As the story progresses, it makes a pit stop at the base of a mountain dressed in the PrettyLittleThingSKI blue faux fur belted scuba suit before it culminates in a grand finale featuring a mermaid V-neck wedding dress. If Amapiano is any indication of the future of fashion, expect to see a world where eclectic aesthetics, daring combinations, and a genuine love for self-expression rule supreme.

issue no. #107

The music video for 'Bandana' by Asake & Fireboy DML is a testament to the timeless synergy of fashion and music. The video is rich in variety - with the style showcasing the modern streetwear aesthetic juxtaposed with a sophisticated, urban chic. Casual wear takes precedence in the form of oversized hoodies, tracksuits, and tapered fit jeans, all of which serve to endorse a laid-back, effortless approach to style. A refreshing pick - the Boho Graphic Crop Boxy T-Shirt with its undeniable charm further highlights the streetwear influence. Yet this casual narrative does not entirely dominate the ensemble. The dressier elements such as the double-breasted blazer and the chiffon jumpsuit infuse a sense of elegance and formality into the mix. Accessories too, have their moment under the spotlight. The avant-garde Kaws sunglasses bring in an edge, the earring dangles add to the feminine charm while the bucket hat echoes the street vibe. The style narrative, thus, is one of intentional eclecticism and bold contrasts. It is a stylistic weaving of the casual and the chic, the street, and the sophisticated. It is the kind of fashion that does not adhere to prescriptive norms but dares to experiment, mix, and match. Overall, the 'Bandana' music video is a feast for the fashion savvy, an arena where style is a fluid concept, and where the music and fashion worlds converge in harmony.

issue no. #43

Asake - Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

The music video 'Peace Be Unto You' by Asake is a dynamic aesthetic communion of sound and style. Asake reveals her fashion acumen through sophisticated selections that elevate the visual landscape. She dons the Bottega Veneta Solbriller BV1184S 003 and BV1165S 001, exuding a bold and mysterious vibe. Balenciaga's Solbriller BB0228S 002 brims with a fashion-forward flair. The Bottega Veneta Tailored Pant in Camel adds a chic touch, complementing the Max Mara Brown Manuela Wrap Coat and the Givenchy Double Crepe Tailored Midi Coat, crafting a narrative of empowered femininity. Drama and intrigue are sown into the Alexander McQueen off-centre fastening wool blazer and the Dolce & Gabbana single-breasted flap pocket blazer. Westward Leaning and Prada Linea Rossa Solbriller offer an array of shades, a nod to varying style perspectives. The Inès & Maréchal single-breasted lambskin jacket alongside Dolce & Gabbana's bow-tie detail blouse breathe a refreshingly romantic air. Asake glows in the Versace Solbriller VE4417U, and the Tom Ford Solbriller FT0525 28A reveals an edgy glam. The IRO Healy belted leather jumpsuit connotes an urban toughness, while the Navy Linen & Cotton Cord Gown signifies opulent minimalism. The video filters through the realm of high fashion, calling viewers to engage with each masterpiece.

issue no. #19

Asake - Basquiat

Asake's 'Basquiat' is not just a music video, it's a vibrant fashion runway of streetwear and high-end fashion melting into a canvas of lyrical storytelling. The ensemble kicks off with a bold Nike ACG Storm-FIT 'Rope De Dope' Older Kids' Jacket in a standout Blue that screams Urban Chic. This edgy brilliance is mirrored in the Plus Grey Camo Printed Cargo Jumpsuit, a nod to the gritty undercurrents of urban fashion dynamic. Mirroring the chromatic vigor, the Womens Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser in Green, and its male counterpart, the Mens Green Plus Slim Fit Tailored Trouser, add an unexpected punch of color, proving that fashion rules are meant to be played with. And who can miss the dazzling Miss Selfridge Premium festival embellished sequin mini skirt with faux feather trim co-ord in pink? It's where the high end meets Coachella, an unstoppable force of style statement. The Eiffel Split Front Detail Pointed Toe Block Heel Knee High Long Boot in Black Faux Leather strides in to ground the look while elevating it, a perfect paradox. Sparkling in the mix is the Mini rhinestone chain bag in lilac from MANGO, a jewel-toned delight, adding the right amount of bling. The simplicity of the Ericdress Plain Floor-Length Expansion Fashion Skirt and LW Letter Print Drawstring Sweatpants contrast the high-octane pieces perfectly. If edgy decadence had a face, it’d be the Black Faux Leather Contrast Fur Midi Coat and Black Faux Leather Shoulder Pad Ruched Sleeve Glove Detail Shirt, rounding off this eclectic fashion voyage.

issue no. #11

Asake - Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

In Asake's music video of 'Peace Be Unto You' (PBUY), one can't help but be mesmerized by the exquisite fusion of music and fashion. Striking sophistication permeates throughout, as the artist undeniably pushes the envelope with a selection of high-fashion pieces, that are as harmonious with the video's aesthetic as the verses are with the beats. The video is a spectacular showcase of a plethora of brands, with a predominant emphasis on accessories, specifically sunglasses. Bottega Veneta leaves a mark with its BV1184S 003 and BV1165S 001, both of which exude an edgy cool vibe. Balenciaga's BB0228S 002 and Gucci's GG1294S 004 amplify the enigmatic energy, while Bottega Veneta’s BV1101S 010 and Westward Leaning's Voyager 38 add an undertone of eclectic chic. The clothes elegantly complement these accessories. With Max Mara's Brown Manuela Wrap Coat and Prada's three-pocket two-piece pajama set, the video paints a canvas of laid-back urban luxe. The narrative further develops with Inès & Maréchal's single-breasted lambskin jacket infusing a pop of color alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s bow-tie detail blouse, providing a flair of romantic femininity. The blazers - Kwaidan Editions Double Face Wool Blazer, Victoria Beckham, Jil Sander, and Burberry’s creations - embrace an androgynous vibe, embodying a modern, powerful expression. The video concludes with a resounding note of luxury and high fashion, thanks to Tom Ford's FT0525 28A. Each fashion piece tells a story, merging effortlessly with the music, creating an unparalleled sartorial spectacle.