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issue no. #587

Chris Brown - Call Me Every Day

Chris Brown, in 'Call Me Every Day' exhibits a delightful blend of urban street style with a hint of relaxed chic. From oversized pieces to slim lines and unanticipated colours, the wardrobe undeniably resonates with the rhythm of the song. A balance between the casual and extraordinary, the style marks between jogger trousers and jeans infused with colours ranging from the subdued notes of neutral to the warm tones of burnt orange and mustard yellow. The collection is adorned with fine wool and suede, indulging in enticing tactile satisfaction. The spectrum ranges from casual sweatpants and t-shirts showcasing a blend of street and contemporary to upscale tuxedo blazers, adding a dash of gaining luxury. The twist of the ribbed shorts and trousers is an excellent nod to the changing urban style landscape. Accessories play a pivotal role too, with corey 80s sunglasses adding an inevitable retro touch while the faux fur checkerboard bag proves that fashion is playful and not to be confined. Pump shoes for that elegant stride and broeken for casual comfort; the balance is well maintained. Overall, each piece forms a coherent stylistic narrative that energises the vibe of the video whilst hinting at an accessible style, relishing the casual elegance and smart-casual consistency.

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