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issue no. #613

JAE5 - Dimension (Official Video)

Experience a scintillating fusion of sartorial brilliance with JAE5's mesmerising 'Dimension' video. A visual sonnet to urban precision meets boho nonchalance, this exhibition of style crescendos through cosy, primary-coloured sweaters to a suave polo artfully clad in houndstooth, encapsulating a laid-back decadence. Staples of ebony smart shorts are elevated by the deft pairing with a striking Ruby Zeth Baselayer in stirring red. As dusk settles, anticipate the arrival of an edgy crop top sporting a daring scoop cut-out - the precise kind that speaks to the audacious femininity of today. Adding an eco-conscious flavour is an opulent hoodie, its script logo revealing its Champion roots in organic cotton blend. Juxtapose this with an unexpected delight - a Pink Fairisle Crop Christmas sweater, adding whimsical warmth to the mix. Star-gazing style is unveiled in AllSaints' enigmatic t-shirt flaunting a whimsical back print, completing an ensemble with modern smart shorts. Pay an ode to sustainable fashion with an alluring 'Legacy Burgundy' jacket, a dynamic adidas x Zoe Saldana standout. Luxe tailoring is inspected in the form of a sleek black NA-KD blazer coat, while the bold proceeds to meet retro in a 1990 animalier print flared gown by maestro Gianfranco Ferré. Add a dash of audacity with a pink slogan shirt, and pay tribute to the 90s with demure square pilot sunglasses. As a parting shot, catch a gleam from a pair of orange Poolside cocktail sunglasses - a memento of sun-soaked escapades. 'Dimension' is as much a celebration of style as music, a symphony woven with threads of sartorial genius.

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issue no. #607

JAE5 - Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video)

The Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video) by JAE5 is an intricate fusion of music and fashion, where each outfit tells its own tale. Series of shorts make a pronounced appearance, from Closette's vibrant women's Bermuda variety to the unblemished sophistication of TINYCOTTONS Kids' solid offerings, suggesting a ubiquity and ease of summer feels. Metaphorically, the glow of the sun is also mirrored through shimmering accessories, including faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings and metallic round sunglasses. An audacious clash of palettes is perceptible with the green contrast trouer co-ord alongside the grey one-shoulder raw edge neck sweater, epitomising a captivating exploration into colour therapy. High-waist jeans, enlivened with dye prints, and sheet tulle-striped shirts bring a frisson of the unorthodox into this style symphony. Touches of opulence punctuate the aesthetic journey, like the beading V-neck two-piece prom dress and the Shine Away sequin maxi dress, musing an elevated, celebratory air. Oversized blazers and long velvet gloves speak to the androgyny, offering a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunglasses, maxi dresses, drawstring cami dresses, and heavy oversized blazers puncture the narrative with surety and intention, reminding us of the power entrenched in bold sartorial expressionism. All told, this video is as much a fashion manifesto as it is a testament to JAE5's artistry.

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issue no. #443

BNXN & JAE5 - Love Made Me Do It

Journey into a fusion of artistic expression as BNXN and JAE5's 'Love Made Me Do It' video unfolds. A visual symphony, the scene opens with dramatic black pieces; cropped jackets pepper the first few frames, effortlessly paired with finely-knit cotton tees for the men, a nod to the modern man's chic leanings. Pumps with cross straps dash in, pointed-toe and daring, evoking an undeniable aura of feminine power. A swift transition then brings us to a bold display of vibrant fabrics, patterned polo shirts, delicate satin pieces, and cream striped linen shirts rendering a startling contrast. Emphasised with standout accessories - statement beaded gold-tone earrings paint a rustic hue, hats ranging from chic buckets to ribbed-knit organic cotton assortments hold their own. The bucket hat’s alter ego, a intriguing shearling version, graces the scene as the crescendo builds. Soft jacquard robes of ivory white lend a romantic motif, harmonising with the delicate hum of floral patterns. On the side, sunglasses frame the narrative, ranging from smoke-shielded baddie babies, wide frames to subtly elegant round frames - enforcing the transience of time yet the permanence of style. Accessories make their final bow with braceleted flowers of silver and green, culminating with a vibrant snapshot handbag painting the final blue strokes. Wrapped in a pink 3/4 sleeve top beneath a split neck, the video closes leaving us awed, contemplative, yet eternally stylish.