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issue no. #457

DaBaby - Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby, Lute (Official Music Video)

As the visual symphony of Dreamville's 'Under the Sun' unfolds, we dive into a whirlpool of eclectic fashion choices that encapsulate a neighbourhood's style. The narrative begins with opulent velvet making a case for a modern, urban revival in fashion as we witness a lace-trim bodysuit in the hues of rich wine. A spicy touch of red from LaBellaMafia is evident, portraying fiery passion that intertwines beautifully with comfort, courtesy of cotton sweatpants with minimalistic logo details. Faux fur sways in the fringes around creamy hooded oversized coats, bringing a sense of sophistication to an otherwise rugged backdrop. Perhaps, the highlight of the visual spectacle stems from the black oversized tracksuits with a hint of 'reptilian daring' in the design aesthetics. Chest bags and caps with a monochrome palette of black act as a canvas for the star of the show - the vivid, fuchsia flap leather bag, exuding a confident femininity amongst the bustle. A refreshing colour palette of beige, and the interplay of oatmeal and burgundy, come alive through winter essentials like rib beanies and merino wool headwear. Camo print kangaroo pocket tracksuits and drop crotch mesh basketball shorts echo the street style, while a customised red NBA jersey with a padlock adds an element of distinguished personal style. Denims, color block coats, pencil pant sets, silk tops and wide-leg knitted sets manifest an urban couture, blended with the creative zeal of oversized pants with letter prints and figure print t-shirts. Among the motifs played around with, the utility style buckle straps on cargo trousers stand out, traversing the norms of functional fashion.

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