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issue no. #593

Wizkid - Bad To Me (Official Video)

Exuding vibrant charm, Wizkid's 'Bad to Me' is a melodious exploration of style as much as it is of rhythm. This Nigerian sensation artfully exhibits ensembles that are anything but routine - a bold amalgamation of sensational silhouettes and vivid hues, with green reigning supreme. The lean, long lines of skinny suit trousers, Paul Smith’s quintessential two-piece, and the Ayley sequinned dress by Rotate combine in a vesper that's delightfully unexpected. Paul Smith continues to play with the fashion palate, gifting the observant viewer a grasp of tasteful colour coordination. Elevated options such as the slim oxford suit jacket and the neon D Ring wrap blazer cater to an element of dazzle that's both refreshing and captivating. Yet, it's far from all suits and blazers. The slinky satin cold shoulder maxi dress invokes an imagery of understated elegance, while the tassel wrap skirt emanates an enchanting flirty charm. Tying together the entire visual is the off-white MLB NY Yankees baseball cap, a nod, maybe, to a more casual relaxed approach amidst the grandeur. Eye makeup isn't dismissed either - glimpses of the Clinique Women’s lash power mascara in black high shine get a subtle cameo, reinforcing the theme of striking yet sophisticated aesthetics. It's not just an ensemble; it's a compilation of dashing stories wrapped in style.

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issue no. #577

Wizkid - 2 Sugar

In the flavorful symphony 2 Sugar by Wizkid, clothes dance to the rhythm dialing up the pizazz to a fever pitch. Bursting onto the scene, it’s evident that the artist’s wardrobe channels an utterly electrifying spirit. A vivid kaleidoscope of colors imbued ensembles take the center stage, underscoring the video's vibrant energy. The luscious shades of orange skirts playfully compete with vivifying red racer neck tops. The contrast is stunning yet effortless, evoking an aurora of vivacity and exuberance. A minimalistic but effective use of tank tops, a palette of sunshine yellow to the daring black, creates a captivating visual experience. That's not it! A bias for asymmetry comes to the fore, serving a tantalizing treat to the eyes. Bodysuits in charcoal and pink speak to an uninhibited style narrative that revels in pushing the boundaries. In terms of accessories, a simple beaded medallion necklace does its subtle work complementing the outfits, never venturing to overshadow. The video finishes strong with a casual but powerful note; loose sweaters and blazers, muscular bodysuits stealthily arrange themselves into the spotlight. This fashion-forward journey is not a blaze of glory but a simmering pot, slowly revealing one fashion gem after another.

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issue no. #71

Wizkid - Essence (Official Video)

The spellbinding fusion of stylish innovation and grandeur in Wizkid's Essence music video cannot be overemphasized. From the very onset, the elegant allure of sophisticated eyewear sets a tone of chic mastery. The artistic mix of fine chains, layered with the mystical allure of ancient coins, cleverly paired with a diamante cross, weaves a narrative of lavish tenacity. The intelligence in blending metallic gold belt with heartless chain design screams audacious fashion daredevil. The video envelops the viewer in a fashion haven of color pops, with the daring citrus hue of a round log carrier and the seductive charm of a purple bodysuit. Metallic trousers walk the straight line between punk and chic, bringing a glimmering sleekness to the audacity of the visuals. The layering of style in every other scene is mind-blowing, making the transition from the cool hooded tracksuit set to the show-stopping silver earrings. The subtle play of the black, whether in the classic fit of a thong panty or the premium feel of ripped jeans is nothing short of genius. And let's not forget the solid foundation laid by chunky sole loafers grounding the whole style narrative. Overall, this music video is a masterclass in harmonious style fusion, keeping every fashion enthusiast on their toes.

issue no. #7

Wizkid - Money & Love (Official Music Video)

The visual symphony, 'Money & Love' by Wizkid, takes us through an array of sartorial poetry. From the opening scene, a blast of color is apparent with pieces like the Philosophy Women's Dress in multicolour, a lush tapestry of hues mirroring the energetic rhythm of the music. The Ralph Lauren Kids striped knit jumper and Stella McCartney Kids stripe-detail knitted cardigan, add a youthful vibe to the ensemble. Wizkid's artists bring a robust mix of classic and contemporary threads. The Puma Classics long sleeve tee dress in black is a timeless silhouette, the emblem of effortless comfort and cool - a testament to the enduring allure of black. The Womens Puff Sleeve Faux Leather Biker in black juxtaposes the relaxed mood with a distinct edge. Yet, the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden and the Superdry Women's Cord Carpenter Trousers temper the ensemble's intensity, offering a relaxed yet chic aesthetic. In contrast, the ostentatious luxury of the Patek Philippe 2019 unworn Aquanaut 40mm - Brown stands out, an emblem of opulence. Layering is a key style in this visual treat, with pieces like the Colourblock Crew Jumper Navy Boys Boden, Margot Cashmere Jumper Ivory Women Boden, and the Polo Ralph Lauren sweter bawełniany 211856727001 damski. The video ends with a whimsical note with the LW Rainbow Striped Tracksuit Set and the Acne Studios Beige Rainbow Vest. Wizkid delivers a glorious interplay of color, texture, and style in 'Money & Love', a testament to the transformative power of music and fashion.