issue no. #311

Little Simz - Gorilla

In Gorilla, Little Simz offers an exclusive view into a charming cocktail of style principles. The music video is a lush exhibition of varying fashion aesthetics, each more compelling than the last. One can't help but reminisce the beauty of African folklore tales and the vivid patterns that adorn their clothing. The video artfully pairs it with a plush robe, the union of comfort and style undoubtedly a timeless duo. Elements of elegance sneak in with the grace of a headband, a simplistic yet impactful accessory. The retro tracksuit is a nod to the iconic street style, giving an edge that counterbalances the whimsical charm of layered turquoise necklaces. The iconic Burberry monogram clutch further enhances this fusion of aesthetics. The spotlight, however, is on the Bardot Jumpsuit, its mesh ruched texture telling a tale of femininity draped in strength. The dark floral wrap skirt speaks volumes about embracing one's natural elegance, while the cut-out denim and the classic high waist skinny jeans remind us of the evergreen love for classic pieces. Long curly extensions, a velvet logo badge newsboy cap, a petite piqué backpack, and a nail bead baby blue coat remind us of the multi-faceted nature of fashion that Little Simz so effortlessly embodies. The video ends on a high note with the court hall wedding dress. Its lace v-neck details scream regality and the orange cotton knitwear adds an unexpectedly riveting pop of colour, leaving us all in awe of this eclectic, inspiring fashion journey.

Styles and outfits inspired by your favorite songs and artists.

issue no. #307

Blaqbonez - Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey)

In Cinderella Girl (Where You Dey) by Blaqbonez, the artist takes us on a sartorially charged adventure. The video ingeniously weaves a narrative that plays out on the foreground of a fashion tableau. It's an exhibition of eclectic styles - a melting pot of high-brow fashion and street style aesthetics. Captivating accessories add a certain charm, hinting at defiant boldness with a dash of gothic mystery. Here you see an enchanting blend of laidback street style with a touch of the supernatural, beckoning you into a world of curious charm. The video plays with texture too, exploring borg beanies, velvet badges, and satin dresses. An edgy green nod to Mother Nature is seen with whisperings of camouflage print sprinkled in between. The stage isn't devoid of sparkle with jewelry making its presence felt. Turquoise and emerald earrings drop into the scene, creating a splash, while geometric rhinestone rings add a touch of sophistication. The colour spectrum darts ahead with reds, blues, and neutrals punctuating the ambience. There's something for everyone - whether you are drawn to the allure of a mini dress or the edginess of a newsboy cap. Tasseled Jewelry cases and hollow out earrings lend the ensemble an element of surprise. From the elegance of half-sleeved dresses and the blithe spirit of basic casual shirts and shorts to the allure of satin and lace, the video transforms fashion into a mesmerising visual allegory.

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issue no. #293

Odumodublvck - FIREGUN

FIREGUN by Odumodublvck is a kaleidoscope of fashion, bursting with rich and vibrant hues. This visual extravagance is illuminated by an eclectic mix that perfectly balances streetwear and high-end fashion. Imagine a splash of audacious gold-plated elegance, offset by the understated charm of an oversized black sweatshirt that carries an air of Brooklyn street culture. The video showcases a breathtaking array of colours in a tie-dye t-shirt that harkens back to days of youthful rebellion. Amidst this riot of colours, a tracksuit perfect for infants steals the show with its playful yet stylish demeanour. Certain scenes offer a nostalgic nod to the past, with the unmistakable silhouette of a crochet striped bucket hat standing out. Each frame reveals a new sartorial adventure, from a multicolor gradient minidress that encapsulates the relentless innovation of modern fashion to a strikingly asymmetrical floral midi dress tinged with a hint of romanticism. GANNI's striped beret echoes French chic, while the Golden Coast Trucker Hat is a testament to LA's laid-back style. A shimmering chunky chain necklace adds a certain edge, complemented by a high-rise mini skirt in the softest of rose hues. The video even ventures into festive fashion, with a captivating mini Santa hat print making an adorable appearance. As the scene shifts to sultrier styles, viewers are treated to hot pink mesh-pant insert hot pants and a tantalising backless monokini. The video concludes with an exquisite leather cross body bag and a charming pom beret hat in pink and red stripe, a spark of the irrepressible spirit of Monki. In the grand finale, FIREGUN achieves a striking juxtaposition of grunge and elegance in the form of a baseball cap paired with polarized eyewear in Carey Green.

issue no. #283

Burna Boy - Big 7

In Burna Boy's 'Big 7' video, the message is made loud and clear. The clash of cultures within the fashion narrative is vividly depicted, with nothing being held back. Starting with the quaint yet impactful Jacquemus rose print t-shirt, a Parisian sophistication is unmistakably conveyed. This casual chicness is continued with the daringly ripped straight-leg jeans, a raw edge nod to the rebellious spirit in each of us. However, a sense of playfulness is never far away, as demonstrated by the Wu-tang Clan t-shirt, a nostalgic beat of the past that hits all the right notes. Athletic influences also hold a prominent place in the lineup, seen in the smart patchwork colour block men’s outfit. The women's petite puff sleeve top and the sensuous corset lingerie set add a dose of feminine allure, balancing the scales of this gender-fluid styling narrative. The accessories range from the classic, like the Tommy Hilfiger cotton t-shirt to the modern and unique, like the black faux leather padded calf boots and the silver cross-body bag. Some elements of the outfits, like the gold faux leather stiletto heel mules, are pure escapism, whereas staples like the dark denim jeans and the beret bring us back to earth. Standout moments include the brilliant incorporation of the African print A-line shirt and skirt sets, reminding us of Burna Boy's rich African heritage, and Ashley Williams' rhinestone-embellished hairpin serves as the perfect finishing touch. 'Big 7' is a fashion show in motion, a cornucopia of style and culture.

issue no. #281

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video)

As the beats of 'London' by BIA reverberate through your speakers, we are greeted with an astonishingly chic experience drenched in urbane sophistication. Each ensemble in the video is a narration of sartorial rebellion and audacity. The alluring wrap-up sandals, in their pristine white, are cleverly juxtaposed against the urban allure of high waist sweatpants outlining a new horizon of style. Scarves aren't just adornments to the neck but serve as a nod to the classic taste, set off by the raw edginess of black biker jackets. An oversized white coat, so immaculately structured, takes us back to minimalist fashion, where simplicity and voluminous silhouettes lead the charge. Wide-legged joggers and leggings create an inescapable surge in street style, while the occasional t-shirt and romper pairings exude a youthful aura. Exuding dominating manliness, a one-button dress suit emerges in the monochrome palette. The video presents a splendid amalgamation of contrasts. From a simple flat cap to the striking orange lanyard bag, every piece tells a story of its own. A black crossbody bag quietly complements the selection of other chic black accessories, like the distressed leggings and bifold wallet. Amidst the dark shades, the occasional splash of gold on heels and colourful blocks on a roll neck sweater bring a dash of vibrancy. The fashion montage concludes with an organic cotton striped top, winkingly alluding to the sustainable side of fashion. 'London' by BIA isn’t just music to ears, but a trendsetting feast to the eyes.

issue no. #277

Central Cee & Dave - Sprinter [Music Video]

In Sprinter, the collaboration of Central Cee and Dave takes you on a sartorial ride. The video takes a harmonious approach, inviting the viewer into a world where fashion meets streetwear aesthetics. It begins with understated elegance, a play of soft textures and tailored fits, evoking a sense of sophistication. We see a plethora of earthy and pastel tones, blending effortlessly into a backdrop of urban grit. An emphasis is placed on the art of layering, displaying the versatility of sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. Bomber jackets with dynamic prints emerge as a key trend, creating a strong visual impact. The celebration of headwear cannot be ignored, with bucket hats in various shades and materials surfacing as a signature element. From khaki greens to vibrant blues, the hats are not just accessories but rather a statement on their own. As the video progresses, the viewer is introduced to sporty ensembles, including colour block tracksuits and crop sports tops, hinting at the influence of athleisure influence in modern street fashion. The well-placed accessories, including hoop earrings and faux leather strap watches, add a touch of finesse to the overall composition. The style narrative of Sprinter is a fine amalgamation of casual sophistication and playful street bravado, offering an insight into the evolving urban fashion ecosystem.

issue no. #271

In the iconic music video for 'Talibans II' by Byron Messia & Burna Boy, the artists impress with their dynamic synergy in both music and fashion. The style palette swings from relaxed athleisure with velvety textures, symbolized by shades of lush green, to edgy urban streetwear captured by oversized ensembles. There's a nod to sports-inspired style, particularly with the retro basketball jersey, while a tennis shorts done in pristine white adds a crisp element to the versatile wardrobe. A casual chic twist is injected with a relaxed-fit denim short and ditsy shorts, both creating a contrast to the high-energy scenes. The video showcases a collection of sunglasses - from wide frames to cat eyes in marbled green, their reflective lenses panning between shades of tortoiseshell and brown that add a playful touch to the artists' looks. The accessories game is strong with a mix of simple chain bracelets adorned with letter detailing and freshwater pearl necklace exuding subtle sophistication. The punchy colour pops of red and cream seen in a snapback cap and satin bomber with rhinestones respectively, add flair to the otherwise muted style narrative. At certain moments the video revels in the glamour of a devoré floral-print dress and a boxy bandana slub shirt set, two distinct pieces that transport viewers to undefined scenic getaways. The fashion parade culminates with a dark green pierced one-piece swimwear and raglan sleeve knit sweater, two contrasting items illustrating the range of wardrobe options showcased in the visual masterpiece.

issue no. #269

Coi Leray - TWINNEM (Official Music Video)

In the pulsating rhythm of Coi Leray's TWINNEM, we are given a fashion spectacle that resonates with a dynamic blend of chic, urban, and daringly delightful visuals. From the verdant splash of abstract chiffon dresses that oscillate between mystery and allure, to the neutral calm of rounded frames that whisper intellectual aesthetics, the video serves a cornucopia of style inspirations. A power take on femininity is keenly felt with tailored high-waisted trousers in a blush pink statement. It's the bold meeting the beautiful, the unconventional merging with the classic. Logo tees echo a fondness for iconic imagery, while the charm of freshwater pearl necklaces adds a touch of grace amidst the sartorial intensity. High-top trainers, reminiscent of legacy wrapped in leather, set the rhythm of movement - a testament to the energetic expressions seen in every scene. Graphic hoodies, yoga headbands, and faux suede caps converge, offering a nod to urban street style. The sheen of the single-breasted dinner jacket and metallic-threaded cardigans transform the atmosphere into a luxurious vista. From sleek black belts to Disney print tees and elegant tuxedo jackets, the fashion narrative is as multi-layered as the beats that fuel the video. It is this stunning fusion of trends and timeless pieces that makes TWINNEM a must-watch experience for fashion enthusiasts.

issue no. #263

Smino - Ole Ass Kendrick (Official Music Video)

Smino's 'Ole Ass Kendrick' music video is a vibrant kaleidoscope of urban chic meets high fashion. The artist seems to be creating a bridge between comfortable streetwear and high-end fashion, blending the styles seamlessly like a graffiti artist adorning a loft in the trendiest part of town. The ensembles are grounded with pieces resonating the timeless cool of varsity jackets and logo-centric t-shirts, giving a nod to the nostalgia of the 90s. The video doesn't shy away from bold patterns either, with leopard prints and camouflage making a daring yet tasteful appearance. The energy escalates further with a sprinkling of brighter shades presented through chinos in striking 'night sky' and a tie-dye bomber jacket that conjure images of a chic, urban sunset. The video also gleefully flirts with luxury, with a Ferragamo tote and crystal floral ear climbers adding a touch of elegance. The outfits are made complete with footwear that ranges from the practicality of mid-calf tie boots to the flirtiness of cut-out flats. Finally, the video impresses with its commitment to comfort, never compromising style in sweatpants or crop sweatshirts. The overarching atmosphere is one of fierce individualism, a celebration of the bold and the beautiful, the stylish and the comfortable, the high street and the high end.

issue no. #257

Cardi B & Offset - JEALOUSY (Official Music Video)

Offset and Cardi B's 'Jealousy' takes us on a sartorial adventure, serving up outfits and accessories that are as rhythmically diverse as the music itself. At play are a series of eye-catching ensembles, exuding a sartorial vibe that's ostentatious, yet effortlessly chic. From the boldness of the blue mesh shorts, making a splash in the urban jungle, to the elegance of the resin chain necklace that whispers luxury, every outfit tells a story. Catch a glimpse of Cardi B in a sky-blue blouse, and with that, the tone shifts to a breezy retreat. The fitted top with a heart cut-out is a flirtatious twist that serves a generous helping of romance in the middle of this hip-hop reverie. Don't miss the sight of the denim zip front jumpsuit - a piece that brings back the '80s vibes with subtle audacity. Pops of bright pink, mauve, and turquoise add the right amount of zest and keep the fashion narrative lively. The men are not left out, either, with a display of a cool flap bag and dapper pencil pants. This music video is an exhibit of contemporary fashion - a fusion of glamour, streetwear, sportswear and retro influences, all coming together to orchestrate a visual experience as rich and varied as the music itself. A must watch for all fashion aficionados!

issue no. #257

Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For? (Official Music Video)

Imagined in the fluorescent hues of a sunrise, Billie Eilish's 'What Was I Made For?' showcases an artful blend of summery brightness and edgy silhouettes. The video proves a veritable playground for the fashion-savvy eye, with pieces that seem to oscillate between the timeless allure of the pencil skirt and the playfulness of the fit-and-flare dress. The motif of the video, golden yellow, is a tribute to the joy of summer days, lending a playful flair to the fits. Eilish herself dons several striking pieces - an elegant shirt dress, a daring crop top, and a ribbed pullover, to name a few. The warm yellow hues extend to dresses both modest and elaborate, with aesthetics that range from the comfort of a basic t-shirt dress to the elegance of a belted shirt-collar dress. Each piece brings out a different aspect of the singer's multifaceted style ethos. Interspersed between the sun-kissed yellows were moments of contrasting black - a leather panelled midi skirt, a striking high neck tie detail midi dress - a reminder of the star's penchant for edgier, unexpected elements. Every outfit, a blend of comfort, style, and individuality, serves as an extension of the artist's persona. Each frame of 'What Was I Made For?' is a testament to fashion's transformative power, with every sartorial choice a piece of the narrative Eilish unfolds in this enchanting visual symphony.

issue no. #251

Jung Kook - Seven

Immerse yourself in the melodic spectacle of 'Seven', where Jung Kook uses fashion to express his diverse personality. Notice the casuality of a knitted cardigan, flirting playfully with off-white innocence and the rawness of ribbed tops echoing the fervor of the beat. One cannot overlook the rebellious allure of the side panel leather leggings, pushing boundaries while the graphic T-shirt dress adds a punch of audacious color. The nod to the dark with the black Halloween themed T-shirt juxtaposes beautifully with the unexpected pop of teal in the wide-leg cargo trousers. Rooted in tradition yet ostentatiously modern, the blue velvet suit demonstrates the power of sartorial choices. Cargo pants with intricate zip detailing further enhance the edgy appeal of the video. The understated black cap grounds the extravagance, leading us smoothly to the suave skinny black pinstripe suit jacket. The trucker jacket with belt silently screams of unapologetic individuality. As the video plays, take a minute to absorb the inviting allure of the burgundy tartan check jacket, an intervention of classic masculinity. A splendid puffer coat is added to the mix making a bold fashion statement against the backdrop of the cold. The pleated bib cotton shirt presents an evolution of elegance before the straight long overcoat commands respect. Last but definitely not the least, a paneled leather jacket in black & white steals the show, making a resounding statement, mirrored by the strong vocal performance. All this, while a simple slogan crew-neck sweatshirt reminds us of a sense of unity and togetherness.

issue no. #241

Ice Spice - Deli

The palette of Ice Spice's 'Deli' is an eclectic mix of vibrant colors and neutral tones, establishing a distinct aesthetic that catapults the viewer into a surreal, yet intrinsically chic fashion vision. The video showcases a collection of outfits that straddle the divide between contemporary and vintage styles. Ranging from provocative neon lime numbers that call back to the audacity of the 80s, to the retro-infused charm of rust-toned puffer jackets, the range of styles present is truly arresting. Offering an insight into the future of urban couture, the high streets' beloved trainers are reinvented with a knitted upper, bringing softness to the strength of street style. Underpinning the boldness of the primary outfits are subtler pieces, such as linen skirts and unassuming staples like heather grey tops that exude an effortless appeal. The penchant for tasteful exuberance is clear; the tie-dye ribbed shorts and leopard print shirts are evidence of this love for fearless, spirited expression. The video also features pieces that reignite the love for timeless elegance, as demonstrated by the appearance of fuchsia quilted bags and finished edge scarfs. Amid this kaleidoscope of styles, the balance between the casual and the sophisticated is not lost. From the beach bag to the black-tie suitable weste, the 'Deli' music video presents a broad, representative spectrum of fashion.

issue no. #239

Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video)

In the compelling visual narrative of Upgrade U by Beyoncé, a fashion tableau of avant-garde trends and classic allure unravels. The grand opening sets the pace with Porsche-esque sunglasses that lend a commanding poise. This is quickly followed by the charm of strapless rompers, smartly juxtaposed with the sleek sophistication of a short bob cut wig. The magic lies in subtleties, as seen with the allure of the long-wearing mascara that magnifies the eyes, channeling pure glamour. The grid print faux two-piece sheath midi dress signifies a transition, merging street style and elegance effortlessly. Halloween-inspired face gems and tiger print shoulder pads add an unexpected edge while mom jeans ground the look. High leg hipster bikini bottoms playfully mingle with summer vibes, setting a refreshing contrast. Suspender casual dresses and graphic t-shirt dresses shine a light on individualistic style narratives, while oversized knitted sweatshirts cozy up the storyline. The Cazal sunglasses and the double-bridge pilot frames add a layer of enigma, leading us into a world of faux fur coats that exude a grandeur that's unmissable. The finale is a crescendo of flawless style with oversized gradient sunglasses encapsulating the style journey in one final, unforgettable moment.

issue no. #233

JAY Z - Excuse Me Miss

JAY Z's Excuse Me Miss video is a symphony in fashion, filled to the brim with sartorial experiments and timeless classics. The sportive allure of the scene is underscored by the presence of a seemingly unassuming Adidas sweatshirt, creating a striking contrast with the sleek, satin pyjamas that follow, embodying a collaboration with Raye. The Adidas three-striped tracksuit makes a return, embroidering a nostalgia-infused tapestry onto the frame. Ethereal, delicate, yet boldly conspicuous, a pair of faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings make their mark. The scene momentarily shifts to softer hues with a fresh linen shirt in a tender pink, followed closely by the Adidas windbreaker in a deep blue, a nod to the football culture. Hairstyles do not fall behind in this parade of fashion, with a carefully styled curly bob and a long brown wig with bangs bringing versatility to the table. Occasions are marked with grandeur, sequin contrast midi dresses spotlight the celebration. Delicate touches are seen in ceramic diamante watches and layered gauze wedding petticoats. Blazers, in varying intensities of black; from sleek velvet to faux fur; and overcoats, complete with faux fur wraparound, stage a formidable presence. The hints of silver from the Long Night Ahead earrings and the stroke of blue twill wool trousers and waistcoats create the perfect blend of metallic and matte. The video, dipping into the tones of black, makes a final refreshing switch with a high-neck jumper that is the epitome of comfort fashion.

issue no. #229

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black non title

In the atmospheric realm of 'Back To Black', Amy Winehouse invites us to a world where classic meets modern style. The video takes us through a fashion journey that calls back to the golden 50s while still maintaining a contemporary edge. It is a tantalizing mix of assertively tailored menswear with a hint of a soft, feminine touch of satin and blazers. A subtle nod towards androgynous chic, it courageously pushes boundaries of conventional style norms. Punctuated by prominent bold black tones and varying textures, the wardrobe speaks volumes about the power of understated elegance. The artful play of laid-back hoodies combined with an opulent silken dress, a faux fur gilet, and cutting-edge slim fit suits create a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury. The accessories are no less - a mirrored marble print cape and a fedora hat lending an air of enigma. The shimmering silver of a crystal knot necklace dancing off against the black, the studded shoes gleaming in the dark, add a twinkling touch to the overall ensemble. Not to forget the contrast of the white sweatshirt, popping vividly against the monochrome background. The video is also peppered with playful elements like oversized nylon totes and zip detail joggers. This blend of vintage and current trends make 'Back To Black' a stunning fashion showcase, subtly yet powerfully commanding attention.

issue no. #227

Asake - Amapiano

Amapiano by Asake is a tribute to the timeless art of style, a symphony of fashion that diverges from the mainstream and pays homage to the gloriously diverse and untamed world of fashion. The mastermind WORLD beige multi-pocket vest is an instantaneous exclamation of unapologetic audacity, setting the tone for the entirety of the spectacle. The following act sees the performers adorned in a bold and exciting fusion of traditional African aesthetics and audacious modern design elements. This theme pervades throughout the video, with the red backless vinyl long sleeve jumpsuit and ASOS DESIGN cat eye sunglasses serving as striking examples of this fusion. The fashion narrative continues to unfold with an unexpected but pleasantly surprising ensemble of a pink single-breasted tailored blazer, black lace strapping cut-out lingerie, and recycled satin pyjamas—a daring amalgamation that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. As the story progresses, it makes a pit stop at the base of a mountain dressed in the PrettyLittleThingSKI blue faux fur belted scuba suit before it culminates in a grand finale featuring a mermaid V-neck wedding dress. If Amapiano is any indication of the future of fashion, expect to see a world where eclectic aesthetics, daring combinations, and a genuine love for self-expression rule supreme.

issue no. #223

Kizz Daniel - Shu-Peru (Official Video)

In the exhilarating world of 'Shu-Peru', Kizz Daniel makes a stirring statement. From the boldness of navy leggings, the warmth of dusty pink hoodies, to eye-catching faux-leather trousers, the video is a vibrant exploration of versatile styling. Again, the tracksuits color-coordinate in fiery red or mesmerizing multicolor, setting the rhythm of Kizz Daniel's melodic storytelling. There's ample experimentation as well, as evidenced by the chic blend of gold chunky belts and graphic print crop tops. The spectrum broadens with soft rib knit slouchy cardigans and artfully ripped jeans, underscoring a daring but tasteful defiance of normative fashion. Layered atop these are striking accents, like the fearless ring set and the bias binding trim knit sweater, that give an edgy outlook. Meanwhile, the satin dresses, feather trim or frill hem, indulge in a luxurious escapade. The beauty of diversity is highlighted in the satin jacquard cupped frill hem dress in romantic red and the SOFIA WRAP MINI DRESS by MANÉ lending elegance to the edgy. And, finally, a nod to Forte Forte frin, the undisputed finale of Kizz Daniel's fashion symphony, wraps the video in a beautiful bow of style and sophistication.

issue no. #211

Adekunle Gold & Zinoleesky - Party No Dey Stop (Official Music Video)

The dazzling visuals of the 'Party No Dey Stop' crafts a fashion wonderland that almost outshines the music. The video is an assertive tapestry of bold hues and exciting, playful patterns, with sartorial choices that stand testament to the artist's eclectic style. A striking medley of outfits plays out, from opulent blazers styled with finesse to pieces echoing street-wear chic. Therein, you’ll find blazers, an emblem of power and prestige, uniquely styled, oversized, adorned with gold buttons or in vibrant red, making commanding statements of their own. At the heart of this stylish meandering are shorts sets, presented in a way that's as fashionable as it is comfortable. The tracksuits, in their laid-back glamour, speak volumes about the intrinsic harmony of style and comfort. A refreshing array of accessories - pearl-detailed bracelets, sunglasses with an air of finesse, and headscarves with abstract stripes - add layers of sophistication. The 'round grab bag' is a mini marvel that adds a twist of intrigue. A parade of blouses, designed to be off-shoulder or with a round neck, don lustrous stripes and steal the show with their elegance. The video ingeniously mirrors a runway, as it brings a myriad of premium materials to the fore, from silky satin to pure linen, each chosen to sing an ode to luxury. Fabrics are dyed in an array of hues, from the verdant greens of an enchanted forest to the intense oranges of a summer sunset. Every detail, every hem, button and grommet, is a testimony to the craftsmanship exuded in the garments. 'Party No Dey Stop' is undoubtedly a must-watch for every fashion enthusiast.

issue no. #199

Feast your eyes on the visual aesthetic of 'Okay' by Adekunle Gold, a musical runway of eclectic style and cultural symbolism. The video is a rich tapestry of wearable art, effortlessly blending urban luxe with traditional style. It's a rhythmic parade of carefully selected pieces, each setting the tone for an assertive, contemporary yet nostalgically infused style. Notice the textured layers, the chunky knit cardigan meeting the striking hues of a lightweight dress. The assertiveness of black sunglasses and the bold statement of wool and silk unite in a fusion of colour and texture. Oversized T-shirts contrast sharply with belted trousers, whilst lime-coloured dresses add a shockwave of colour that refuses to blend into the crowd. The iridescent sheen of the nylon anorak teases the eyes, catching the light in its stormy brown expanse. Notice the silver mini bag with knot handle, a gem nestled amongst the weave, while resin printed claw clips embellish with a subtle charm. The rust-toned shacket, the team pants, the zip neck stretch pique polo, these are all pieces that have been strategically chosen to tell a story, a narrative of fashion and identity. The denim shirt, the red sunglasses, the golden accessory of Maison Margiela sunglasses, each command attention while balancing the overall outlay. Notice how the diamond quilted jacket sits comfortably with the edginess of a black nylon strap bumbag, and the elegance of pencil pants. The final touch, a delicate swing earring, twinkling with faux pearl and rhinestone leaves, epitomises the spirit of rebellious fashion.

issue no. #197

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Official Video)

Lavishing an omnibus of trends, the 'Sign of the Times' by Harry Styles is nothing short of a fashion spectacle. Parading a smart fusion of modern and vintage inspirations, Styles sashays through the video in an array of outfits that gives a nod to both sophisticated elegance and playful casualness. The sporty accents and suit trousers imbue the ensemble with a masculine edge, while the feminine charm is unabashedly celebrated with bodycon dresses, lace up details, and dazzling diamante accents. The cobalt-hued hoodie gives the array a pop of color while the double-breasted sport coat lends a stately appeal, reminiscent of the classic '70s fashion. The leggings and skirt ensembles underscore a sense of relaxed, easy-going fashion that is not afraid to veer towards bolder choices, matched by tops and outerwear in varied lengths and textures. The faux fur coat offers a luxe touch, while the fleece hoodie and teddy jacket offer a comforting yet chic finish. The video culminates in a grand note of a wool coat, bringing a quintessentially Parisian aesthetic to the forefront. From bold logos imprinted on bucket hats to subtle letter prints, each detail seems to harmonize into a symphony of sartorial statements that tell a unique story each time you lay your eyes on them.

issue no. #193

BANKS - BANKS - Gemini Feed

BANKS' Gemini Feed music video is a mesmerising exhibition of visual and style artistry. Through the lens of fashion, BANKS narrates a tale as old as time, yet uniquely her own. The video begins with the artist in a playful yet edgy ensemble, an adorable homage to childhood innocence with a Sanrio mascot hair tie, contrasted with a utilitarian crossbody bag, hinting at the complexity of adult life. She soon transitions to a sophisticated yet daring D&G black stretch dress that pays tribute to the strength and resilience of feminine beauty. The scene featuring a rich emerald green lingerie set is provocative yet empowering, symbolising the bold, unapologetic spirit of contemporary women. Her outfits, ranging from Mango Kids' bluza to ASOS's bardot pencil dress with sash, reflect the dynamism of the female experience. The lace contrast cut-out Brazilian in pink and the captivating stirrup stretch leggings by Paco Rabanne, add a note of whimsy and boldness. The grand finale presents the artist in an exquisite off-the-shoulder velvet gown with a layered ruffle mesh skirt by Mac Duggal, a perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern flair. The video is an open invitation to take a walk in BANKS’ wardrobe, a mix of colourful variety that is distinctively her.

issue no. #191

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Descend into the ethos of Destiny's Child's 'Soldier' video, a fashionable battlefield where every garment is a statement, an emblem of style bravado. The scene is an eclectic blend of urban grunge and refined elegance, a testament to the diversity of the fashion narrative. Dominating the mise-en-scène are deluxe fedoras, seamlessly aligning with bohemian bandanas, presenting an upshot of harmonious contradiction. Also making guest appearances are the understated, yet powerful tees that effortlessly blend seriousness with parenthood, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Journey into the discreet charm of eco silver ear cuffs, encapsulating the minimalist aesthetics. Blackout curtains loom mysteriously in the backdrop, a silent nod to the understated elegance of dark charcoal. Our heroines don the quintessential white graphic tees, a popular palate cleanser in the often chaotic fashion landscape. The spotlight falls upon a sequin-studded floor-length dress, a tangible representation of undiluted glam. Comfortable crew neck tees interplay with oversized sequin tops and pleated tennis skirts, culminating in a symphony of streetwear aesthetics and sporty chic. The rust linen skort adds a dash of intrigue to the sartorial playground. Fashion's beloved dark knight of avante-garde, the leather jacket also makes a compelling appearance. The denouement is a fascinating display of oversized jersey shorts and a charming baseball cap, reaffirming the ubiquitous influence of sports luxe. The 'Soldier' music video is a fashion anthology, encapsulating a plethora of narratives under its stylish banner.

issue no. #181

Omah Lay - reason

Drawing inspiration from the video for Omah Lay's 'Reason', one's attention is immediately caught by the essence of bold choices and daring combinations. The artist uses fashion as an expressive canvas, shaping a narrative of individuality through a spectrum of styles. From the audacity of a black one-shoulder number, embraced with a recognisable logo waistband, to the relaxed sophistication of vacation-style spaghetti dresses, the video is a parade of personal style. The artists participate in the casual-traditional debate, subtly mixing pieces like high waist jeans with opulent evening dresses, their lace and high low cuts playing with formality norms. The influence of early 2000s makes a notable comeback as well, integrating monochrome acrylic shoulder bags into modern settings. Physical comfort and fashion tastefully merge in the selection of wide leg trousers, maternity satin shirt co-ords and even shell joggers, expressing the notion of ‘luxe leisure’. The pursuit for eclectic accents is matched by the introduction of bucket hats, ribbon-chain hoop earrings, and brushed bucket hats in black and pink check, adding a sprightly touch of youth culture. The video also indulges in the revival of retro style, with bell-bottoms of crushed velvet, and wide frame sunglasses, echoing an homage to the memorable 70s. The narrative ends on an elegant note with satin blouses and miniskirts asserting a refined modernity, the ensembles transferring a love for clean lines and neutral palettes.