issue no. #179

Tems - Damages

The 'Damages' music video by Tems is a stunning showcase of fashion, strutting down the runway of aural expression. This provocative narrative is painted with garments that echo an adventurous spirit, combining elements of urban cool with bohemian chic. At the heart of its aesthetics are pieces that speak volumes, mini dresses parading the vivaciousness of purple, while floor-length dresses embrace the boho tie-dye and fold design, unfurling the story with each sway. Bikini tops take on a bold display of audacity, with asymmetrical designs demanding your attention. Unexpected sparkling adornments come in the form of vintage rings exhibiting bees and sunflowers, adding a touch of Mother Nature's charm. Jeans and cargo pants hold their classic appeal while edging towards defiance, with hints of blue and green. Slinky black racer tops and multi-layered beading bracelets celebrate the carefree and bold, whispering tales of freedom and individuality. Sunglasses and rhinestone rings come together in a dance of light and shade, mingling with the enchanting world of lingerie. A collection of blush tones, mesh cloud prints, and twist shoulder tops provide a soft, sensual interlude, tempered by the edgy evening dress adorned with sequins and 3/4 sleeves. The video sashays towards its climax with pink semi-sheer sleeveless blouses, asymmetric midi skirts, and metallic flap wallets, all pulsating to the rhythm of fashion's heartbeat. The stage is then set for a grand finale – a single-breasted blazer in a riot of paisley jacquard.

Styles and outfits inspired by your favorite songs and artists.

issue no. #173

Adekunle Gold - Ogaranya

A whirlwind of color and style, 'Ogaranya' by Adekunle Gold bursts onto the scene not only with high-energy beats, but also with a distinct visual flair. Every frame is rife with the fashion echo of an eclectic style. The leading lady dons a Gradient Geometric Camisole that draws the eyes with its light blue hue, reminding one of the sky on a perfect summer day. The geometric patterns add depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a strong statement. Meanwhile, Adekunle Gold appears in a variety of ensembles that merge traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. An exceptional vision in white steals the limelight, the deep V-neck gown by Christian Siriano. The gown's simplicity contrasts with the complex rhythms of the music yet complements the ambiance of the narrative. White, pure and profound, it brings a certain elegance to the ensemble. This music video serves as a fashion palette, from casual to high-end, each piece contributing to a harmonious symphony of style.

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issue no. #167

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Solider by Destiny's Child is a fusion of urban and chic vibes, where bold prints, exquisite detailing, and svelte cuts come alive. From colourful bandanas to chic fedoras, the artists flaunt their unique sense of style which marries edgy streetwear with sophisticated femininity. The outfits lend a strong vibe of nonchalance, as if the artists have just stepped off a rebellious couture runway. Iconic street art is cleverly incorporated into casual t-shirts, signifying a powerful social commentary wrapped in style. The trend is further emphasized with the display of silver ear cuffs, a nod towards the unconventional. The use of sequinned embellishments on long dresses and oversized tops adds a dash of glamour to the music video, reflecting the artists' prowess in embracing glitz and grit. A notable feature of their ensemble is the prominent use of contrasting colours, like slate and dark charcoal curtains, white graphic t-shirts, and rust linen skorts with ruched side, creating a fashion symphony that is both bold and harmonious. Maternity fashion takes center stage, celebrating motherhood with comfortable and stylish t-shirts. The detailing on a buttoned navy blue top adds a pop of color, combined with the casual swag of an embroidered-logo cap that demonstrates their trendsetting approach to fashion. The look is accentuated with an oversized jersey short with cargo pocket, marking a perfect blend of streetwear and high-end fashion in the music video.

issue no. #163

Harry Styles - Daylight

In the stunning music video 'Daylight' by Harry Styles, the allure of fashion takes center stage. Viewers are treated to an array of exciting looks that push the boundaries of style and self-expression. We journey through everything from the smart sophistication of black and white tailored pieces to the radiant allure of satin mini dresses that pop in vibrant hues. The conscious blend of various textures - the gleam of sequins, the regality of satin, the comfort of wool - creates a rich feast for the eyes while the color palette dances with a range of emotions. Shades of serene greens to audacious reds and sultry blacks contribute to the uniquely captivating wardrobe. The ensembles challenge conventional rules, presenting oversized pieces that exude a relaxed elegance and fitted garments that celebrate the body's form. Unique embellishments such as bows, feathers, and faux shearling add intricate details that enhance the overall aesthetic. The culmination of these styles create an ambiance of moody elegance, cool confidence, and charismatic charm which reverberates with the soulful melodies of the song. As Daylight unfolds, fashion isn’t just an accessory in the video, it’s a key character that tells a part of the story, sparking inspiration and a deep appreciation for artistic expressions in clothing.

issue no. #157

Solange - Cranes in the Sky (Video)

Almost ethereal in her reverence for fashion, Solange elevates the visual storytelling in 'Cranes in the Sky' through a delightful symphony of hues and silhouettes - a true feast for the eyes. Her wardrobe ranges from soft pink tones, reminiscent of vintage roses, to vibrant lime-green jumpsuits, epitomizing the boldness of the modern era. The narrative is punctuated with asymmetric frills and wide-legged form factors that seem to dance with the rhythm of the music. Elegant satin dresses glide across the screen, while casual lounge sets introduce unexpected comfort to the mix. Hoodies and sweatpants flirt with the grunge aesthetic, grounding the dreamy palette in reality. The ensemble is not short on maternity and petite outfits either, a testament to the inclusivity of contemporary fashion. Dressing also subtly in blues, whites, and lavenders, she oscillates between seasons without losing her sense of style. In the end, it's not solely about the fashion, but how it complements the artist and her music as well. Quite fashionably, Solange leaves her unique mark on an industry that craves fresh perspectives.

issue no. #151

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Official HD Video)

In 'Dirrty', Christina Aguilera fluently communicates an extroverted style narrative. A vibrant symphony of audacious hues, tactile textures, and daring silhouettes pervade the scenes, encapsulating the visceral energy of the track. The opening act showcases playful halterneck tops, their two-toned knit fabric allowing a daring peek into Aguilera's wild side. Subtle yet powerful, the makeup, boasting high shine mascara and lipgloss, enhances the fierceness of the narrative. As the camera pans, a quintessential wedding dress takes center stage, its lace V-neck design acting as a subtle nod to classic couture amidst the avant-garde aesthetics. The plus-size letter print T-shirt and the ribbed thong introduce a casual chic vibe, breaking the formal mold with their laid-back charm. The tiger-tooth string bikini briefs and zebra mini dress, unapologetically bold, mirror Aguilera's brazen vocal power. The supporting cast of garments - taupe mini skirt, high neck bodysuit, and distressed denim shorts - add depth, painting a comprehensive picture of a style that is both congruent and contrasting. The footwear ranges from stiletto heel flip flops to lace-up flats, proving that comfort can also be stylish. The final touch, a padded faux fur hooded coat, oozes opulence, while the leopard print mini and rhinestone-studded shirt portray a dazzling and spirited interplay of classic and eccentric styles. The 'Dirrty' exhibition is a masterclass in personal style declaration.

issue no. #149

DOGTOOTH by Tyler, The Creator, is an intriguing collage of eclectic high street and high fashion elements. We start our journey with a striking jade-cabochon damesring, adding a touch of quiet elegance to the overall look. The stage then moves onto the classic beret, brought to life in striking shades of dark green and black, whispering subtle nods to the timeless Parisian style. Hair accessories are not overlooked, as cream pearl hair slides make a chic appearance. Transcending the weather, the leather and shearling coat duo adds a tough, utilitarian edge to the ensemble. A divergence from the muted tones appears as a checkered jacket, serving as a fashionable nod towards collegiate, preppy fashion. Amid this whirl of fashion frenzy, an off-shoulder floral dress and a denim mini skirt with an unmistakeable monogram capture the eye, making a strong case for casual, easy-going style. House of Kitsuné’s headwear - a casual cap and a playful bucket hat - make an irresistible pair, while Versace's Greek Key Pilot Sunglasses add a layer of mystery. Sportswear interplays with the laid-back vibe through Nike’s towel and yellow printed joggers. The bag, a contrast-branded reporter’s piece from Lacoste, shows that practicality can wear the cape of style. A poncho, wide-leg shorts, and an ochre maternity ankle grazer round out the eclectic mix, each with their unique stylistic contribution. Finally, a star-print knitted jumper gives a celestial touch to the ensemble, serving as the perfect metaphor for the star power of the music video.

issue no. #139


In BEEN BROKE by TOBE NWIGWE, the runway intersects with rhythm to create a spectacle of style and substance. The ensembles ooze an impressive juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication. Pinstriped double-breasted blazers speak volumes of an uptown chic vibe, paired harmoniously with tastefully chosen suit pants, adding a pop of color to the overall neutral-toned look. The theme is more than touched-upon again in layered maxi skirts with delicate lace insertions - a nod to the romanticism of the bygone era while still maintaining a modern edge. Floral jacquard midi dresses interplay with the aesthetics, rendering a sense of nostalgic elegance. The looks are elevated with the subtle addition of accessories - beanies adorned with appliques, scrunchies, and headscarves in a monochromatic, gray palette. Solid tie V-neck casual dresses with a hint of pink evoke a sense of playful femininity contrasted with the stern rigidity of a white belted blazer dress. Puff sleeves, be it on a crisp white blouse or a blazer dress, surface as a recurrent motif, resonating a retro-inspired glamour. The exploration of textures is not left untouched, with elements like taffeta in swing skirts and feather look strips inserted judiciously to accentuate the meticulous detailing that went into curating each look. In essence, the music video showcases a thoughtful curation of styles, merging themes of tradition, modernity, and the timeless charm of simplicity.

issue no. #137

The Isley Brothers - Contagious - Video Edit [Clean]

Through a kinetic melody and gripping narrative, 'Contagious' by The Isley Brothers serves as a backdrop to a bold array of fashion statements. The video paints a narrative that's as dynamic as the ensembles adorned by the characters. Infused with a surprising flair of modernity are vintage silhouettes, unfolding into a visual fashion dialogue. Starting with oversized knits in earthy tones, flowing into washed denims and pinstripe blazers, it's clear that relaxed elegance is the key theme here. A standout piece is a slinky square neck piece in punchy orange, encapsulating the drama and electrifying rhythm of the video. With other ensembles threading a balance between vibrant prints and muted tones, there’s a respectful nod to classic cuts, while flirtations with bold tropical prints keep the dynamics fresh and youthful. The accessories too, play a crucial role in the overall fashion narrative. Sunglasses with a classic round polarised frame add an air of intrigue, while geometric beading on bracelets and multi-layered star pendant necklaces lend an edge of bohemia. To top it all off, each character sports brimmed hats and wool beanies, tying in the overarching theme of casual vintage blended with urban contemporary. Lastly, the video doesn't shy away from integrating patterns and textures, demonstrated by the floral jacquard blazer and leopard trainers, painting a vivid image of eclectic fashion narratives blending in perfect rhythm to the music.

issue no. #131

Ayra Starr - Sability

Ayra Starr's 'Sability' is an interplay of fashion sensibilities that are as poetic as her lyricism. The range is eccentric yet graceful, mirroring the ebb and flow of her melodies. Intriguing crew neck blouses in satin are paired with vibrant color block blazers, a stylistic choice that conveys a blend of corporate chic and playful audacity. T-shirts grace the screen in diverse hues, some echoing the lushness of the forest, others the cheerfulness of a citrus grove. Unique bracelet sets, reminiscent of ancient mandalas, serve as striking contrasts to the modern aesthetics of ombre leggings, evoking an intriguing blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Patchwork joggers and animal print clips provide an element of quirk, while a polo shirt in an elegant argyle print adds a touch of classic sophistication. The denim pieces—ripped shorts and flared jeans—are an ode to the timeless appeal of casual wear. An abstract knitted jumper brings a touch of avant-garde, while the faux leather pleated mini skirt and patent belted jacket scream of punk sophistication. Luxurious accents like a Swarovski crystal bangle and a long faux fur jacket are reminders of the song's theme of empowerment and opulence. Each fashion piece is a verse in this symphony, blending harmoniously into a comprehensive fashion narrative that is Ayra Starr's 'Sability'.

issue no. #127

Ayra Starr - Rush (Official Music Video)

Epitomizing the edgy, contemporary vibe, Ayra Starr's 'Rush' is a tour-de-force in music video fashion. The electrifying ensemble takes center stage, ranging from the ethereal in a glistening, off-white, V-neck maxi dress to the wildly avant-garde in a white blazer with metallic checks and frayed hem. The prestigious realm of cashmere is not left unexplored, paraded in a pleated sleeve crewneck, a celestial beacon in a sea of black and white. Tailored pieces, like mid-rise suit pants crafted in an arresting blue and skinny jeans in an intriguing taupe, all coated to perfection, serve to augment the palpable, assertive air. The video celebrates the mesmeric allure of black, captured in a gamut of textures, from faux leather bralets and hot pants to lacquered curvy crops and high shine hooded puffers; each piece, a testament to bold, rebellious fashion. Sporty chic elements are artfully intermingled, witnessed in vibrantly hued sports shorts that pay homage to the unrestricted spirit of youth. The footwear scene is dominated by sleek, white slippers, while a multi chain link anklet adds just the right amount of shine. An alpaca blend hat, in a bold shade of brown, juxtaposes the dominantly monochromatic attire. The finale is a nod to the modern obsession with utility, embodied in a white zip front grab bag. 'Rush' is undoubtedly a sartorial spectacle, a symphony of eclectic fashion.

issue no. #113

Kizz Daniel & EMPIRE's 'Cough' is a triumphant fusion of fashion & rhythm, creating a music video that is as much a visual feast as it is a melodic joy. It is a sartorial symphony of athleisure, chic casuals and edgy streetwear. The video lavishly showcases training tracksuits in cool grey tones, introducing a refreshing, fitness-focused perspective. Paired with this, a dash of faux fur accessories adds a delightful touch of luxe to the mix. Maritime-inspired motifs are not to be ignored, vividly demonstrated through cotton striped long-sleeve tops, while the passionfruit-hued top pulses with color, screaming vibrance. The sporty vibe is further amplified with a khaki track jacket that is classic yet modern. A variation of hats, from techmerino bucket to plaited spring headgear, adds a delightful diversity. A wave of nostalgia goes hand in hand with the retro vibe of the striped cotton T-shirt and track tops. Women's vests, both in checkered soft knit material, creates a contemporary, fun spin. Denims appear in this fashion story, distressed and stretched beyond belief, epitomizing modern-day rebellion. The allure of monochrome is showcased through a simple beret in black and a white trucker hat. Oversized blazers and tie waist shorts run the gamut, each evoking a powerful, yet understated sense of style. Amidst all this, the diamond cut-out sweatshirt in khaki rises like a phoenix, epitomizing unique fashion. The video wraps up with a sly nod to kids fashion - a Wildkind ensemble, ensuring that not a single beat of fashion was missed in this symphony of style.

issue no. #109


UNAVAILABLE by Davido is a thrilling visual spectacle that harmonizes the world of music with the language of fashion. The outfits are a melange of comfort meets high street style, an impressive array of urban chic dressing. Denim, much-loved for its versatility and rugged charm, exposes itself in a raw, ripped straight form, teasingly flirting with bold tones of Aqua corset. The '90s nostalgia is vivid, courtesy the Bandeau corset, a nod towards the decade's fearless approach to body-con clothing. We wiggle into the sublimeness of stripes with a standard women's blouse, a perfect homage to print's everlasting appeal. High fashion meets sporty functionality in the strikingly contrasted black and purple zip-up jacket, an NBA Edition that teases the tapestry of team loyalty and sports luxe. Handbag trends lean towards the natural linen slim shoulder bag, a celebration of sustainable style statements. Diamante drenched gold rings, thigh chains with a drape design punctuate the narrative with their glittery presence, a shout out to the allure of tasteful bling. Tracksuits, those cosy companions of fitness enthusiasts, pop up in a colour-blocked avatar, signifying the irresistible comfort-meets-style ethos of activewear. The wardrobe narrates a colourful story, travelling through the subtle tones of a beige sweater to the bold hues of a red waistcoat, and finally resting at the calmness of an ecru-white trouser. Completing the aesthetic journey are ComfyCush Classic Old Skool Trainers, grounding the extravagant fashion rollercoaster ride with their iconic appeal.

issue no. #107

The music video for 'Bandana' by Asake & Fireboy DML is a testament to the timeless synergy of fashion and music. The video is rich in variety - with the style showcasing the modern streetwear aesthetic juxtaposed with a sophisticated, urban chic. Casual wear takes precedence in the form of oversized hoodies, tracksuits, and tapered fit jeans, all of which serve to endorse a laid-back, effortless approach to style. A refreshing pick - the Boho Graphic Crop Boxy T-Shirt with its undeniable charm further highlights the streetwear influence. Yet this casual narrative does not entirely dominate the ensemble. The dressier elements such as the double-breasted blazer and the chiffon jumpsuit infuse a sense of elegance and formality into the mix. Accessories too, have their moment under the spotlight. The avant-garde Kaws sunglasses bring in an edge, the earring dangles add to the feminine charm while the bucket hat echoes the street vibe. The style narrative, thus, is one of intentional eclecticism and bold contrasts. It is a stylistic weaving of the casual and the chic, the street, and the sophisticated. It is the kind of fashion that does not adhere to prescriptive norms but dares to experiment, mix, and match. Overall, the 'Bandana' music video is a feast for the fashion savvy, an arena where style is a fluid concept, and where the music and fashion worlds converge in harmony.

issue no. #103

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts (Official Video)

Featuring a titillating clash of vibrance and texture, DJ Khaled's 'Wild Thoughts' video is a modern art exhibit flaunting the eclectic finesse of contemporary style. The video teems with hues that resonate with the punchy notes of the track, breath-taking reds and svelte greens being the ultimate scene-stealers. The beauty of the music reverberates in the fashion elegantly curated throughout the footage. The comfort of joggers imbued with the flamboyance of a plush red exterior encapsulates the essence of casual yet striking streetwear. The one-shoulder ruffle maxi dress, in a royal palette of purple, paints a picture of effortless grace and regality, mirroring our innate desire for an embrace of the unconventional. The exploration continues with enticing blue linen frill tops and intricately designed skater dresses in dark green, harmoniously blending simplicity with intricate detailing, hinting at the dynamism of the modern woman. Vivid green shoulder puff midi dresses and textured jumpsuits coexist in this cinematic exhibition, serving an irresistible cocktail of classic and contemporary. Sportswear meets high-fashion in the patchwork shorts set, capturing the growing trend of athleisure. The showstopper, however, remains the Gucci off-shoulder ruffle green dress, echoing the timeless luxury of the brand, and effortlessly embodying the vibe of the video. The ensemble, sealed with the statement black faux leather shorts and the daunting Tokyo Laundry puffer coat, is an ode to the fashion-conscious, fun-loving, music enthusiast of today.

issue no. #101

Rema - Calm Down

A testament to Rema's individualistic aesthetic sensibility, the fashion in 'Calm Down' presents a subtle yet avant-garde amalgamation of streetwear chic and haute couture. The eclectic tapestry of styles traverses diversely from the gritty edge of faux leather trousers to the casual elegance of fluid culotte trousers, embodying a fascinating fusion of versatility and sophistication. A defining highlight is the audacious mix of camouflage prints interwoven with asymmetric silhouettes, embodying a rhythmic dance of defiance and subtlety. Accessories are crucial to the narrative; vintage rings with bee, lotus and sunflower motifs accentuate the overall ensemble with a hint of bohemian charm. The profusion of colors, from hot red to lilac-purple, invigorates the overall palette while underscoring the raw energy characteristic of Rema's musical ethos. The playfulness of bikini bottoms ties side by side with the understated elegance of muscle vests, subtly echoing the artist's uninhibited spirit and fearless self-expression. The video brilliantly showcases the power of fashion as a narrative tool, layering each scene with multi-faceted and textured styles that serve as a testament to Rema's sartorial prowess and identity. Each look is unique, eclectic, and a captivating resonance of the narrative that is lyrically being told.

issue no. #97

Tekno & Kizz Daniel - Buga (Official Video)

The fashion vibe in 'Buga' by Tekno & Kizz Daniel is an intoxicating blend of audacious and classical styles. The sizzling tapestry of fashion commences with an Ooh La La Beret that whispers of old-time Paris. It sets a tone of daring elegance that is softly punctuated by the simplicity of a black umbrella, adding an air of mysterious chic. The spectacle then unfolds into a cornucopia of colors and styles. A burst of pink from a shoulder-padded oversized blazer lights up the screen, countered by the cool modernity of a navy boxy oversized shirt with vintage inspired print. The complexity of the outfits is akin to an art exhibit where the eye is irresistibly drawn to each piece in fascination. Everything from the lime green vest, the denim jeans, all the way to the black bodycon dress, each element strives to tell its own fashion story. There is something to catch every fashion lover's attention with the sheer variety, from the bold and vibrant all-over graphic-print shirt to the demure mother-of-pearl beads necklace. It all crescendoes with the undeniable statement piece - a red velvet sequin dress that wouldn't be out of place on a runway. The playful grandiosity of the outfits is softened by the stark simplicity of pieces like the oversized trench coat. A fashion feast for the eyes, the video is a veritable dance of fabrics, colors, and designs that come together in a harmonious yet disruptive fashion symphony.

issue no. #89

A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video)

The eclectic ensemble in A$AP Rocky's Praise The Lord (Da Shine) serenades with the bold and the classic. An audacious blend of bright and soothing color palette conjures up an immersive symphony of style. The comfort of a cozy white vintage sweater brings a touch of nostalgia, harmoniously balancing the contemporary edgy look of grey checked trousers. Unexpected highlights narrate through vibrant pops of color in an oversized yellow sweatshirt and a faux fur orange coat, a visual representation of the artist's diverse and effervescent spirit. Then there comes the jerseys, exploring an intriguing dialogue between functionality and high fashion with a two-colored beige top. An idiosyncratic sense of style trails the atmosphere through pieces such as a seatbelt belt with the iconic American flag motif. The narrative transitions to a more sophisticated tone with the introduction of a blue nylon bomber jacket, a timeless tailored wool blend trouser, and a fine knit cardigan with a dapper button fastening. A minimalistic black turtleneck top and a moonless night beanie serve as sophisticated pieces that provide a touching ode to the simpler times. Finally, a slim zipper jacket weaves a thrilling climax, a perfect confluence of warmth and fashion-forward styling.

issue no. #83

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Miley Cyrus blossoms into her own in 'Flowers', fashionably embodying the idiom, 'every flower must grow through dirt.' The video is an exquisite dance of contrasts and juxtapositions, with the central theme of transformation and rebirth woven masterfully throughout. The explorative attire encapsulates stars shooting across the universe, seen in the reflection of highly refined leather pieces. It's a nod towards the celestial, matched with the earthly bound elegance of a fishtail gown, its illusionary print reminiscent of flora under moonlight. The contrast extends further with the minimalist starkness of a zip card holder, an understatement against the backdrop of the resplendent and dreamy atmosphere of the video. The striking white sunglasses add a vintage touch, reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the yesteryears. The video also takes a bold turn towards the provocative, with high waist g-strings and mesh detail lingerie, pushing the boundaries of one's comfort zone. Surprisingly, it’s balanced with the delicate grace of lacy Calvin Klein panties and understated elegance of Zara knickers. The video indulges in an array of outerwear - from the permeable comfort of a perforated back knit cardigan, the dignified allure of a black blazer, to the sensual drapes of an off-white knitted cardigan. The video concludes with an unexpected, yet utterly delightful spectacle - a pastel green linen jacket, an oversized statement piece that encapsulates the video's overarching theme of growth, rebirth, and transformation.

issue no. #79

Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Official Video)

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles presents an awe-inspiring fusion of fashion narratives, combining elements of timeless classics and contemporary chic. The video unfurls a remarkable blend of aesthetics, from vintage elegance to contemporary edge. Among the ensembles, one can perceive the comfort and allure of a short sleeve knitted cardigan, effortlessly invoking a mood of relaxed sophistication. A hint of 70s charm is splendidly encapsulated by the muted hues of a Plus-sized organza pussybow blouse, its polka dot pattern enchanting the viewer with its soft femininity and delightful nostalgia. The video doesn't hold back on edgier styles either, with Faux Leather split hem pants boldly punctuating scenes with their striking contours, weaving a modern narrative in their sultry lines and slick texture. The daring spirit of the camo dungarees brings with it a urbansque, carefree vibe that appealingly contrasts with the more refined aesthetic of the satin lace cami top. Another standout is the Glory diamante detailed cut-out gladiator sandals, their glinting beauty exuding an air of opulent extravagance. The video is a feast for the lovers of eclectic fashion, it encompasses a range of styles from cropped harem dress pants to an African fashion floral print two-piece ensemble, making it a panorama of cherished fashion anecdotes.

issue no. #73

Migos - Walk It Talk It

This dissection of the Migos 'Walk It Talk It' music video reveals a stunning fashion display. The video is a visual playground of vintage and contemporary elements, merging effortlessly to create a theatrical spectacle of current vogue. We see a stellar representation of chic nightlife wear, starting with a petite angel sleeve metallic maxi dress in pristine white, an outfit that screams high-brow elegance. Accessorized with vintage rings adorned with bees, lotuses, and sunflowers, the ensembles are boldly eye-catching. There is a green printed crop top with ring detail, paired with bellbottoms in a plain yet striking style reminiscent of decades past. Also, note the leopard pointed flats, a staple in any rebellious wardrobe. This is followed by an unexpected twist; checkered wide-leg jeans that challenge conventional streetwear. The peach luxe gym leggings also make an impact, bringing sporty appeal to counterbalance the formalities of a structured gilet and a high-waisted suit tuxedo jacket. The Sophia sunglasses provide a dash of Hollywood glamour, while a lace-trim camisole and satin wrap blouse add layers of feminine allure. The black mesh cut-out detail body and deep back ribbed top are noteworthy for their daring flair. The artists don't shy away from colors either, strutting in a red suit with a mesh trouser co-ord. The video concludes with an array of casual attire, from striped loose shirts to tie-dye pieces, culminating in a grand showcase of high-fashion streetwear, formal elegance, and casual comfort.

issue no. #71

Wizkid - Essence (Official Video)

The spellbinding fusion of stylish innovation and grandeur in Wizkid's Essence music video cannot be overemphasized. From the very onset, the elegant allure of sophisticated eyewear sets a tone of chic mastery. The artistic mix of fine chains, layered with the mystical allure of ancient coins, cleverly paired with a diamante cross, weaves a narrative of lavish tenacity. The intelligence in blending metallic gold belt with heartless chain design screams audacious fashion daredevil. The video envelops the viewer in a fashion haven of color pops, with the daring citrus hue of a round log carrier and the seductive charm of a purple bodysuit. Metallic trousers walk the straight line between punk and chic, bringing a glimmering sleekness to the audacity of the visuals. The layering of style in every other scene is mind-blowing, making the transition from the cool hooded tracksuit set to the show-stopping silver earrings. The subtle play of the black, whether in the classic fit of a thong panty or the premium feel of ripped jeans is nothing short of genius. And let's not forget the solid foundation laid by chunky sole loafers grounding the whole style narrative. Overall, this music video is a masterclass in harmonious style fusion, keeping every fashion enthusiast on their toes.

issue no. #67

THE CARTERS - APESHIT (Official Video)

Dive into a fashion musical trip with THE CARTERS in their APESHIT video. Echoes of high-end labels blended with street couture sensibilities cascade across the mesmerizing frames. The utilitarian appeal of loose fit dungarees and the fluid grace of satin suit pants whisper snippets of a sartorial tale that's as wide in scope as it is refined in its telling. The cool nonchalance of tie dye beanies meet the classic aesthetic of double-breasted blazers, a nod to the eclectic nature of the fashion scene. Touches of the opulent are woven seamlessly with everyday items, evident in chain pendant earrings complementing drawstring sweatpants. Pulsating beneath the impactful visuals is an undercurrent of the timeless - the elegance of evening dresses, the sophistication of blazers, and the charm of striped jumpers. The video embraces the fearless spirit of fashion, with bold elements like faux leather waist bags and plush cardigans designed in a kaleidoscope of colors. Contrasts rule the roost, from the casual allure of hooded tracksuit sets playing off against the grandeur of midi coats. The fashion narrative culminates in resplendent images of Breton striped jumpers and checkered long cardigans, a testament to the undying allure of patterns in the fashion world. The video is a true fashion tableau, painting a vivid portrait of the sartorial zeitgeist in a rhythm of motion and color.

issue no. #61

Beyoncé - Formation (Official Video)

Beyoncé, in her official video for 'Formation', offers a riveting glimpse into a different world of fashion. From the streets to the ballrooms, the video doesn't miss a beat in showcasing the diversity and versatility of style. The powerful beauty of a black high-shine mascara can be seen, paired with an allure of cocoa tones, bringing out the power in gaze. The video doesn't shy away from the daring either, showcasing briefs in a bold burgundy, a true testament to the fearlessness of the fashion statement. The understated chicness of a black Fedora is hard to miss, an accessory that bridges the gap between casual street style and high-end fashion. The video then takes you to a fantasy of wedding couture where off-shoulder gowns take the stage with grandeur and sophistication. Pairings of soft drapes like an Offwhite mini skirt and bold prints like floral in earthy tones create a sartorial harmony that's hard to resist. The video does justice to simple, yet stylish pieces like polo neck sweaters as well as more daring choices like a feather-trim open-knit cardigan. Playful, youthful elements like a pink lace top seem to dance in harmony with more grown-up pieces, like a rose-red tee representing awareness. A black faux leather mini skirt stands out as a symbol of female empowerment. As the video unfolds, the viewer can't miss the exciting twist of African fashion, a delightful mix of vibrant prints and intriguing cuts. The grand finale of the video is an elegant black-co-ord, a true testament that fashion and music go hand-in-hand, creating magic.