issue no. #607

JAE5 - Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video)

The Propeller ft. Dave & BNXN (Official Video) by JAE5 is an intricate fusion of music and fashion, where each outfit tells its own tale. Series of shorts make a pronounced appearance, from Closette's vibrant women's Bermuda variety to the unblemished sophistication of TINYCOTTONS Kids' solid offerings, suggesting a ubiquity and ease of summer feels. Metaphorically, the glow of the sun is also mirrored through shimmering accessories, including faux pearl rhinestone leaf swing earrings and metallic round sunglasses. An audacious clash of palettes is perceptible with the green contrast trouer co-ord alongside the grey one-shoulder raw edge neck sweater, epitomising a captivating exploration into colour therapy. High-waist jeans, enlivened with dye prints, and sheet tulle-striped shirts bring a frisson of the unorthodox into this style symphony. Touches of opulence punctuate the aesthetic journey, like the beading V-neck two-piece prom dress and the Shine Away sequin maxi dress, musing an elevated, celebratory air. Oversized blazers and long velvet gloves speak to the androgyny, offering a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. Sunglasses, maxi dresses, drawstring cami dresses, and heavy oversized blazers puncture the narrative with surety and intention, reminding us of the power entrenched in bold sartorial expressionism. All told, this video is as much a fashion manifesto as it is a testament to JAE5's artistry.