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issue no. #191

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Descend into the ethos of Destiny's Child's 'Soldier' video, a fashionable battlefield where every garment is a statement, an emblem of style bravado. The scene is an eclectic blend of urban grunge and refined elegance, a testament to the diversity of the fashion narrative. Dominating the mise-en-scène are deluxe fedoras, seamlessly aligning with bohemian bandanas, presenting an upshot of harmonious contradiction. Also making guest appearances are the understated, yet powerful tees that effortlessly blend seriousness with parenthood, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Journey into the discreet charm of eco silver ear cuffs, encapsulating the minimalist aesthetics. Blackout curtains loom mysteriously in the backdrop, a silent nod to the understated elegance of dark charcoal. Our heroines don the quintessential white graphic tees, a popular palate cleanser in the often chaotic fashion landscape. The spotlight falls upon a sequin-studded floor-length dress, a tangible representation of undiluted glam. Comfortable crew neck tees interplay with oversized sequin tops and pleated tennis skirts, culminating in a symphony of streetwear aesthetics and sporty chic. The rust linen skort adds a dash of intrigue to the sartorial playground. Fashion's beloved dark knight of avante-garde, the leather jacket also makes a compelling appearance. The denouement is a fascinating display of oversized jersey shorts and a charming baseball cap, reaffirming the ubiquitous influence of sports luxe. The 'Soldier' music video is a fashion anthology, encapsulating a plethora of narratives under its stylish banner.

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issue no. #167

Destiny's Child - Soldier

Solider by Destiny's Child is a fusion of urban and chic vibes, where bold prints, exquisite detailing, and svelte cuts come alive. From colourful bandanas to chic fedoras, the artists flaunt their unique sense of style which marries edgy streetwear with sophisticated femininity. The outfits lend a strong vibe of nonchalance, as if the artists have just stepped off a rebellious couture runway. Iconic street art is cleverly incorporated into casual t-shirts, signifying a powerful social commentary wrapped in style. The trend is further emphasized with the display of silver ear cuffs, a nod towards the unconventional. The use of sequinned embellishments on long dresses and oversized tops adds a dash of glamour to the music video, reflecting the artists' prowess in embracing glitz and grit. A notable feature of their ensemble is the prominent use of contrasting colours, like slate and dark charcoal curtains, white graphic t-shirts, and rust linen skorts with ruched side, creating a fashion symphony that is both bold and harmonious. Maternity fashion takes center stage, celebrating motherhood with comfortable and stylish t-shirts. The detailing on a buttoned navy blue top adds a pop of color, combined with the casual swag of an embroidered-logo cap that demonstrates their trendsetting approach to fashion. The look is accentuated with an oversized jersey short with cargo pocket, marking a perfect blend of streetwear and high-end fashion in the music video.

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