issue no. #499

Asake - Remember

Remember by Asake is a mesmerising sartorial medley that celebrates the immersive spectrum of style. From effortlessly chic relaxed blazers in a charming neutral, artfully distressed to portray the beauty of the imperfect, to nostalgic ruched satin shirts, the video is a smorgasbord of fashionable delight. T-shirts, oversized yet unrepentantly assertive, create a dichotomy with their weighty graphic while simultaneously embracing a crisp, clean palette. There's a reveal of yellow wrap visor sunglasses that lend a sporty twist, a vibrantly unique accessory that dares to be different. With a subtle nod to nautical style, heart alloy anklets sparkle beneath the sophisticated silhouette of slinky straight-leg pants. Utility vests, devoid of sleeve yet brimming with attitude, and a half-zip polar fleece sweatshirt, oversized for comfort and cool, enter a meandering dance of style and practicality. The video isn't shy of colour; a linen-look ruched beach skirt in a vibrant, attention-grabbing orange makes an unforgettable splash. The black ribbed maxi skirt whispers a petite secret, for those petite in size but not in style. Covering up is a captivatingly mirrored marble print maxi cape-back dress, an item that's sure to turn heads. Classics are embraced with a modern twist, as is evidenced in the fitted ribbed tops, their necklines slashed to allow for an enticing peek of what lies beneath. There's also an animal print smock top, the epitome of laid-back luxe. High-waist ruffled slim pants are the epitome of casual elegance. A floral mini dress peeks out from underneath, its elastic cuffs giving it a charmingly vintage appeal. Knitted textured vest and short set, an eclectic mix of comfort and elegance. Asake's video thrills with its unexpected twists and turns; a wool beret here, a noir beanie there and a faux wrap pencil skirt that promises to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. Remember is indeed a veritable feast for the sartorially inclined and a must-see for all fashion enthusiasts.